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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

open tomorrow, closed Saturday...Sit N Sew next week

The shop will be open tomorrow, December 22nd from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for any last minute shopping you might have before the big day.   

We will be closed Saturday, December 24th for Christmas. 

Join us for "Sit N Sew" next week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. December 27th-31st (Tues-Sat) each day.  
Bring your sewing machine and any projects you'd like to work on (whether that's quilting, sewing, knitting, embroidery, crocheting, adult coloring books or whatever). 

Please bring a sack lunch, the drink of your choice and any snacks you'd like to share with the group. 

The shop will provide homemade goodies of the chocolate least until they run out! 

Happy Holidays from us to you! 
P-Dub and Sweetness 

Friday, December 16, 2016

"End of the Bolt" sale Saturday

Saturday, December 17th only: receive 15% off when buying what's left on the bolt of any regularly priced fabric.  Stash cards will not be stamped for 'end of the bolt' purchases. 

See you tomorrow! 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Farm Fun"; "Summer Breeze"; "Once Upon a Chicken"; "Unbridled"; tone-on-tones

The big brown truck was here a lot this week.  That means we have lots and lots of new stuff! 

"Farm Fun" by Quilting Treasures is perfect for the Farmall person in your life.  The panel depicts a beautiful sunshine filled day...out on the farm.  

The two companion prints would make a great addition for the panel.  

I squealed like a little girl when we opened the boxes and boxes of the latest "Summer Breeze" collection.  

The fourth edition of this super yummy collection by Sentimental Studios arrived this week.  YIPPEE!!!! 

We have all 25 prints and most of the pre-cuts (the fat quarter bundles will be here soon) of this fabulous collection.  

If you loved last year's "Summer Breeze" we think you'll love with this year's edition as well.   

Almost all of this collection is already 'out of stock' at the warehouse so, please don't wait too long to add these to your stash. 

When they're gone, they're gone and cannot be re-ordered.   
three colorways of two different "Summer Breeze" prints 

six colorways of "Sprigs" prints 

five colorways of  "Medium Flowers" prints 

four colorways of  "Daisies" prints

four colorways of "Dainty Flowers" prints 

"Summer Breeze IV" pre-cuts 
Dorothy and I went to Heavenly Notions a couple of weeks ago.  Jamie had just received prints of "Once Upon A Chicken" by Mary Jane Butters for Moda.  

I bought some for my personal stash but couldn't get those adorable little chickens out of my head so, I ordered some for the shop. 

How cute are these?  I love the chickens, eggs and the vintage mercantile "accounts" page.  

The pre-cuts of the collection were already 'out of stock' so, we'll have to make do with these 11 adorable prints.  

These are a little brighter in person.  For some reason my camera didn't like the variations of colors on some of the prints.  Sorry! 

I'm not sure which I love the most:  the chickens, the eggs, the feathers, the newspaper print or the 'accounts' page???? 

We hope you love this collection as much as we do...Once Upon A Chicken!    
chicken and egg prints of "Once Upon a Chicken" 

a vintage "Mercantile Accounts" print 

"Feathers" and three companion prints of  "Once Upon a Chicken" 

vintage newspaper print of "Once Upon A Chicken"  by Moda 

These next prints are for the cowboy or horse person in your life!  "Unbridled" by Quilting Treasures also arrived this week (they look like batiks but, they aren't).  

The colors are so bright and vibrant they almost jump off the page.  I particularly love the different colored horses.  

The last picture are three of the companion prints for this wild untamed collection!  
"Unbridled" on black and cream by QT 

two more "Unbridled" prints on gold and cream 

three companion prints of "Unbridled" by QT 

Another bolt of "Quilt Camp" by Henry Glass Studios arrived this week.  These flowers are featured on some of vintage campers of this adorable collection.  

Have you ever tried to take pictures of nine tone-on-tone prints when your camera decides to have a nervous breakdown?  It happens.  

I love my camera.  It's smarter than I am but between the F-stops (I don't know what that means) and the 'cannot detect an image' messages, I almost pulled my hair out. 

I realize these aren't the greatest pictures but, it's the best I can do (there's a reason I'm not a professional photographer).  

