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Sunday, November 30, 2014

more new stuff; new classes; Secret Sister gifts; Show and Tell; more Pinwheels

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family!  

Sweetness and I ate too much and were miserable the rest of the day but, it was a good kind of miserable!  Know what I mean?  

The big brown truck brought some nifty stuff before turkey day (and after too!).  

We're super excited about "Marilee's Numbered Pins" that came in this week (how many times have I needed these?). 

Each package has 130 stainless steel pins numbered from 1 through 20.  They are perfect for keeping your quilt blocks, rows and columns perfectly organized.  YIPPEE!!!   

The Winter 2014 issue of "Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks" magazine come in this week.  This issue has the designer index for Volume 1-10 as well as 100 new quilt blocks to make.  Wow!  

I have a confession to make.  Sometimes I forget to use solids in a project.  

We have several colors of Bella Solids in stock but added these charm packs to our inventory this week: 1930's solids, 1930's Pink, 1930's Blue, Hyacinth, Hay, Grass Green and Pine.  

We also received eight different tote bags this week. They have zippered tops, flat bottoms and sturdy handles!  

The Winter 2014 issue of Fat Quarter Quilts came in. You'll find 25 new patterns specifically designed for fat quarters!  YIPPEE!!  

We've added new classes to the schedule: Sherryl will be teaching "Quick Curved Ruler" classes in January and February.  The first class will be the block used in the table runner pictured below.  

The second class is the Double Wedding Ring looking block.  

Sign up for this class before it fills up (receive 10% off all class supplies purchased from the shop).    

Quick Curved Ruler block for January's class 

Quick Curved Ruler block for February's class 

Karen will be teaching this "Side Tie Tote" class in January.  How cute are these!  

The totes Karen and Sherryl made for themselves are pictured below:  Karen used charm pack pieces while Sherryl used yardage to make hers.  We love both of them.  

Sign up for Karen's class before it fills up.  

the front of Karen's Side Tie Tote 

the side of Karen's tote 
back of Karen's tote 
front view of Sherryl's Side Tie Tote 
the back of Sherry'l tote 

side view of Sherryl's tote

Pat and Sharon received gifts left by their Secret Sisters.  

Pat loved (and was happy to model) her new scarf!  

 Sharon shared her pumpkin 'kisses' with everyone!

Cathy brought in this quilt she's making for her great-nephew's second birthday in January.  

We love Thomas the Train and think he will too!  

Robin strikes again:  Robin brought this top she recently finished using a Quiltsmart kit.  This top is truly stunning!  

Great job, Robin. Thanks for sharing it with us!  

I have another confession to make:  I have a stack of unfinished Pinwheels.  

I've changed my mind a lot on how to assemble them: use charm pack pieces from the same charm pack; use solids for the background; use marbles for the background; use layer cake pieces; use batiks for the entire project?  

What's a girl to do?  With a lot of help from Vicki, I was able to make some progress.  Finally! 

The first Pinwheel uses "Marbles-Warm" layer cake pieces as the background with "Richmond Reds" layer cake pieces for the blades of the Pinwheels.  It's a big block. It finishes at 19".  

The second Pinwheel used prints from different Kansas Troubles charm packs.  

For the third Pinwheel, we used a light colored "Over the Rainbow" batik charm packs with a "Color Crush" batik charm pack.  

Which way do you like the best?  

19" finished Pinwheels block using layer cake pieces 

Pinwheel using Kansas Troubles charm pack pieces 

Pinwheel made using "Over the Rainbow" and "Color Crush" batik charm packs

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday AND Saturday sale!

P-Dub's will be open this Friday and Saturday, November 28th and 29th from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

There will be a different sale every hour on the hour both days.  

Happy Thanksgiving! 
P-Dub and Sweetness 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

more Quilts of Valor; Show and Tell and nifty new stuff!

Three more "Quilts of Valor" were returned yesterday:  Lynn, Vicki and Cathy brought in their quilts, binding attached, washed and ready to go!  

All of the "Quilts of Valor" we made this year will be added to the quilt bank and given to a solider in the very near future. 

Great job, ladies!  Thanks for helping us give back.

Lynn's Quilt of Valor:  navy outer borders with red binding. 

Vicki's Quilt of Valor in a Chevron pattern:  navy outer borders with red binding 

Cathy's Quilt of Valor with red outer borders and navy binding!  

I love it when our customers bring in the projects they've been working on.  We don't care where the fabric was purchased we just wanna see what you've been up to!    

