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Sunday, May 18, 2014

more Aurifil sets, Ducks in a Row, new dies, Sandy, Rita and Rosemary's projects!

I'm in love with Aurifil thread.  I recently discovered they are available in sets of big spools and the smaller spools. 

Since I have poor impulse control, we currently have 15 different sets of big spools and eight different sets of the smaller spools in the shop.  

This week we added two more sets:  SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Signature Thread Collection I and II. These are the big (1422/yards per spool) spools of yummy Egyptian Cotton (50 weight) thread. 

We also received "Winter Essentials" thread set by Edyta Sitar....which are also the big spools....also 50 weight.  Yum! 

SAQA Signature Thread Collection I 

SAQA Signature Thread Collection II 

"Winter Essentials" thread set by Edyta Sitar 

I was lucky enough to attend one of Jenny Doan's trunk shows last year.  She is a hoot in her YouTube tutorials and in person too!  

She recently started a new magazine called "Block" which we carry in the shop.  

We received the second issue on Friday and they're going fast!  It's full of wonderful ideas and does not have any advertising.  It's a great value for only $5.99.   

The "Ducks in a Row" jelly rolls are finally here!  It's been a real nail biter but they've arrived.  The jelly rolls have been back ordered since March.  WHEW! I'm so glad to finally get them!  

"Ducks in a Row" is by American Jane for Moda.  We currently have the layer cakes, charm packs, honeycombs, mini charms, several fabrics on the bolt (and now) the jelly rolls from this line. 

It's so bright and cheery.  Great for the 1930's addict or adorable as a quilt for a little one.  

We haven't received any new Go! dies since before Christmas.  When I saw these, I knew we had to have them (poor impulse control strikes again).  

These are "Trees" and "Small Houses" by Reiko Kato. Combine them together to make a cute wall hanging.  

Sandy S. and her husband (Dave) stopped by Friday on their way to Washburn's graduation.  

Sandy made this quilt as a gift for Dave's best friend's son (Nathan) who was graduating Friday.   

Nathan plays baseball so, Sandy used baseball themed fabric to make his quilt.  She also used part of a baseball jersey and put Nathan's number in the quilt. 

Sandy used a gray sheet for the backing then tied the quilt.  We bet Nathan loved his graduation present.    

Dave mentioned he had to cook his own meals for 
awhile....Sandy was feverishly working on Nathan's quilt to get it finished by Friday!  Thanks, Dave for taking one for the team!  

Great job, Sandy!  Keep up the good work!  

Sandy and Dave holding the quilt she made for a family friend's graduation present 

Sandy used part of a baseball jersey to make Nathan's quilt

Sandy incorporated Nathan's name in one of the quilt blocks.  

Nathan's baseball number on his graduation quilt

Rita F. could really give Bonnie Hunter a run for her money!  Rita saves everything: dryer lint, thread, selvage edges, scraps of any size.....absolutely everything.  

Rita F. brought in a project for "Show and Tell' yesterday.  This is her "Rail Fence" quilt she made entirely out of scraps (it's a very large quilt).   

Thanks, Rita for bringing in another beauty! 

Rosemary G. and her husband were camping at Roaring River this weekend.  He dropped her off at the shop for the day so she could "sit and sew" and he could go fishing!  YIPPEE!! 

Little did I know, Rosemary was on a mission.  She needed a pastel batik jelly roll to make a "Jelly Roll 1600" for her sister.  

Rosemary picked a Robert Kaufman batik jelly roll called "Elementals-Sprig Colorstory".  This particular jelly roll has very faint designs on pretty pastel batiks. 

But, Rosemary wasn't ready to start the 1600........  

She decided to put a 2 1/2" square of a different batik at the end of each strip which will give the top more movement when it's finished.  

After attaching the 2 1/2" squares to each strip, Rosemary was off and running!  

She finished her 1600 about the time her husband came back from fishing!  

Rosemary chose the same batik she used for the 2 1/2" squares as the inner border and a totally different batik for the outer border.  She promised to bring it in or email pictures after the borders are attached!  