I hope you can see these well enough to know they ARE different prints.  If not, let me know and I'll email a close-up of them.  
five white tone-on-tone prints by Quilting Treasures 

one ecru and three white tone-on-tones by QT 

For all the Amy Bradley fans out there: we received two more of her patterns this week.  

We fell in love with the "Quilt Squad" and "Quilt Diva" wall hanging pattern on sight!   

Do you know anyone who falls in either of these categories?  I bet you do!  

I love a good tote.  Totes are great.  They're usually big and open, might have a pocket or two (or five) and usually have pretty sturdy handles.  

This week we received two new tote patterns; an adorable Christmas tree skirt pattern; a quilt pattern that's pre-cut friendly and "Holiday Stars" from the "fold and stitch" family.   
this week's new patterns 
If you're a "Farm Girl Vintage" fan, you know who Lori Holt is. This week we received her stationery sets in adorable red tins.  

Each tin has 12 greeting cards (2 each of six different cards) that can be used throughout the year. 

How cute are these?  They would make a great gift for the hard-to-buy person in your life.  
12 card stationery sets by Lori Holt 
We also received these pink tins by Miss Holt. 

They do not have greeting cards inside but are great for all the little stuff we have laying around our sewing machines:  seam rippers, buttons, small scissors, thread.... 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

lots and lots of "Show and Tell"; "Home for You and Me"; lots of new stuff; "Pumpkin Pie"; fur kids

Melba brought in this gorgeous afghan she crocheted. We fell in love the colors and pattern Melba used to make this.  

Thanks, Melba for bringing in your very colorful afghan.  
Melba's crocheted afghan 
Vicki brought in this quilt she recently finished.  She said she fell in love with the pattern and made it 'just because'.  We love the pattern and fabrics Vicki used for her 'just because' quilt!  

I took several pictures so you can see all the different fabrics she used.  

Thanks, Vicki for sharing your 'just because' quilt with us.  
Vicki's "just because" quilt 

Carol brought in this quilt she made for her grandson.  We instantly fell in love with it since she used only Kansas Troubles prints.  YUMMY!!  

I took a picture of the backing but, it was blurry so, I decided not to post it.  Who wants to look at a blurry picture?

Thanks, Carol for sharing this quilt us.  We know your grandson will love his new quilt...made with love by grandma! 
Carol's K.T. quilt 

Lois brought in this adorable quilt she made.  We love the swirly pinwheel pattern and the fabric colors she chose. 

Thanks, Lois for sharing this with us.  We love it! 
Lois' quilt top! 

Judi recently bought a sewing machine with embroidery capabilities.  

Her family was here for Thanksgiving so, she decided to embroider a name on one of their Christmas stockings.  

How cute is this?  
Judi's machine embroidered Christmas stocking 

Lynn has been a busy little bee!  She bought a POD table runner kit (Japanese Garden) as a birthday present to herself.  She brought in the finished runner for "Show and Tell" last week.    

We love Lynn's runner and think she did a great job making her birthday present! 
Lynn's POD table runner 

the back of Lynn's table runner 

While she was here, Lynn also shared the medallion wall hanging she's been working on for a while.  

The Dresden Plates are appliqued onto the background then Lynn quilted it herself.  Wow!  
Lynn's medallion wall hanging. Wow! 

Vickie brought in her 'two for one' quilts for "Show and Tell" last weekend.   

Vickie made this adorable quilt for a family member then made a smaller quilt with the leftovers from quilt #1.  Wow!  
quilt #1 Vickie made for a family member 

smaller quilt Vickie made using scraps from quilt #1 

I squealed like a little girl when we opened the boxes and boxes the big brown truck brought!  

"Home for You and Me" by Red Rooster Fabrics is absolutely adorable (the panel reminds me of a little girl's doll house).  

We think the companion prints are the perfect addition for making an adorable quilt!  
"Home for You and Me" panel from Red Rooster 

"Home for You and Me" prints 

two colorful bolts of "Home for You and Me" 

linear print of "Home for You and Me" 

I squealed like a little girl (again) when we opened the package of "Campers" quilt patterns by Amy Bradley Designs.  This pattern has not only the quilt pattern but placemat patterns as well. 

