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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sherryl, Kay, Vicki and Linda's projects (plus a hoot owl)

Sherryl, Kay, Vicki and Linda recently brought in the projects they've been working on.  Can you say, "pretty"??  Pretty fantastic!  

Sherryl D. made this quilt for a customer whose husband passed away using some of his old shirts and jeans.  The jeans are the center of the block, his shirts are the rest.  Sherryl not only made this quilt for her customer but quilted it as well.  

What a wonderful way for her customer to be surrounded by her husband every day.  

Look.  A quilt with feet!  

the back of the quilt Sherryl made for her customer.

Sherryl also brought in some mug rugs she's been making.  They will be donated through the quilt guild she belongs to for people who are home bound.  

someone made this case that holds crochet hooks. I originally thought Sherryl made it but she corrected me.  If you made this case, please let me know so I can correct my mistake!    

I saw this owl in our backyard yesterday morning. I'm not sure if it's the same owl I saw last fall but they look a lot alike!  

Kay brought in one of her Log Cabin blocks for us to look at. It wasn't coming out the way she wanted it to and wanted me to help her.  Do you see her boo-boo?? Yes, I have permission to post her boo-boo on the blog! 


Vicki W. brought in two of the projects she's been working on.  This one is for a friend currently deployed in Afghanistan.  Vicki didn't want me to take the picture because, "it's not finished".  Like that's ever stopped me from taking a picture of something! 

She used "Old Glory Gatherings" fabric which is what we'll be using this Saturday to make "Quilts of Valor". Fabulous.  Can't wait to see this when it is "finished"!  

Linda D. brought in this top she made using the 10" Twister and part of a Kansas Troubles layer cake.  She also said, "it's not finished" but I still took the picture! 

If you've known me for more than five minutes, you know I love all things Kansas Troubles.  L-O-V-E.  

Vicki W. made this Log Cabin top out of Kansas Troubles fabrics from one of the "Quilt In a Day" books. Is it finished?  No.  Did I take a picture of it anyway?  Yes.  Fabulous!  
Look.  A quilt with legs!  

Monday, December 16, 2013

new Go! cutter die and totes, Kansas Troubles fat quarters and Quilts of Valor samples!

I ordered a bunch of stuff for Cheryl's Go! cutter trunk show last Saturday.  We had to cancel due to the weather (twice) which means we still have these nifty gizmos!  I love gizmos.  

This is a die that cuts the "Winding Ways" block (a quilt Cheryl made using this block is hanging in the shop).   

We also received totes for both sizes Go! cutters.  The pink tote is for the Baby Go!, the green tote is for the full size Go!  
this is a tote for the full sized Go! cutter, complete with telescoping handle, wheels and LOTS of space inside!  

The pink tote is for the smaller Baby Go! cutter.  It could be used as a purse when not storing your Baby Go!  

We finally received the fat quarter bundles of Kansas Troubles Favorites II.  We now have all the pre-cuts of this line.  

I was playing around with half square triangles trying to decide which block to use for "Quilts of Valor" on January 4th.  Here's six different ways to orientate the half square triangles for different looks.  They might look a little wonky, they aren't sewn together. 

I used light and dark colors of the reds and blues. There's nothing wrong with your monitor, I combined the colors to see what the blocks would look like!  




 "Zig Zag"  


"Broken Dishes"  

Sunday, December 8, 2013

12 AccuQuilt Go! dies, fun fabrics, new batting, rulers, calendars and more!

The weather outside might be frightful but the UPS an Fed Ex deliveries are so delightful! 

We got a boat load of new stuff this week.  There's still time to get those last minute Christmas gifts completed before the big day!   

We received 10 bolts of "Cherry On Top" fabric this week.  This line is by Keiki for Moda.  They just scream "fun".  I used a jelly roll of this line to make one of the "Jelly Roll 1600" quilts hanging in the shop.

"Cherry On Top" by Keiki for Moda 

 "Cherry on Top" prints just scream "fun".  

Cupcakes anyone?

These prints are from the "Deep in the Heart of Texas" fabric collection (we also have the jelly rolls, charm packs and layer cakes from this line).  Can you see the state of Texas in red?  Anything made from this line would be great for the Texan in your life!  YEE-HAH!  

"Deep in the Heart of Texas" fabric for Moda 
I have one of these calendars on my desk at work. It's a perpetual calendar with a quilt block for every day (complete with pattern and fabric requirements). 

Buy it once and use it over and over every year. These make great gifts for the quilter in your life (or for yourself!).  

