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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cassville's quilt show, Diane and Rosemary strike (again!) plus all the "Turning Twenty" books

I smell a quilt show in the air!  We're packing up stuff getting ready for Cassville's show on April 4th and 5th.  I wonder how many fat quarters we can get in a 8'x26' booth?  I guess we're about to find out!  

Yesterday's "Show and Tell" was great.  Diane H. brought in a "Five and Dime" quilt she made using the F&D ruler.  We love the colors in this quilt, they're so bright and cheery!  Great job, Diane!  Love that Five and Dime!  

Diane's "Five and Dime" top 

close up of Diane's "Five and Dime" 

borders of Diane's "Five and Dime" top 

one of the corners of Diane's "Five and Dime" 

Our friend from the north, Rosemary G. stopped by yesterday (after leaving her husband to fish at Roaring River!) We always love the projects Rosemary brings to share.  She really dazzled us yesterday!  

Rosemary made this "Quilt of Valor" for her brother, Roy.  We love the Chevron pattern and....the backing on this quilt is fabulous! 

Rosemary's Quilt of Valor she made for her brother.  

close up of Rosemary's Quilt of Valor 

backing fabric on Rosemary's Quilt of Valor she made for her brother 

the quilting used to finish Rosemary's QOV.  LOVE IT!  

Rosemary made this "Tumbler" quilt to keep in their camper.  The lady that quilted it said it was too pretty to keep in a camper!  We totally agree!  

Rosemary's "Tumbler" quilt 

the border of Rosemary's "Tumbler" quilt.  

close up of the quilting on Rosemary's "Tumbler" 

the backing used on Rosemary's "Tumbler".  we love the dainty flowers! 

Rosemary strikes again!  She made this "Bulls Eye" quilt for her daughter (all the fabrics have stripes). Get it?....Bulls Eye quilt....Rosemary strikes again....

We love the colors and the bulls eye affect.  

Rosemary's "Bulls Eye" quilt she made for her daughter.  

more blocks in Rosemary's "Bulls Eye" quilt 

Rosemary made this quilt for her grand daughter using scraps.  We love scrappy quilts!  

Rosemary used pages from a phone book to paper piece this top.  Each block is 8 1/2" x 6" with a black strip on one end. 

WE LOVE THE COLORS IN THIS TOP.  So cute. Rosemary, we know your grand daughter will love her quilt!  Thanks for sharing your creations with us! 

scrappy top Rosemary paper pieced using pages from a phone book.  LOVE IT!   

close up of Rosemary's scrappy top. 

I truly can't remember how many times the big brown truck was here this week (I love that big brown truck). The best thing about the big brown truck is....the big brown truck driver always has something delightful he's about to hand over!     

We received the "Summer 2014" issue of "Easy Quilts" by Fons and Porter.  We particularly love the "7 Fat Quarter Friendly Quilts" patterns.  

Summer 2014 issue of Easy Quilts by Fons and Porter 
 If you're a beginning quilter, pre-cuts are a great way to get started:  layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls, mini-charms.  

All the fabrics coordinate with each other and....they're already cut!  All you have to do is decide which pattern to use. 

This week we received "Charm Quilts".  This book has 11 patterns for making quilts using charm packs.   YUMMY!  

One of the first quilting books I ever purchased was "Turning Twenty" by Tricia Gibbs.  It was a great book for beginners.....take 20 fat quarters and make a quilt.  I thought I could do that (after someone explained to me what a fat quarter was!). 

That was years ago.  Now, there are ten different "Turning Twenty" books.  We currently have all of them in stock....the big brown truck brought them.  I love that big brown truck.  

We also received the templates for the "Pick a B" blocks (book 7) as well as small cans of 505 Spray. YIPPEE!!! 

