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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Birthday flowers; Northcott Stonehenge; Pink Oliso irons; Quilter's Travel Companion books; Judi and Vicki's Show and Tell

Yesterday would have been my Mother's birthday.  If she were alive, she would have been 96 years old. 

Every year since her death, Cousin Susan does something special to commemorate Mom's special day.  Yesterday was no different!  

At approximately 9:01 a.m. yesterday, these beautiful roses were delivered to the shop.  

They are more stunning than my camera captured. The petals are VERY dark on the edges and a softer pink/purple in the middle.  Truly gorgeous!  

Thanks, Cousin Susan.  Happy Birthday, Mom.  

We received another bolt of "Stars and Stripes II" from the Stonehenge Collection by Northcott.  This is another great addition to the Quilts of Valor fabrics we have in the shop.  I love the stars-on-neutral background.  

We're very excited to get the new Oliso irons in the shop.  These limited edition pink irons are in honor of breast cancer awareness.  A $10 donation will be made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every iron sold. 

Several of our customers are breast cancer survivors so, we're very honored to have these irons in the shop.  

The 2014-2016 edition of "Quilters's Travel Companion" came in this week.  

After a ordering blunder doubled our order, we have plenty of these ready and waiting for your next road trip!  

Judi M. stopped by yesterday for "Show and Tell". Judi is a long arm quilter and wanted to share her latest "job" with us!  

This "Jelly Roll 1600" quilt is so cute.  We love the dark colors and orange binding (the backing is an orange sheet).  Judi said her customer made the quilt as a gift for a male family member.   

Great job, Judi.  We love the quilting!  

Jelly Roll 1600 quilt Judi M. quilted for a customer 

close up of the quilting on a customer's Jelly Roll 1600 quilt, quilted by Judi M. 

the back of the Jelly Roll 1600 quilt Judi quilted for a customer..  

this is a pillow Judi is hand stitching in her spare time!    

A warm breeze blew in from Branson yesterday! YIPPEE!!  Vicki W. was here for "Sit and Sew" and sew, she did!  

She made a queen size "Scrap Crazy" top made using only Kansas Troubles fabrics.  This is a humongous quilt (because it's so big, she decided not to add borders).  

Vicki said she's making this one for her bed.  We think that after making so many quilts for other people, it's about time she has one for herself.   


Vicki W. making her "Scrap Crazy" quilt using Kansas Troubles fabrics.  

Vicki's queen size "Scrap Crazy" top made using only Kansas Troubles fabrics 

close up of Vicki's "Scrap Crazy" top!  

closer-up of Vicki's "Scrap Crazy" top 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lulu, Tiger Lily, Snap Pop, Show and Tell and an impromptu birthday party!

One of the things I most look forward to is when someone brings in something for "Show and Tell".   

You never know who will walk through the door or what they're bringing.  Other people's projects inspire me and hope they inspire you too! 

Ginger H. brought in one of the quilts she's been working on.  She used "Enchanted Pond" fabric by Holly Taylor to make this beauty.  

Ginger and Sharon displaying Ginger's latest quilt. 

close up of Ginger's quilt 
Two nifty magazines that came in are the latest issue of "Quilting Quickly" and the Fall issue of "Easy Quilts" by Fons and Porter.  

The "Wonder Clips" have been so popular I decided to get the "Jumbo Clips" and bigger packages of the regular size also!  

These gizmos are great to use for binding a quilt. The days of pricking your finger on a pin (and bleeding all over your stuff) are over!  

We now have the regular size clips in packages of 10, 50 and 100.  The "Jumbo Clips" are in 12 and 24 quantity packages.  YIPPEE!!  No more pricked fingers!  

"Wonder Clips" in an assortment of sizes and quantities  

The latest additions to the 'new stuff' category are seven bolts of "Snap Pop" by Moda.  

These prints are begging to be made into pillowcases (or a quilt) for a little human!  

Snap Pop in five colorways.  

two bolts of Snap Pop 

My quest for fabric to use for "Quilts of Valor" is never ending. Anytime I see something we might use for our next round of QOV, I get it!  

This "Indigo Crossings" print by Moda arrived this week and we love it!  

"Indigo Crossings" by Moda 

I love this collection of pre-cuts that came in this week.  It's called "Lulu" by Chez Moi for Moda.  