I hate digging through the container I keep my bobbins in. The threads are all jumbled together which turns into mortal combat trying to free the bobbin I need.  These "Bobbin Savers" eliminate all that. Thank goodness!  There are two sizes (small/medium and jumbo) depending on what size your bobbins are.

Now our bobbins can't drop off the sewing table (rolling across the floor for parts unknown) when we're not looking!    

The white gizmo on the left is a bobbin organizer.  It has space for packages of needles, scissors, writing pens (and seam ripper) as well as holding your bobbins.  How cool is that?  I love gizmos.  

Pat loves her wrist pin cushion so I decided to order some.  They come in two different colors: red and blue.  They are sorta kinda adjustable, depending on how big your wrist is???  

Some of the ladies at work were talking about the sock monkeys they had as children.  They decided I had a deprived childhood since I'd never had a sock money.  We now have two colors of socks (brown heather and pink heather) as well as the book with patterns for making other animals:  dachshund doggies, elephants, rabbits, teddy bears and more. 

There are two pair of socks in each package.  We've also ordered the blue heather socks which should be here sometime next week.  

 AccuQuilt just released 12 new dies for the holidays. We have all of them:  large half hexagon, Snowball, Bowties, two sizes of paper piecing hexagons, Hunter's Star, two sizes of Clamshell, Wedge, Equilateral Triangle, large hexagon and three-in-one half hexagons.  

Do you need to write a letter to Santa Claus? 

These "Quilter's Travel Cases" are too handy.  I wanted to see how much stuff it would hold so, this is what I came up with (there is a removable pocket that fits in the bottom but I didn't use it, it's under the layer cake).  

I really like these. They hold a lot of stuff, zip closed, have carrying handles and a shoulder strap to boot!   

I'm notorious for buying something then keeping it in the bag it came home in......forever!  These storage containers can help with that!  I really like these.  

All of the inside dividers are removable so you can decide how big each section will be. I wanted to see how much different sized "stuff" would fit.  I didn't use all of the dividers so they're behind the scrap bag in the top right section!  

The good thing about these are they can be used for big stuff too, just remove all of the dividers.  Viola!  

We received seven different sized Omni Grip rulers this week.  This isn't the greatest picture but here's what came in:  2 1/2" x 12 1/2"; 2 1/2" x 18"; 3 1/2" x 24"; 4" x 14"; 6"x 12"; 6" x 24" and 8 1/2" x 24".  I made tags so you can tell at a glance what the sizes are.   

I love "Warm and Natural" batting.  We received the "Baby" and "Craft" pre-packaged sizes this week.  We also received a bolt of 124" wide "Warm and Natural" (on the bolt) but I didn't take a picture of it!  

We now have all available sizes of Warm and Natural: 36" wide (on the bolt), 45" wide (on the bolt), 90" wide (on the bolt), 124" wide (on the bolt), "Baby" and "Craft".  If you need batting bigger than the pre-packaged sizes, we'll cut it off the bolt for you!  

Warm and Natural pre-packaged batting:  the package on the left is 'baby" size, the package on the right is the smaller "craft" size.  

Jacey's pillow

Shirley, her daughter Casey and Casey's 13 year old daughter Jacey stopped by yesterday.  Three generations in the shop at the same time.  Wow!  

Jacey brought a pillow she made for "Show and Tell". She said this was her first sewing project and wants to make something bigger the next time.   

Great job, Jacey!  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kay, Linda and Sherryl's projects

Our customers have been very busy.  Kay, Linda and Sherryl brought their projects in yesterday for "Show and Tell" :     

Kay S. loves batiks and the log cabin pattern so she decided to combine the two to make this gorgeous quilt.  

The front is beautiful but the back really is the shop stopper.  Kay used 108" backing with the pre-stamped stencil that washes out and used variegated thread to hand embroider the entire quilt (you may remember this quilt from previous posts).  She spent 650 hours embroidering the back.  She said she used a lot of embroidery thread.  I bet!  

This quilt isn't for herself or a family member. She made it as a gift for a friend.  Wow!  What a lucky friend.  She used the scraps to make the binding (which is stunning).  Great job, Kay.  This is truly a masterpiece.  I hope you can see the different colors of thread on the backing.  

Linda D. brought in a couple of projects she's been working on.  The 'turkey table runner' is a 20 minute project.  Really.  How cute is this? 

Below is Linda's "Wreath" twister project complete with Christmas fabrics!  The second picture is the backing she chose.   

Linda is also a Kansas Troubles fan!  She made these placemats using her 5" Twister tool and Kansas Troubles fabrics.  These are so cute!  Great job, Linda.   

Sherryl D. brought in this block she made for the mug rugs her quilting group is making for home-bound people.  What a wonderful way to give back.