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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

it's time for our annual 'Red or White or Blue" sale! YIPPEE!!!

Our fourth annual "Red or White or Blue" sale starts tomorrow, June 30th and continues through Saturday, July 2nd in honor of our nation's birthday. 

Here's how it works:  Everything in the shop that's either red or white or blue is 10% off.  If the items you'd like to take home have two of the three colors, they're 15% off.  

If the items you're lusting after have all three colors (red and white and blue), you'll get 20% off those items.  

Absolutely positively everything in the shop is eligible for this sale (AccuQuilt products are exempt) so, stash cards will not be stamped.  Thanks for understanding.  

If that wasn't enough we're also offering 50% off the lowest marked price on all 'clearance' fabric on the bolt (located outside-weather permitting).  

Happy Birthday, USA!!!!!   

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Row by Row starts today! YIPPEE!!

"Row by Row" officially started today.  YIPPEE!!! 

Please note our shop hours:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every Saturday and 4:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m. Thursdays. 

We look forward to meeting everyone as you 'row' your way to our shop. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

super yummy Stonehenge; Fusions; yesterday's "Show and Tell"; 4th of July panels

Kristi stopped by yesterday after spending this week sewing and sewing and sewing!  

We love the patriotic theme Kristi chose. Thanks, Kristi for sharing your stuff with us! 

We love your blocks! 
one of Kristi's projects she finished this week 

this picture is upside down because I'm not a professional photographer!!!

red, white and blue blocks Kristi made this week.  Love it! 

Deb, Holly and Holly's daughter (I can't remember her name) stopped by for paper piecing supplies yesterday.  

Holly brought something for "Show and Tell"...drum roll please....her first ever paper piecing adorable pin cushion.  

How cute is this?  We love it.  Holly, you did a great job!  
Holly's first paper piecing project: an adorable pin cushion 

the back of Holly's pin cushion 

 Holly's second project is paper pieced hexagons which will become a table runner very soon.  

Holly's shopping buddy was her 2 year old daughter who loved checking out everything in the shop.  This precious little girl was a complete delight to have in the shop. 

We love it when young ones are interested in quilting....start 'em young! 

Holly holding her adorable little girl 

Vickie brought in this quilt she literally finished earlier yesterday morning.  

Vickie used jelly rolls of "Summer Breeze" using the Jelly Roll 1600 method.  We love the log cabin corners and the scrappy binding Vickie used.  

Hopefully, the quilting, binding, corners and borders show up in the pictures.  

Vickie used 108" backing she purchased from us then quilted it on her long arm quilting machine. 

Thanks, Vickie for bringing in this stunning quilt.  We know Kayla will love it.  

Vickie's Summer Breeze jelly roll 1600 quilt

the backing Vickie chose for Kayla's quilt 

scroll quilting Vickie used along the borders 

feather quilting Vickie used in the middle of Kayla's quilt 

top right log cabin corner with scrappy binding.  

bottom right log cabin corner and scrappy binding 

top left log cabin corner with scrappy binding 

bottom left log cabin corner 

some of the scrappy binding Vickie used for Kayla's quilt 

Kay dropped by with her "Amazing Grace" quilt she recently got back from the quilter.  

I hope you can see the praying hands in each corner and the outline of the verse the longarmer used on this quilt.  

Kay refused to let me take pictures of this until she had the binding on so, yesterday was our lucky day!  

Thanks, Kay for bringing this in. We love the panel, love the quilting but most of all we love the person you are.  
Kay's finished "Amazing Grace" lap quilt 

can you see the praying hands in the corner?

the quilter outlined some of the words of this panel 

and outlined the piano keys of Kay's quilt 

the back of Kay's "Amazing Grace" quilt 

I squealed like a little girl when we opened the boxes the big brown truck dropped off:  14 bolts of "Stonehenge" by Northcott and a new color of "Fusions" by Robert Kaufman.  YIPPEE!!!!  

One bolt of Stonehenge sold out yesterday (that's why only 13 are pictured) and we're running low on several of these prints. 

Considering these just arrived Friday, they're literally flying out the door.  

Don't delay if any of these prints need to be added to your stash!   I'm not kidding!
"Fusions: Mist" by Robert Kaufman Studios 

three "Stonehenge" prints we received Friday 

four super yummy "Stonehenge" prints we just received ....YUM! 

three earthier toned Stonehenge prints that arrived Friday 

three pastel-ish Stonehenge prints we have in stock 

With the 4th of July just around the corner, I wanted to take pictures of the patriotic panels we have in stock.  

Any of these would be great for a patriotic themed project (whether for the 4th of July or not).  

two Stonehenge patriotic panels 

three more patriotic panels we have in stock 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

fat quarters on sale

This week's sale:  25% off all regularly priced fat quarters tomorrow and Saturday! 

See you at the shop! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Fusions; wide backings; Abundance; new pre-cuts; Show and Tell

The big brown truck was here every day last week. We received so much new stuff we had to move some of it outside.  

