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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sister Power! New stuff. Fun stuff!

Sisters Penny B. and Lori V. have been busy. Lori emailed pics of the quilts they've been working on.  Pictures of Penny's Yo-Yo quilt and Lori's Log Cabin are below.  Wow!  
Penny's Yo-Yo Quilt!  So colorful!  

Lori's Log Cabin quilt.  Love the paisley prints! 
We received several bolts of "Enchanted Pond" by Holly Taylor for Moda, "Double Chocolat" by 3 Sisters and "Everlastings" by Sandy Gervais.  Pictures are below.   

"Enchanted Pond" prints by Holly Taylor for Moda 

"Double Chocolat" by 3 Sisters and "Everlastings" by Sandy Gervais for Moda

We received "Color Crush" batik pre-cuts.  I decided to take the plastic off these jelly rolls so you can see the colors a little better.  Pictures of the charm packs and layer cakes are on a previous post. 

Karla brought some of her paper piecing projects to share during her class yesterday. She also quilted these on her long arm.  

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sweetness goes to the Emergency Room

If you came to the shop yesterday, you saw a different face behind the counter.  Cheryl W. and Pat held down the fort while I was in the ER with Sweetness.  He was having chest pains that mimic heart attack symptoms.  Since his heart attack in 2009, we are very aware of how fragile life can be. 

After a battery of blood tests (and an ultrasound) it was determined he did NOT have a cardiac event. Thank goodness.  I brought him home yesterday afternoon to rest and take it easy.  

"Thank You" to everyone on the prayer chain at church and to your customers who were praying for him before/during/after our trip to the ER.  Prayer Warriors rock!  

Vicki W. brought her 4 legged baby, Gracie, for a visit yesterday.  Gracie checked out the shop, sniffed the fabrics and was a genuine delight.  What a cutie pie!   

Dianna and Dorothy brought the quilt they've been working on using only "Kansas Troubles" fabrics. Needless to say, it's gorgeous and we love, love, love it!  

Lisa Q. brought her quilt that was displayed in the Powers Museum in Carthage during their traveling quilt exhibition.  Most of the fabric is this quilt is more than 100 years old.  

Lisa also brought a quilt she made for her F-I-L (Mr. Haynes).  The quilting for this gift to her father-in-law is truly exquisite.  

Olfa 16 1/2" frosted square rulers.  

Needle Grip-It dots.  

"Color Crush" batik layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.   

"Modernism" by Barbara Brackman:  layer cake, charm packs and jelly rolls. 

Vicki W. and Gracie!  

Dianna and Dorthy holding the quilt they made using only Kansas Troubles fabric.  LOVE IT!  

close-up of Dianna and Dorothy's quilt 

another close-up

Lisa Q.'s quilt that was displayed at the Powers Museum in Carthage.  
close-up of Lisa's quilt.  

Lisa's quilt she made for her father-in-law.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the patriotic fabrics. 

This is the sashing Lisa used for her F-I-L's quilt.       
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the flags border on Lisa's quilt 

the back of Lisa's quilt she made for her F-I-L.  The quilting is exquisite.  This pictures does NOT do this quilt justice.  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vicki and Penny's "Quilts of Valor" tops

Vicki W. and Penny B. emailed pictures of their "Quilts of Valor" tops.  Vicki used the "Triangles" pattern and Penny used "Pinwheels" (which looks like "Broken Dishes" depending on how you look at it).    

These tops are gorgeous and will really make a difference in the life of their new owners.   

Vicki's "Triangles" top for Quilts of Valor with red and blue borders.  Wow! 

Penny's "Pinwheels" top for Quilts of Valor.  Love it!  

Oliso irons, Go! totes and other new stuff!

We received a lot of new stuff this week.  The Oliso TG 1600 irons finally came in.  These have been on back order since before Christmas.  Now that the 1600's are here, we now have all three models available.   

We also received two different Moda precuts:  "Hubba Hubba" and "Printemps"; Fons and Porter's "Easy Quilts" magazine; 5" squares by Omnigrip and the "Five and Dime" and "Spare Change" rulers.   