Thanks, Rosemary for hanging out with us yesterday! We know your sister will love her quilt.  
Rosemary (and Wanda) getting started making her Jelly Roll 1600 top 

Rosemary's pile of jelly roll strips after adding 2 1/2" squares to each strip 

she's off and running!  

Ta dah!  She's finished!  See how the 2 1/2" squares give the top more movement?  

close up of Rosemary's Jelly Roll 1600 top she made for her sister 

Shawn, Janet, Sandy and Cheryl's projects!

 I love opening the shop's email each day.  I never know what awaits me.....junk mail, supplier info, or pictures our customers sent of their projects!  

Shawn, Janet, Cheryl and Sandy recently emailed pictures of their stuff.  

Shawn made this "Midi Bag" then put patches of it's lining on the outside to jazz it up!  What a great idea! 
Shawn's Midi Bag 

Janet emailed this picture of her "Valley Girl" wall hanging.  We love all the different fabrics!  Great job, Janet! 
"Valley Girl" wall hanging Janet made 

Sandy (in Illinois) made this quilt using "Cherished Nature" fabric by Moda.  She also made matching curtains and pillowcases for her guest bedroom.  

This top was quilted by Penny B. (who also lives in IL) who used butterfly motifs.  How cute is this? 

Cheryl M. made this top as a donation quilt to the K.U. Medical Center Cancer Unit.  She makes the quilt tops and donates them to be quilted and distributed to cancer patients at K.U.  What a great way to give back, Cheryl.  Great job! 

Cheryl's donation quilt 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Yummy new stuff

The big brown truck stopped by a couple of times last week!  It left yummy new stuff at our doorstep! 

We received five new Moda Bella Solids, two bolts of 1930's prints, three new Aurifil thread sets and a new bolt of "Token of Friendship" by Kansas Troubles. 

"Holly's Dolls" by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabric. 

"Token of Friendship" by Kansas Troubles on a goldenrod colorway! 

new colors of Bella Solids:  Rust, Leaf, Kansas Green, Kansas Red and Grape 

"Toy Box 4" by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabric 

50 weight Aurifil thread called "Flats" 

50 weight Aurifil:  "Springtime" 

50 weight Aurifil thread set:  "Everyday Colors" 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Show and Tell, new solids and Aurifil thread sets

Yesterday was a banner day for "Show and Tell".  

I love it when little ones bring in their finished work! They're so excited to show off their project and get their picture taken.  

Sisters Ryli and Katelynn stopped by yesterday. They've finished their wall hangings and wanted to share them with us!  They did a great job!  

Thanks Ryli and Katelynn for sharing with us.  Keep up the good work! 

Ryli's wall hanging she made with fabrics from the shop

close up of Ryli's wall hanging. 

the back of Ryli's wall hanging!  

The wall hanging Katelynn made using fabric from the shop

close up of Katelynn's wall hanging!  

the back of Katelynn's wall hanging!  

We also had regular size people for "Show and Tell" yesterday!!! 

This top was made by Jamie A.  It features some of the fishing themed fabric in the shop.  She used the "lures on white" to offset the rainbow trout fabric. 

Jamie is making this as a baby quilt for a  little girl whose grandfather is an avid fisherman.  Jamie decided to use a solid pink inner border and one of our new solids called "leaf" as the other border.  

She promised to bring it back after the borders are attached so we can see the finished project!  

What a great idea!  A fishing themed baby quilt!  

quilt top Jamie made as a baby quilt for a little girl!  

can you see the lures and fish?  

Nadine H. and her granddaughter stopped by yesterday.  One thing lead to another and we started talking about "Quilts of Valor".  She mentioned she was making one for her son who is in the Marines and had appliqued the emblem in the center of his quilt.   