We received eight more prints of "Fusions" by Robert Kaufman Studios.  These prints are selling so fast we haven't been able to cut fat quarters of them yet. 

If you need any fats of these prints just let us know, we'll be happy to cut one for you, if there's any left! 

four colorways of "Fusions" by Robert Kaufman 
four more prints of "Fusions" 

We're super excited to receive three colors of 108" Stonehenge backings by Northcott.  If you're a Stonehenge fan, you'll love these.  

These are more vibrant in person.  For some reason my camera didn't capture the textures of these prints.  
new 108" Stonehenge backings 
We also received three Bella Solids by Moda last week.  I love the color names of these bolts: Paper Bag, Feather and Bleached White. 

three Bella Solids by Moda 
These "Abundance" bolts by Quilting Treasures are much prettier in person.  These have metallic outlines which will be great for a Fall themed project.  
three bolts of "Abundance" by QT 
We also received a bolt of 108" backing from Moda called "Navy Marble".  A bolt of "Red Marble" also came in but I forgot to get a picture of it.  OOPS!
Navy Blue 108" backing by Moda 
Once we finally got the shop re-arranged we noticed we'd sold out of some pre-cuts.  OOPS!! 

One of the deliveries the big brown truck made this week solved that problem:  "Porcelain" and "Natural" charm packs; solid white jelly rolls; "Feather" charm packs and "White: Solid" charm packs are here.  
Porcelain and Natural charm packs by Moda 

White: Solid jelly rolls by Moda 

"Feather" and "Solid White"charm packs 
We were thrilled when Karla brought in this top she made using mostly Kansas Troubles prints.  

I tried to convince her to give it to me as a late birthday present but, she wouldn't.  

Karla:  I'm totally willing to be the recipient of this gorgeous quilt if you change your mind!

Karla's Moda University top 
Pat brought in this fabulous quilt for this week's "Show and Tell". She used the pattern on the back of the "Log Cabin" die she bought from us awhile back.  

The twist to this project is Pat used flannel prints to make this top.  

Thanks, Pat for sharing this stunning top with us. You did a great job. 

While she was here Pat brought another project to share:  A "Scrap Crazy" quilt she made using batiks.  

She wanted to give this top a little more punch so, she hand sewed lace and medallions to it.  

I hope you can see the detail of the lace.  This top is truly a masterpiece.  
Pat's batik "Scrap Crazy" quilt 

close up on Pat's Scrap Crazy quilt 

Jennifer, who proclaims she's new to sewing and a novice quilter, brought in this adorable wristlet she made using a fat quarter she bought from us.  

Jennifer said putting in the zipper wasn't too bad and the size is perfect for her phone and debit card.  

Thanks, Jennifer for sharing your project with us. We think you did a great job.  
the front of Jennifer's wristlet 

the back of Jennifer's wristlet 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fabric sale Thursday and Saturday. YIPPEE!!

We've got too much stuff so, we're having a sale!  

All regularly priced fabric on the bolt and all pre-cuts will be 20% off this ThursdayJune 9th and Saturday, June 11th. YIPPEE!!  

(Stash cards will not be stamped during this sale, thanks for understanding).  

See you at the shop! 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

lots of catching up to do!

It's been awhile since I've posted to the blog so, there's lots of catching up to do! 

Judi brought this gorgeous Quilt of Valor for "Show and Tell" a couple of weeks ago. Judi made this as a surprise for her son's 40th birthday this summer.  

This quilt is so big Judi (and her hubs) had to get in the back of Sweetness' truck to display it.   

Judi used a bargello pattern for the back of this fabulous quilt (I'm not sure which side we like more). 

Thanks, Judi for sharing this work of art with us.  We know your son will cherish it forever.  
the front of Judi's QOV she made for her son

the back of Judi's QOV quilt 

Gina brought in a couple of quilts she'd made for baby shower and birthday gifts.  With a little help from her cutie pie little man, we got some pictures of her quilts.   

Thanks, Gina (and Colt) for sharing your creations with us.   We have a feeling the babies will love them. 
Colt in front of one of Gina's quilts 

baby quilt Gina made as a gift 

Karen M. brought in her Millefiori top for "Show and Tell" yesterday.  WOW!!!! This English Paper Pieced top is truly breath taking. 

Millefiori means "thousand flowers" which is exactly how many pieces there are in this top. Holy cow.  

I can't imagine making anything with that many pieces....english paper pieced or not! YIKES!  

This top is so big we had to be pin it to the fabric wall so we could take these pictures.  

Karen isn't finished with this masterpiece yet so, we can't wait to see it when she's finished.   
Karen's Millefiori top 

close up of Karen's Millefiori 

close up of another part of Karen's Millefiori 

Karen also brought in this owl she made using different size yo-yo's.  This little guy is precious.  

I couldn't find anything to sit him on so you can see his feet and tail so, Karen decided to hold him for the pic.  

