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Monday, November 25, 2013

Lori's (grand)baby quilt

This is the baby quilt Lori made for her daughter-in-law, Shelly, pictured below.  We love the half-square triangles and the colors.   

Shelly received the quilt at her baby shower last weekend.  Great job, Lori!  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oliso irons, ironing board covers, Kaufman jelly rolls and a new book!

The Oliso Smart Irons are here!  YIPPEE!  We currently have two models (TG1050 and TG1100). The third model (TG1600) should arrive any day.  

The TG1600 is 1800 watts, has a 30 minute auto shut-off and a 12 foot cord.  I've nicknamed the TG1600 the Big Mac Daddy of irons!  We also have the specially designed ironing board covers for the Oliso irons.  

We received several new Robert Kaufman jelly rolls, two prints are batiks, the third is a collection of solids. Yummy!  I love these colors.  

The "Seasonal Silhouettes" book is here.  This is by Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts.  

Oliso model TG1050 iron:  1600 watts, 8 minute auto shut off with an 8' 8" cord 

Oliso TG1100 iron:  1800 watts, 8 minute auto shut off with an 10' 8" cord 

Oliso ironing board cover to be used with Oliso irons 

Robert Kaufman batik jelly rolls:  Left:  "Geos Complete Collection"; right:  "Sprig"  

Robert Kaufman solids jelly rolls:  "Sunset".  I love these colors!  

"Seasonal Silhouettes" by Edyta Sitar

Vickie's masterpiece

Vickie B. brought in this masterpiece of a quilt yesterday.  It took six months to make and 30 hours to quilt on her long arm quilting machine!  Wow!  

The pictures don't do this quilt justice.  It truly is stunning.  Great job, Vickie!  

Sandy's quilts (Christmas, Q.O.V. and Double Slice)

My friend, Sandy (aka the Over Achiever) is finished with her Christmas shopping. She made quilts for everyone in her family.  Again!  Wow, lucky family!  

When Sandy told me she was finished with her Christmas quilts, I asked her to make a quilt for "Quilts of Valor".  This is the quilt she made.  

The last picture is a "Double Slice Layer Cake" quilt she made using two different prints.  We love the look!  It totally changes the outcome of this pattern.  

the back of the quilt Sandy made for Quilts of Valor. 

A "Double Slice Layer Cake" quilt Sandy made using only two fabrics.  Love it!  

Rosemary's quilts

Rosemary G. has been busy making a quilt for her great niece, Pasley.  With a name like that, Rosemary chose paisley fabric.  How cute is that!  

The second picture is the next quilt Rosemary is working on. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

more Shop Hop blocks

We received a bunch of Shop Hop blocks last week. Everyone was so creative using the circles in the starter kits!  Do you see your block?  Previously received blocks are on a different post.  

Now I need to make the quilt, get it quilted and bound (I'm allergic to binding) by December 1st for the O.A.C.A.C. fundraiser.  Wish me luck!  

"Thank You" to everyone who donated your block for the charity quilt.   

Holiday Medley, Quilting Quickly, 100 Blocks, Best Fat Quarter Quilts and another Turning Twenty!

UPS is our friend!  We received three bolts of kinda-sorta Christmas fabric this week as well as new magazines and a very cool book.  

We now have three "Holiday Medley" prints in tan, green and red.  These are guessed it....Kansas Troubles for Moda. These are linear prints with Christmas themed words and sayings.  

We also received the winter issue of "Quilting Quickly" by Jenny Doan.  Finally.  I was growing impatient waiting for her next issue!  Thank goodness, it's finally here.  WHEW!  That was a real nail biter!  

I was looking at the "Best Fat Quarter Quilts" that came in.  It inspires me to get those fat quarters out of my stash and use them.  I haven't yet but, I'm still inspired!  

Quiltmaker's winter issue of  "100 Blocks" is always a wealth of inspiration.  I like just looking at the pictures of the different blocks....

We also received the latest "Turning Twenty" books by Tricia Cribbs.  It's called "Hope Chest  Treasures". I girls still have hope chests?  I love her books.  She tells how to take 20 fat quarters and make a quilt....thus the "Turning Twenty" titles.  Love, love, love her books!  

close up "Holiday Medley" on tan so you can see the words.  

"Holiday Medley" in tan, green and red.  