"Pick a B" template" 

Turning Twenty books:  "Slapplique" and "Around the Block"  

Turning Twenty:  "Feeling Groovy" and "Simply Sashed" 

Turning Twenty:  "Again-book 2" and "Just Got Better" 

Turning Twenty:  "The Original--book one" and "Hope Chest Treasures" 

Turning Twenty:  "Pick-a-B" and "Stained Glass and Scraps" 

small cans of 505 spray.  We now have both sizes!  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cassville quilt show flyer

I wanted to post the flyer for Cassville's quilt show but our computer and scanner aren't speaking to one another!  So, I decided to take a picture of the flyer and post it instead!!!  

The show is next Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 5th at the Crowder College Campus located at 4020 N. Main Street, Cassville, MO.  

Admission is $5.00 (children under 12 are free). Hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m on Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. 

See you at the show!  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Aurifil thread. new batiks, Juanita and Schrediah's projects

SNAP!  I love (love, love) Aurifil thread.  It's 100% Egyptian cotton, made in Italy and the big spools are 1422 yards per spool. That's a lot of thread on one spool!  

We have LOTS of different colors (both solids and variegated) but added two new colors this week.  We also received seven different sets of Aurifil.   
two new colors of Aurifil thread 
"Quilter's Essentials" collection by Edyta Sitar 

"Neutrals" by Pat Sloan 

 "Autumn"  by Sheena Norquay.  

"Over the Rainbow" by Edyta Sitar. YUMMY!  

"The Perfect Box of Colors" by Pat Sloan!  
"Quilted in Honor" Aurifil thread collection.  

"Seascape" by Sheena Norquay 

"Enchanted Pond" by Holly Taylor has been very popular in the shop.  We received another bolt of it this week.  We also scored a bolt of "Glamping" by Mary Jane for Moda.  YIPPEE!! 
L:  "Enchanted Pond" by Holly Taylor
R:  "Glamping" by Mary Jane 
For some reason I've fallen behind on keeping the charm packs stocked. Maybe it's because I've been sick for the last five weeks or daylight savings time started or the kids are getting cabin fever or...... 

We now have Moda Marbles "Brights" charm packs back in stock.  Thank goodness!  I'll try to do a better job of keeping the charm packs section full!  

Moda Marbles "Brights" charm packs, 

Sometimes we know when something is being delivered, sometimes we don't......until we open the box.  

These batiks were a very welcome surprise this week: "Enchanted Pond" by Holly Taylor; "Color Splash Batiks" and two bolts of "Sun Drenched Batiks". Can you say "yummy"???  We'd previously received the pre-cuts of "Color Splash" and "Sun Drenched" but now, we have yardage on the bolt too! Yippee!  

We also received the jelly rolls and charm packs of "Jelly Bean" batiks by Laundry Basket Quilts (the layer cakes are back ordered and should arrive soon). 

"Enchanted Pond"  batik by Holly Taylor.  Look at the different colored butterflies. YUMMY!  

"Color Splash Batik" on the bolt.  

a lighter version of "Sun Drenched Batiks".  

"Jelly Bean Batiks" charm packs and jelly rolls by Laundry Basket Quilts. 
darker colorway of "Sun Drenched Batiks" 

We love it when customers bring stuff for "Show and Tell".  Juanita and Schrediah brought in projects yesterday to share with us!   

Juanita wanted to get better at stippling. The first picture is the wall hanging she made using stippling for the quilting.  I can't stipple my way out of a paper sack!  This technique takes lots and lots of practice.  

Juanita's looks great!  It was hard for my camera to pick up all the stitching but hopefully you can see some of it.    

The next two pictures are another wall hanging Juanita made using "echo quilting".  The flowers are stunning and we love the echo affect of the quilting. Great job, Juanita.....(my birthday is in May).  

the wall hanging Juanita made and stippled.  

Juanita's wall hanging she 'echo quilted" as a finishing technique. 

the back of Juanita's "flowers"wall hanging.  The echo quilting really shows up on the back.  