I failed to get pictures of his ears and top knot but you get the overall image of how cute he is.  

Thanks, Karen for stopping by, laughing (and crying) with me and for the general overall pep talk.  I needed it.  

Please come back soon.  I miss your face. Love you to pieces girlfriend.   
Karen's owl made using different sizes of yo-yos. 
Third Saturdays are devoted to the "Adult Coloring Book" club so, Dorothy and Kay stopped by to work on their pages.  
Kay and Dorothy coloring their pages 

Dorothy's choice for coloring club 

Kay's choice for coloring club 

Dorothy's finished creation! 

We finally have a winner for the shop hop challenge.  
Sharon was the winner of 12 fat quarters for being the first person to make (and return) all four mug rugs to our shop.  

There was a little bit of a fight between Sharon and Dorothy for the fat quarters but, Sharon was the final winner!  

Congratulations, Sharon we hope you enjoy your (free) fat quarters.  

Sharon and Dorothy "fighting" over the free fat quarters

Sharon's free fat quarters for being our winner 

We love four legged kids.  Miss Gracie and Miss Mia (and their humans) recently visited the shop. 

Come back anytime, girls!  We love you....and your humans! 
Miss Gracie poses for her picture! 

Miss Mia was too busy chewing on her bone to pose!  
Sharon recently received two free yards of fabric (of her choice) for completing her "50 Yard Club" card.  

If you aren't a member of the "50 Yard Club" you might consider joining.  Who doesn't love free fabric?  
Sharon's choice for her free fabric 
Dearest friend, Sally, and her sister, Barb, stopped by over Memorial Day weekend.   

Sally brought something for "Show and Tell" she wanted to share with us.  

She'd recently made (and quilted) this adorable camping themed table topper for her sister's camper. The backing is from the "Remington" line Sally purchased from the shop.   

Thanks, Sally (and Barb) for stopping by.  We miss your faces and wish you both lived closer.  
table topper Sally made for her sister 

the back of Sally's table topper 

I recently made some pillowcases for Dearest Brother's birthday.  I used fabrics from both the "Remington" and "Sundance Trail" collections we have in the shop.  

Dearest Brother lives in Texas which is why I specifically chose the "Sundance Trail" prints....can you see the state of Texas (complete with a lone star) on the boots?  

Dearest Brother has received (and loves) his new pillowcases.  Thank goodness!  That was a real nail biter! 
"Remington" pillowcases I made for Dearest Brother's birthday 

"Sundance Trail" pillowcases I made for dearest brother 

Lee Jones recently made this very sexy sign for the shop.  It now sits at the end of the driveway so everyone who drives by will know our hours. 

Thanks, Lee for making a great sign.  You did a great job.  We love it! 

our new shop sign at the end of the driveway
 We've received a bunch of new stuff since my last posting.  Hopefully, I haven't forgotten anything.  If so, I'll post later on!  

We now have Frivols #11 which is "Sew N Sew" by Chloe's Closet.  Each Frivol contains (42) 7"x7" squares, a block pattern, a quilt pattern and a surprise. 

We have a limited number of Frivols so, where they're gone, they're gone.  They cannot be re-ordered.  
Frivols #11:  Sew N Sew by Chloe's Closet 

This time of year makes me think of flowers and growing stuff outside.  For some reason, these prints remind me of flowers.  

These are four prints of Fusions: Mist by Robert Kaufman.  The colorways are called Cornsilk Mist, Antique Mist, Sunset Mist and Rain Mist.  How yummy are these? 

We're expecting more prints of this collection to arrive next week.  I can't wait for them to get here! 
Fusions: Mist from Robert Kaufman studios
We also received a bolt of 108" backing from Moda this week.  The color is called "Windsor Blue".  This would be perfect for the back of a Quilt of Valor.  

"Windsor Blue" 108" backing 
The big brown truck also delivered some Moda Mables and Bella Solids this week.  

My camera didn't capture the colors of the solids but the marbles are spot on.  
"Shamrock" and "Lime Green" Moda Marbles 

"Silver" (looks green but isn't) and "Amelia's Purple" Bella Solids 

The adult coloring book craze shows no signs of slowing down!  Our latest addition is called "Dazzling Dogs" by Creative Haven. 

This coloring book is full of different species of adorable dogs in super cute poses.  

I can't wait to start coloring.........
the latest addition to our adult coloring book section 
We'd sold out of 120" muslin awhile back.  I tried to re-order but it was back ordered.  That is no longer the case! 

We received a full bolt of it this week.  YIPPEE!!!  
120" White muslin 

Donna asked if I could order something called "The Strip Stick". I had no idea what it was but told her I'd try to find them. 

We sold out of the smallest size the first day they were here but, we still have three sizes in stock (18", 22" and 45").   

These nifty gizmos are great for ironing seams without needing an ironing board.  They also make it super easy to iron your seams open or to one side.  
three sizes of "The Strip Stick"