I love the new totes AccuQuilt just released.  These are the big mac daddies!  The handles telescope and there are a lot of compartments to hold stuff.  

I'm over the moon about the 18"x 24" compartment on the back that zips off.  It's designed to hold a 18"x 24"cutting mat but I'm going to put my big strip dies in it.  Great for keeping all your Go! cutter supplies in the same place plus it's on wheels!  LOVE IT!!!  

5" squares by Omnigrip.  

"Printemps" layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms.  

"Hubba Hubba" layer cakes, jelly rolls and mini charms.  The charm packs should arrive any day!  

"Easy Quilts" magazine by Fons and Porter. 

"Five and Dime"  and "Spare Change" rulers. 

new tote from AccuQuilt.  lots of room and the back part zips off 

 new AccuQuilt tote with the back compartment detached  

the Oliso TG 1600 irons finally arrived this week.   

all three models of Oliso irons.  I love mine!  

Quilts of Valor tops

Cathy and Kay brought their "Quilts of Valor" tops in yesterday to decide what to use for the borders.    

Pat was here for a little while.  She brought the "Quilts of Valor" top she's been working on while recuperating from surgery.  

Kay used the "Diamonds" pattern, Cathy made a "Zig Zag" top and Pat's is her own creation using scraps and foundation piecing. 

GREAT JOB LADIES!  Keep up the good work!  

Pat's "Quilt of Valor" top she made using scraps and foundation piecing 

Pat's top.  Can you see the patriotic fabrics she used?  

Cathy's "Zig Zag" top she made for "Quilts of Valor".  

close-up of Cathy's top 

Kay decided to use the "Diamonds" pattern for her Quilts of Valor top.  Wow!  The diamonds really pop! 
close-up of Kay's top.  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lisa Q.'s Christmas quilts

Lisa Q. made these quilts as Christmas quilts for her daughters.  Love the doggie quilt!   The pink one is called  "Double Hearts".  Great job, Lisa.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Quilts of Valor day (and a surprise birthday party!)

Yesterday was the all day sew-in for "Quilts of Valor" at the shop. We had a blast!  We got a lot accomplished, ate pizza for lunch, had some German Chocolate Cake (to celebrate Lori's birthday) and made some gorgeous quilt tops.  It's safe to say, a good time was had by all! 

Everyone started out with 80 cream, 40 red and 40 blue half square triangles (each top will finish at approximately 72" x 90" with borders) of "Old Glory Gatherings" fabric by Primitive Gatherings for Moda.  

Sweetness and I decided to let each person pick which pattern to use to make their top:  Zig Zag, Diamonds, Broken Dishes, Triangles, Pinwheels or Hourglass.  Thank goodness for "Best Fat Quarter Quilts" magazine which had pictures of all these blocks!  

Our weather started getting nasty in the afternoon so some quilters left early to beat the incoming winter storm! They will finish their tops at home and bring back to the shop when they're done.  

"Thank You" to everyone who participated.  These quilts will really make a difference in the lives of their recipients.  

Sherryl , Kay, Missy, Vicki, Cathy, Karen and the back of Pat's head!  

Vicki, Cathy, Karen, Pat, Sherryl and Kay. 

Missy, Vicki, Cathy, Karen, Pat, Sherryl and Kay. 

Kay, Lori, Karen (at the ironing board), Missy, Vicki and Cathy. 

Missy's top she hung up to keep track of her rows.  Wow!  

Lori's birthday was January 1st.  We surprised her with a German Chocolate cake and the "Happy Birthday" song!  Happy (belated) Birthday, Lori!  

Vicki's "Triangles" top.  Wow!  Love it!  

close-up of Vicki's "Triangles" top 

Cathy's "Zig Zag" top.  Love the alternating red and blue blocks!  

close up of Cathy's "Zig Zag" top

Sherry'l's top.  Love it!    

Karen's "Pinwheels" top (which also looks like "Broken Dishes" depending on how you look at it).