Schrediah M. brought in this lap quilt she made for her husband (using a couple of charm packs and some Kansas Troubles fabric for the borders).  Hubs love his quilt and now her grandson (Ethan) has requested one just like Pa-Pa's. How cute is that? 

We love the dark strips at the top and bottom of the body to give it length.  What a great way to add inches without making it an all-around border.  Great idea, Schrediah! 

Keep up the good work and please bring Ethan's in when it's finished!  

quilt Schrediah made for her husband using charm packs and Kansas Troubles fabric. 

close-up of Schrediah's quilt.  Notice the strip at the top (and bottom) to add length.  

the other corner of Schrediah's quilt

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New stuff, Sherryl's QOV, Miss Gracie, Melba's tablecloth, Sharon's boxes and Cheryl's first quilt!

I've always been drawn to the "Collections for a Cause" fabric collections by Howard Marcus for Moda. 
The profits from each collection are donated to a different charity each year.  It's always a good thing to give back.  I admire people who do it on a worldwide level. 

What I didn't know for a long time is the designer is actually Mark Dunn (Howard Marcus Dunn) the owner of Moda.  Mark has an extensive vintage quilt collection that he uses as inspiration for his new collections each year.    

This week, we received several bolts of his "Collections for a Cause-Warmth" collection.   

The red print in the second picture is more red than my camera captured.  It looks orange but it really is red, the same red as the bottom print in the third picture.  Sorry for my camera's boo-boo!  
Collections for a Cause-Warmth on three different colorways. 

Collections for a Cause-Warmth. The bottom print really is red.  My camera didn't pick up the tone of this print.  Sorry! 

Collections for a Cause-Warmth on brown and red backgrounds

We received "Block" magazine this week.  This magazine is full of great ideas and 100% free of advertisements.  The quilts are pretty and the instructions are easy to follow.  This mag is exactly what you'd expect from Jenny Doan! 

Block magazine by Missouri Star Quilt Company 

We were thrilled to open the big box UPS left this week.  It was full of "Token of Friendship" pre-cuts by Kansas Troubles:  layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls, fat quarter bundles, fat eights bundles, and mini-charms.  YUMMY!  

We'll get the fabric on the bolt of this collection in April.  I can't wait!  
Token of Friendship fat quarter and fat eight bundles.  

Token of Friendship layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs and mini-charms.  YUMMY!

I failed to take a picture of Sherryl's Quilt of Valor last Saturday.  Shame on me!  I draped it over the table in the shop but didn't do a very good job of getting the borders in the picture.  Sherryl pieced the top and quilted it on her long arm.  

Great job, Sherryl.  Sorry I'm just now getting it in the blog.  
Sherry'ls Quilt of Valor.  LOVE IT!  

We love it when four legged kids come to the shop. Gracie and her human (Vicki) stopped by yesterday so, I had to take Gracie's picture.  This was not her first time in the shop.  She's graced us with her presence once before.  

After a drink of water and a quick visit with Sweetness, she was ready to go!  

If you've never been owned by a four legged kid, you don't know what you're missing!  Come back anytime, Gracie!  The water bowl is always full.  
Miss Gracie. 
Melba brought in the tablecloth she crocheted.  It's gorgeous and very big! 

Melba told us the "Pineapple" pattern is the international symbol for hospitality.  What a masterpiece!  

Great job, Melba.  Thanks for bringing it in.  
Melba's crocheted Pineapple tablecloth.  Wow! 

Sharon L. emailed pictures of the sewing boxes she made as Christmas presents last year.  We love the fabric and the idea!  

top view of  one of Sharon's sewing boxes.  

LOVE the purple! 

another top view  

Love the colors! 

Cheryl M. made this top as a donation quilt for the K.U. Medical Center Cancer Unit.  Cheryl is new to quilting but we think she did a great job on this, her very first quilt.  

She wanted me to wait until the borders were added but I'm too impatient!  We'll post a pic of the finished project when it's done!  

Keep up the good work, Cheryl.  We love that you're giving back.