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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bunny Tales; Stonehenge Gradations; Thimble Pleasures; It's A Ruff Life; fall quilt retreat

As if 135 bolts of new fabric wasn't enough, we received even more stuff this week! 

Five bolts of "Bunny Tales" by Darlene Zimmerman came in last week but I forgot to post a picture of them.  OOPS!  

These would be great as a baby quilt or for the 1930's fan in all of us!  
"Bunny Tales" by Darlene Zimmerman 

The big brown truck left 24 bolts of super yummy fabric on Tuesday.  Wow!  

We've been pacing back and forth and biting our nails for these bolts to arrive:  Stonehenge "Gradations" is finally here.  YIPEE!!  These prints are the "Oxidized Copper" colorway.  

They arrived on Tuesday but, they're already going fast.  
Stonehenge "Gradations" Oxidized Copper bolts 
 The big brown truck also left these super yummy prints from the "Thimble Pleasures" collection by Quilting Treasures:  vintage sewing machines on black and cream; vintage scissors on black and cream; thimbles on black, pink and cream; a linear print; tape measures on pink and cream; a dressmaker's collage; and two adorable panels of vintage sewing machines.   
vintage sewing machines, scissors and thimbles

more yummy prints of "Thimble Pleasures" 

"Thimble Pleasures" panel on black 

vintage sewing machines on cream 

If you're owned by a four legged kid, these two prints would be perfect for them:  dog bones on black and cream.  These are from the "It's a Ruff Life" collection by Quilting Treasures. 

How cute are these?  Ruff!  
dog bones on black and cream!

We received 42 different English Paper Piecing papers:  pentagons, half square triangles, diamonds, hearts, and a bajillion sizes of hexagons.   

These are some of the new papers we have.  

new English Paper Piecing papers

We were honored to return as the vendor for Cassville's quilt guild fall retreat.  What a blast! With a lot of help from Sally and Sweetness, we took most of our inventory.  

If you were in the shop yesterday, we have not been robbed, I just got carried away taking everything I could think of to the retreat.  

These ladies are super talented and so willing to share their quilting experience with us.  

Thanks, Cassville Quilt Guild for having us!   
the big room where everyone sews!  

Karen's itty bitty block.  These are gorgeous 

Jennifer's scrap quilt she backed with old jeans.  She''ll rag the seams later! 

Jenny's table runner using Kansas Troubles prints 

Beth made this Missouri Star using "Summer Breeze" prints 

Sweetness built two four sided cubes to hold some of the fat quarters and charm packs we took to retreat. 

What a guy!  I think I'll keep him!  
"Summer Breeze" fat quarters in our new cube! 

"Lady Slipper Lodge" fat quarters in their new home! 

charm packs in their new home during retreat 

more charm packs in their new home! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Farmall Tractors; Farmer's Wife, Scrap bags; free fats; pink Add a Quarter rulers, mechanical pencils and Oliso irons!

The new stuff just keeps pouring in!  This week we received the much anticipated "Farmall Tractor" prints on the bolt.  YIPPEE!!  

The "Farmall Postcards" are on burlap and blue backgrounds while the 'Farmall Tractors Tossed" print is on a burlap colorway.   

These are perfect for the 'tractor" person in your life. 
three Farmall Tractor prints 
After much nail biting and pacing back and forth, we finally received "The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt" books this week.  Thank goodness! 

This book has 99 different 1930's blocks which are also on the included CD.     
The Farmer's Wife Sampler book 

Our inventory of Moda Scrap Bags was getting low but, that's no longer the case!  

Three cases of these super yummy scrap bags came in this week!  

I can't wait to use some of these for a scrappy project! 

In honor of "Breast Cancer Awareness Month", anyone wearing an article of pink clothing to the shop receives a free gift (the free gifts will change each week).  

Anyone wearing pink to the shop last Saturday and this past Wednesday received a free fat quarter!  

Vickie and Kayla's choice of free fats 

Dorothy's free fat quarter 

camera shy Tanya's choice for wearing pink 

Shirley's free fat quarter 

Terri's free fat quarter! 

Yesterday, anyone wearing pink to the shop received a free magazine of their choice.  
Carolyn, Judy and their friend pose for a pic with their free magazines!

Also in honor of "Breast Cancer Awareness Month", we received these pink "Add A Quarter Plus" rulers.  

We have 6"; 12" and the Combo (6" and 12" packaged together) sizes.  

The difference between the other "Add a Quarter" rulers and the "Plus" variety are the entire ruler is tapered from edge to edge.  

Several people have asked if we had anything to mark darker fabrics.  We have Frixion pens and highlighters but nothing that really worked on dark prints.  

That's no longer the case.  "Fons and Porter Mechanical Pencils" arrived this week.  Each pencil also includes a refill (we have the refill for the refills too!).  YIPPEE!!  

Fons and Porter Mechanical Pencils (with refill) 

I love the Oliso iron Santa Claus brought a couple of years ago.  I also love the Oliso ironing board cover he dropped off.  

We have all three models of Oliso irons and now, we have the ironing board covers back in stock!  
Oliso ironing board cover and iron! 