These are so colorful and vibrant!  We have the jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs and mini-charms! Totally yummy! 

"Lulu" by Chez Moi for Moda 

I'm a sucker for batiks.  I've never met a batik I didn't like!  This collection is no different.  

It's called "Tiger Lily" by Moda.  We received the layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles.  YUMMY!  

Cherry F. brought in a quilt she's making for her grand daughter's Christmas present.  She cut out the heart shapes by hand (free style), layered them on top of each other and is quilting this by hand!   

I hope you can see the blocks of this quilt.  It's so cute!  We know Cherry's GD will love it!  
Cherry's quilt she's making for her grand daughter!  

close up of Cherry's quilt! 

the back of Cherry's quilt 

Karen C. and Sherryl D. stopped by yesterday.  They each brought something for "Show and Tell".  YIPPEE!  
They are members of the "Saturday Strippers" in Springfield.  Each member who participated in this challenge chose a block and made 19 of the blocks they'd chosen.  

At the end of the challenge, everyone exchanged blocks.  Each "Stripper" joined their blocks using their preferred method!  This sounds like a hoot!   

Karen's "Saturday Strippers" block exchange quilt!  

Sherryl's "Saturday Strippers" block exchange quilt!  

This Dynamic Duo wasn't finished!  They also brought in the "Deserted Highway" quilts they made.  

Karen noticed two of her blocks were flipped.  She plans to rip them out and re-flip them before getting this quilted.  

Karen's Deserted Highway top. 
Sherryl's Deserted Highway top. 

Sherryl also brought in her 'Paint Chip" wall hanging. 

Participating members of her guild were given a paint chip with four colors on it.  Each quilter could add one additional color.  

Sherryl's paint chip were all blue hues so, she decided to add white.  Wow!  We love this!    

Sherryl's Paint Chip wall hanging 
the back of Sherryl's Paint Chip project 

Linda D. and Miss Betty stopped by yesterday.  Miss Betty brought her "Disappearing Nine Patch" top she made (it's a Jenny Doan tutorial on You Tube). 

Miss Betty said it was difficult in the beginning but she got the hang of the "disappearing" concept after making a couple of blocks!  

We think she did a great job and really appreciate her sharing her project with us!  

Thanks, Linda for driving Miss Betty to our neck of the woods!  

close up of Miss Betty's "Disappearing Nine Patch".  

Miss Betty and her "Disappearing Nine Patch" top

We love it when folks come to the shop to hang out, whether it's for an hour or the whole day.  

Ginger, Shawn and Pat each brought stuff to work on yesterday......but the surprise was on us!  

Ginger brought a surprise birthday cake to celebrate Shawn's big day on July 27th.  

The strawberry cake was so yummy Shawn didn't have very much left to take home!  

Happy Birthday, Shawn! Thanks, Ginger for the yummy cake!  

Shawn (and the back of Pat's head) as they work on their projects! 

Ginger as she works on her embroidery project   

what's left of Shawn's surprise birthday cake. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Quilts of Valor, Carol and Lori's "Show and Tell"

Last Friday was the 4th of July, my favorite holiday of the year.  YIPPEE!!! 

Since I had the day off from the j-o-b, we decided to have the shop open Friday and Saturday.  Oh, what a time we had!  A good time was had by all!  

Tanya P. and her husband, Dennis, stopped by Friday to pick up the Quilts of Valor we made, complete with pillowcases.  Pat also donated two quilts she'd made to add to the Q.O.V. quilt bank which is in Tanya's house!  

Thanks Tanya and Dennis for getting our quilts to deserving soldiers.  

I wanted to take pictures of the quilts so everyone could see our masterpieces!  

Tanya and her husband, Dennis.  

We got in some really cute fabrics last week:  vintage sewing machines, vintage campers, two colors of solid blues and more fish fabric.   

We also received some new books and patterns:  

Carol B. brought in a wall hanging she made as a challenge project from the Cassville Quilt Guild.  

She received the word 'expectation' and had to make a project within the theme of her word.  

She decided to make a quilt of a pregnant girl (complete with baby bump) and won 2nd place. 

Congratulations, Carol. We love the pregnant lady!  

Lori V's Tumbler quilt she's making for a friend.