The nifty thing about this pattern is you can choose from 10 different motifs to surround each camper.   
"Campers" quilt pattern by Amy Bradley Designs 

The latest issue of "Quilting Quickly" is here.  This 'Charming" issue has 12 fast and fun projects using pre-cut strips and squares and six quilts to make using 10" squares.  

These adorable sewing tins from Lori Holt (of Farm Girl Vintage fame) arrived this week. 

Each tin has a cute saying on the lid.  We have four colors of these handy tins: denim, mint, aqua and yellow.  

These would make great Christmas gifts for the quilter in your life.  

Two sizes of totes for mini irons also arrived. These Clover totes are nice to have if traveling or, just to keep everything together in the same place!  

We fell in love with these towelings on sight!  We love the red bandana print complete with white roses.  

The cowboy toweling is perfect for the 'horse' person in your life.  

These could be used as towels, place mats, table runners or whatever you decide.  

Pat asked me to find a clear container big enough to store layer cake pieces.  

As luck would have it, I found several kinds....but only ordered two!  

The top container holds anything up to 6"x 6" while the other two hold stuff up to 12"x 12".    

These are perfect to store our charm packs or layer cakes.  
three sizes of clear container 

Dorothy bought a "Havel's Fabric Cutter" somewhere else then told me we HAD to have them in the shop. 

I'm so glad she did.  These cutters are great for anyone who can't grip a rotary cutter (or doesn't have enough shoulder strength).   

The cutter slides with ease using the palm of your hand and has a grippy strip thingy on the bottom so nothing shifts while cutting.  

Thanks, Dorothy for telling us about these wonderful cutters.  We love ours !
Havel's Fabric Cutters 
I absolutely love gizmos and gadgets. I can't help myself.  When I see one, I have to have it! 

This little beauty's name is "The Gizmo" by Gypsy Quilter. 

"The Gizmo" is designed for cutting the strings between blocks when chain piecing.  FABULOUS!  
our latest gadget: The Gizmo!  

Vicki and I fell in love with "Pumpkin Pie" batiks when we went to market (the colors are a little darker in person).  

We have five prints on the bolt and all the pre-cuts of this super yummy collection.  
Pumpkin Pie batiks on the bolt 

Pumpkin Pie Batik pre-cuts 

We were surprised by the arrival of a bolt of "Los Cobos" batiks and a bolt of "De Le Sol" batiks last week. 
two more new batiks 
These patterns are full of super fun ways to make: quilts; wall hangings; button boats; prezzies and card holders.  YIPPEE!!  
super fun quilt patterns 

three new novelty patterns 

When I saw this interfacing I almost cried.  Literally. This double sided fusible interfacing is specifically made for table runners.  

Each package is 20" x 50" which is perfect if making a POD table runner.  
table runner interfacing 

Nadine stopped by yesterday with lots of "Show and Tell" projects:  gifts for her family members. 

Wow! How can we become a part of Nadine's family?     

Nadine also made this "Quilt of Valor" for her husband.  We love love love this quilt.  

Thank You, Nadine for taking the time to share your stuff with us!  

the quilt Nadine made for her husband

I fell in love with the "Quilt Camp" prints we have and particularly love the "Campers on Blue" print.  

I was whining about wanting a new apron when inspiration struck!  

I bamboozled Pat into making me an apron using this super fun print.  She finished it yesterday and had it delivered so I could start wearing it!  

Thanks, Pat for making this for me.  I love it.  

my new apron...YIPPEE!! 

I love the polka dotted pockets

If you've known me for more than five minutes, you know we love it when fur kids bring their humans to the shop!  

Peanut brought her humans, Lois and husband, to the shop last week.  How cute is Peanut's sweater?  
Lois, her hubby and Peanut

Sisters bringing sisters:  Sisters Miss Mia and Miss Molly brought their humans (sisters Teri and Shirley) to the shop last Thursday.  

Miss Mia is always ready to pose but, Miss Molly needed some help from Dorothy so we could take her picture!  
Miss Mia 

Miss Molly and Dorothy