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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Quilts of Valor day (and a surprise birthday party!)

Yesterday was the all day sew-in for "Quilts of Valor" at the shop. We had a blast!  We got a lot accomplished, ate pizza for lunch, had some German Chocolate Cake (to celebrate Lori's birthday) and made some gorgeous quilt tops.  It's safe to say, a good time was had by all! 

Everyone started out with 80 cream, 40 red and 40 blue half square triangles (each top will finish at approximately 72" x 90" with borders) of "Old Glory Gatherings" fabric by Primitive Gatherings for Moda.  

Sweetness and I decided to let each person pick which pattern to use to make their top:  Zig Zag, Diamonds, Broken Dishes, Triangles, Pinwheels or Hourglass.  Thank goodness for "Best Fat Quarter Quilts" magazine which had pictures of all these blocks!  

Our weather started getting nasty in the afternoon so some quilters left early to beat the incoming winter storm! They will finish their tops at home and bring back to the shop when they're done.  

"Thank You" to everyone who participated.  These quilts will really make a difference in the lives of their recipients.  

Sherryl , Kay, Missy, Vicki, Cathy, Karen and the back of Pat's head!  

Vicki, Cathy, Karen, Pat, Sherryl and Kay. 

Missy, Vicki, Cathy, Karen, Pat, Sherryl and Kay. 

Kay, Lori, Karen (at the ironing board), Missy, Vicki and Cathy. 

Missy's top she hung up to keep track of her rows.  Wow!  

Lori's birthday was January 1st.  We surprised her with a German Chocolate cake and the "Happy Birthday" song!  Happy (belated) Birthday, Lori!  

Vicki's "Triangles" top.  Wow!  Love it!  

close-up of Vicki's "Triangles" top 

Cathy's "Zig Zag" top.  Love the alternating red and blue blocks!  

close up of Cathy's "Zig Zag" top

Sherry'l's top.  Love it!    

Karen's "Pinwheels" top (which also looks like "Broken Dishes" depending on how you look at it). 


  1. I was truly surprised by the special birthday song and delicious German Chocolate cake. The day was so much fun. I was truly inspired by all of the talented ladies who attended the QOV sew in day! Thank you Sweetness for delivering our lunch and helping us load our stuff back into our vehicles as it was time for everyone to head home.
    I truly love your special little Quilt Shop. I must say, it is my favorite! May 2014 bring exceptional health, many smiles and laughter, completed projects, and fabulous friendships for all. May God continue to bless you today and always,

  2. WOW! Awesome quilts ladies. What a great group. You are making those quilts to keep those veterans warm, body and soul. Thank you!


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