I asked her to bring it in so we could take pictures for the blog.  They came back a little later with four quilts Nadine has made for family members: her son's "Quilt of Valor", a rag quilt she made for her grandson and the quilts she made for her two granddaughters. Wow!     


the Quilt of Valor Nadine made for her son whose in the Marines 

close up of Nadine's Quilt of Valor for her son 

close up of the Nadine's quilt she made for her son 

Nadine made this rag quilt for her grandson.  

the back of the quilt Nadine made for her grandson 

Nadine made this quilt for one of her granddaughters.  

close up of the quilt Nadine made for one of her granddaughters.  

the back of the quilt Nadine made for one of her grand daughters. 

this quilt belongs to Nadine's granddaughter that came with her to the shop.  I didn't catch her name but she said the quilt is very warm!  I bet!  Made with a grandmother's love!

close up of the quilt Nadine made for her granddaughter.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Susan's 60th birthday party! I am truly blessed

Cousin Susan's 60th birthday was yesterday.  She couldn't make it to the birthday bash we had for her (she lives in Texas and was celebrating with family there) but that didn't prevent us from having a party! 

Pat made Susan's favorite cake (homemade German Chocolate) and Mary Ann made her famous assortment of yummy cookies and gooey brownies. We ate like kings...or is that queens?  

We called Cousin Susan when the party started but she didn't answer her phone. What?  After leaving a couple messages on her voice mail, she called back just in time for us to sing "Happy Birthday" to her over the phone!  

Happy 60th Birthday, Cuz!  We love you bunches!  

homemade German Chocolate cake Pat made for Susan's BD party! 

some of  Mary Ann's famous cookies 

some of the brownies Mary Ann made for Susan's birthday bash. 

These red roses were waiting for me in my office when I returned from lunch Friday.  I brought them to the shop to share with everyone during our birthday bash!   I wonder if these are from Sweetness??? 

Cousin Susan gave me a sock monkey for my birthday.  She felt sorry for me after mentioning I'd never had one.  I decided to prop him up against the vase of roses so he could enjoy the party too!  

He didn't want any cake and spent the rest of the day taking it all in! 

Several birthday party attendees brought presents to celebrate my birthday (May 2nd). Although yesterday's party was for Cousin Susan's 60th birthday, I didn't turn away any gifts!!!!  

Vicki, Donna and Robin went above and beyond to make my birthday special.  I am truly blessed. 

"Thank You" to everyone who attended the party festivities yesterday.  It was a blast!  

table topper Vicki made using the "Twister" tool and Kansas Troubles fabrics!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!   

"Bra and panties" Donna gave me for my birthday!  Removing the bows and stitching, these are actually three dishcloths!  How cute is that!  

Robin made this using a machine that cuts vinyl.  Wow!  Where will I hang it in the shop?  

I was so excited about yesterday's party, I almost forgot about the new stuff we got in this week:  the latest "Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks" magazine, seven new batiks and four different Moda solids.  

the newest Quiltmaker's "100 Blocks magazine". 

four new "Summer Vacation" batiks by Moda.  The color names are Sunset, Ocean and Sand.  

"Summer Vacation" batik.  It looks like cotton candy to me!  

another "Summer Vacation" batik.  

"Summer Vacation" batik by Moda.  This one is called "Ocean" and is a LOT darker, deeper blue than my camera could pick up.    

"Eggplant" Bella Solid by Moda. The color is deeper than my camera picked up. 

Bella Solids by Moda (top to bottom): 1930's Yellow, Sunshine and Lemon.  

I wasn't the only person receiving presents yesterday! Before, during and after Susan's birthday party, some of our "Secret Sisters" stopped by for their surprises.  

Donna holding the ceramic cup and spoon given to her by her Secret Sister

Donna with her cup and a charm pack given to her by her Secret Sister.  

Sharon opens her gift of goodies left by her Secret Sister (her s/s made this bag). 

inside her bag were several nifty gifts for Sharon. 

a fat quarter was also inside Sharon's s/s gift! 

Not that long ago, a ball of fire walked into the shop. Her name is Sandy.  She is a beginning quilter and is doing a great job!  

Yesterday Sandy brought in the quilt she started 15 years ago and just recently finished.  

Great job, Sandy!  Keep up the good work!  

Sandy's quilt she started 15 years ago.  
Great job, Sandy! 

some of  our new batiks.