More issues of "Quilty Fun" and "Farm Girl Vintage" books came in this week.  These super fun books are by Lori Holt of "Bee In My Bonnet" Designs.  
Quilty Fun by Lori Holt 

"Farm Girl Vintage" by Lori Holt 

Lisa Q. stopped by with this stunning vintage quilt. She bought the top as a birthday present to herself then had it hand quilted.  

This quilt is so big we had to go outside to take the pictures!  

I mentioned my birthday is in May and this quilt would make a great gift (if she needed any ideas)!

Needless to say, when Lisa left she took the quilt with her! 

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing this fabulous work of art with us.  We love it!  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Lorraine"; more "Maple Island"; "Gradations"; Show and Tell; "Farm Girls" and free fats

We were blessed with more fabric this week (the big brown truck dropped off seven boxes in one day). 

"Lorraine" by American Jane for Moda is in the hood! 
These prints are classified as 1930's but we'll let you be the judge!  

We have the entire collection of this line and can't wait to make something yummy with these prints! 

Will it be an apron, curtains, pot holders, a tote bag, or quilt top?  

three prints of "Lorraine" by American Jane: red, blue and white 

five colorways of "Lorraine": red, navy, blue, yellow and white 

five companion prints of "Lorraine":  red, navy, green, blue and yellow 

great border prints of "Lorraine":  red, multi and navy. 

linear stripe of "Lorraine" on blue 

three blender prints of "Lorraine": red, navy and yellow 

five companion prints on red, green, blue, yellow and white 

paisley prints of "Lorraine" on red, navy, green, blue, yellow and white 

pin dots of "Lorraine" on red, navy, green, blue, yellow and white 

This bolt of "Real Green" Moda Marble is the newest addition to our "Marbles" section.  
"Real Green" Moda Marble 

This "Hunter Green" 108" backing came in this week. This would be great backing for a fall themed project. 

108" Hunter Green backing
 More bolts of "Maple Island" by Holly Taylor found it's way to the shop this week.  

Seven more bolts and the fat quarter bundles of this fall themed collection are ready for your next project!  

four bolts of "Maple Island" by Holly Taylor 

"Maple Island" blenders by Holly Taylor for Moda 

fat quarter bundle of "Maple Island" by Holly Taylor 

We've fallen in love with "Gradations" by Northcott. The strips sets of "Robin's Egg" and a new pattern using "Gradations" came in this week. YIPPEE!!  
"Robin's Egg" Gradations strip set 

"Raindrops" pattern using Gradations prints 

We've fallen in love with "Gradations".  We ripped open two charm packs of different colorways yesterday after "Farm Girls" to see what we could come up with.  

Sharon and Dorothy made pinwheels using the prints from both packs and we love the results.

Pinwheels are super simple to make and so versatile. I see a tote bag in the very near future.  
pinwheels Sharon and Dorothy made using "Gradations" charms

Cheryl M. brought in this adorable baby quilt for "Show and Tell" on Wednesday.  

She recently became owned by a long arm quilting machine so, she used 'old trucks' to quilt this adorable baby quilt.  

Thanks, Cheryl for sharing this with us.  We're sure the little guy will love it too!   
baby quilt made by Cheryl M. 
the 'old trucks' quilting Cheryl used for this baby quilt 

Sandy S. also brought in a baby quilt she made for a co-worker's little one.  Ethan should be arriving very soon. 

Sandy used her embroidery machine to embroider his name on the front of this adorable quilt.  

How cute is this?  Thanks, Sandy, for letting us see your latest creation! 
the baby quilt Sandy recently made for a co-worker

the name label Sandy made for this baby quilt 

the back of the baby quilt Sandy recently made 

Paula Beason was the winner of our $50 shop hop gift certificate.  

Paula stopped by to redeem her gift certificate on Wednesday for some super yummy items.  

Congratulations, Paula. We hope you enjoy your stuff! 
Paula Beason redeemed her shop hop gift certificate this week

Yesterday's "Show and Tell" was fabulous.  Pat and Linda brought in projects they recently finished and wanted to share with us. 

Pat recently finished this machine applique quilt consisting of a zillion different flowers.  Pat chose a "Lady Slipper Lodge" print for the inner border. 

This is a huge quilt.  We almost didn't have enough room to display it for the picture. 

Pat's humongous quilt she recently finished 

close up of Pat's huge flower quilt 

closer-up picture of Pat's huge flower quilt 

the outer borders of Pat's flower quilt 

Linda T. brought by this stunning quilt she recently finished using all Kansas Troubles prints.  

Linda made this gorgeous quilt as a wedding present for a family friend.  Wow!  

Thanks, Linda for sharing this with us.  We love it!  

wedding quilt Linda made for a family friend 

Linda used all Kansas Troubles prints for this wedding present 

the border prints Linda used in her stunning quilt 

The "Farm Girls Vintage" club had it's first ever sew-in yesterday.  Not all "Farm Girls" were able to attend but, we made the best of it!  

Vicki, Dorothy and Sharon made the block on page 62 of this fabulous book.  Shirley spent the day working on a different project.  
Vicki, Shirley, Dorothy and Sharon 
October is "Breast Cancer Awareness" month. During the month of October, anyone wearing pink to the shop will receive a free gift.  

Yesterday's free gift was a fat quarter of your choice.  
Linda's free fat quarter choice 

Vicki's choice as her free gift 

Shirley, Dorothy, Karla and Sharon's with their free fat quarters 

Terri's choice as her free gift