"Best Fat Quarter Quilts" magazine....full of nifty ideas and patterns 

the winter issue of "Quilting Quickly" by Jenny Doan!  YIPPEE!  

Quiltmaker's winter issue of "100 Blocks".  

Tricia Cribbs latest Turning Twenty book called "Hope Chest Treasures".  

more Kaufman jelly rolls

The Fed Ex driver dropped off a big box yesterday, yes, they deliver on Saturday!  Inside was a bunch of Robert Kaufman jelly rolls.  Some are solids.....some are batiks!  YUMMY!   

New Robert Kaufman solids jelly rolls.  The stack on the left is called "New Brights". The stack on the right is called "Summer".  

These are Robert Kaufman batik jelly rolls.  The left stack is "Color Source", the jelly rolls on the right is called "Natural Formations".  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kansas Troubles Favorites II and Potluck

Kansas Troubles Favorites II layer cakes, charm packs, mini charms, jelly rolls and honey buns!  Yummy! 

close-up of Kansas Troubles Favorites II pre-cuts.  Love the stars!  

the "Potluck" layer cakes finally came in.  Now we have the layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

more Kaufman jelly rolls and a Squedge runner!

When my camera died ten days ago, I wasn't able to take any pictures.  Obviously.  I used my older-than-dirt camera to take a few pictures last Saturday during Melba's birthday party but, it too bit the dust before the end of the day. 

Sweetness grew tired of my whining so he went out into the world to buy a camera.  What a guy!  

One Nikon camera later, I started taking pictures of (what I could remember) all the stuff that came in the last 10 days.  I've already posted pictures of most everything but did miss a few items.  

Cheryl W. made a table runner using and 18 degree Squedge Ruler and one batik jelly roll.  We need to decide what to use for the backing and get it quilted. 

Robert Kaufman "Herringbone" batik jelly rolls 

Robert Kaufman "Sunrise" solids jellyrolls 

Robert Kaufman "Pastels" solids jelly rolls 

Robert Kaufman "Dusty" solids jelly rolls 

Table runner Cheryl made using an 18 degree Squedge Ruler and one "Dreamcatcher" batik jelly roll 

Yesterday's Show and Tell

Tiffany's Jelly Roll 1600 quilt (with mini charms).  Great job, Tiffany 
close up of Tiffany's Jelly Roll 1600 quilt. 

Judi made this quilt for the Exeter School fundraiser.  

Melba's 80th!

We celebrated Melba's 80th birthday last Saturday. Her birthday cake was fit for a queen and (almost) too cute to cut....but we did. 

A good time was had by all and the chocolate cake was divine.  Happy Birthday, Melba!  

Last Saturday's Show and Tell

Sally P. from Oklahoma dropped by last Saturday with quilts in hand!  Great job, Sally!  

Carol S. from Texas was in town visiting family and brought in this quilt (I think she's making it as a gift). I took this with my old camera so this isn't the greatest picture.  Hopefully you can see the different animals in each block.  How cute is this!  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

a picture really is worth a thousand words!

five bolts of "fishing" fabrics:  bass lures and trout flies!  

"Water over Rocks" on blue and green (the bottom bolt really is green)

Two more bolts of man fabric:  rainbow trout and bass 

some of the new "Sweet Pea" fabric that arrived last week 

more "Sweet Pea"  

"Sweet Pea" by Kansas Troubles 

"Sweet Pea" by Kansas Troubles

"Sweet Pea" by Kansas Troubles 

for a total of 31 bolts of "Sweet Pea"  

new 8 1/2" half square triangle die for the Go! cutter 

"Get A Clue Nancy Drew" layer cakes and charm packs.  

Art Bins with removable dividers inside 

"Seasonal Silhouettes" full kit includes 12 blocks of batik applique shapes with background fabric. 

"Flower Box" Silhouette Kit 

"Rainbow Star" applique kit  
"Laser Family Tree" applique kit 

Seasonal Silhouettes batik applique block #4  
Seasonal Silhouettes batik applique block #6 

Seasonal Silhouettes batik applique block #8

Seasonal Silhouettes batik applique block #12 

Seasonal Silhouettes batik applique block #11 

Seasonal Silhouettes batik applique block #7 

Seasonal Silhouettes batik applique block #9 

Seasonal Silhouttes batik applique block #10