Karla K. brought in this gorgeous wreath quilt she made (and quilted herself).  We love the movement of the pattern and the quilting (which really pops on the back of this quilt).  

Thanks, Karla for sharing your quilt with us! 
Karla's Wreath quilt

the back of Karla's Wreath quilt  

Gitta V. recently made this bargello quilt using only batiks (her first bargello). She brought it in yesterday for "Show and Tell".  YIPPEE! 

This is a very large quilt. It took two guys to hold it up for the photo shoot!   

Gitta will be giving this quilt to a family member for Christmas (I wonder how I could become one of her family members).  

Gitta's first bargello quilt 

borders of Gitta's batik bargello quilt 

the back of Gitta's batik bargello quilt 

The big brown truck was here a couple of times this week....and left several boxes of nifty stuff:  new books; quilter's reference tools; patterns; new Moda Marbles bias bindings; Moda Marbles on the bolt; and new batiks! 

The two books below are full of nifty patterns to use with charm packs and/or layer cakes.  

The "Schnibbles" book is the second issue of Carrie Nelson's series.  This issue has 24 quilt patterns using charm packs, layer cakes or both!  

"The Big Book of Nickel Quilts" has 40 different projects using 5" squares (charm packs) or scraps.  

Both books are super yummy!  

We were asked to stock inexpensive "quilt" stuff that could be used as stocking stuffers or for Secret Sister gifts.  We think these next items fit the bill!  

Karla asked us to get "Cutting Cake" by Creek Side Stitches. This book has really cute patterns using layer cakes (these books are going fast but I can order more). 

The "All in One Quilter's Reference Tool" is full of nifty charts that will make any quilter's life sew much easier!  

The "No Math Quilt Charts and Formulas" is a great tool for figuring how many squares or strips takes to make your quilt.  We LOVE this nifty little book.  

"Metro Twist" is a new pattern that came in this week.  It uses the "Quick Curve Ruler" which we have in the shop.  

I hate putting the binding on a quilt.  It's my least favorite part of the quilt making process.  

What a relief it would be if the binding would somehow magically attach itself to the quilt....while I'm not looking....oh, what a relief it would the meantime........I can usually bamboozle Pat into doing all my bindings for me.  

I really need to just get over it, quit whining, suck it up and do my own bindings.  YUCK.   

When I'm forced (kicking and screaming) to do my own, I try to use Moda Bias Binding. This stuff is great.  It's 2 1/2" wide, folded in half and ready to go!  

We have several colors of Bella Solids Bias Binding and now, we have eleven colors of Moda Marbles Bias Binding.  YIPPEE!!!  I can't wait to use these!  

We received eleven colors of "Marbles" bias binding: bright yellow, gray, royal blue, navy, Christmas Red, turkey red, burgundy, charcoal, deep olive, Indigo and jet black.  

We also received a roll of "Sanctuary" bias on lavendar (on the left end of this picture).    

We continue to add more colors of Moda Marbles (on the bolt).  "Aqua" and "Grass Green" arrived this week.  

Sometimes, when we need more space in the shop, I've been known to put stuff in the man cave (or our house). 

Sometimes, when I need something, I have to remember where "it" is.  

Sometimes, I forget where I put 'it'.  Where is "it"? Where could 'it' be?  

Is "it" in the house or is 'it' in the man cave?  

Sweetness cut batik fat quarters of the batiks we have on the bolt but I knew we had more batiks....on the bolt.....somewhere....

Bingo!  These seven bolts were found (I'm not saying where they were) and brought into the shop. YIPPEE!!  

Jacey's mom, Casey, stopped by yesterday to pick up the birthday gift left by Jacey's Secret Sister. 

Jacey couldn't be here in person due to spending the day at Silver Dollar City.  

If she brings it with her the next time, we'll be sure to take a picture of her birthday present.  

Happy Birthday, Jacey!   

Casey picking up Jacey's birthday present from her Secret Sister. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Every Wednesday in December!

Extended hours:  P-Dub's will be open every Wednesday in December from 4:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m. including Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. 

Stop by for your free handout to make a fun (and fast) project for that last minute gift! 

See you then, 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Secret Sisters gifts; Show and Tell; Quilts of Valor, new stuff and Block magazine

Judi and Kay picked up gifts yesterday left by their Secret Sisters:  Judi received two hand made potholders; Kay is the proud owner of a gorgeous bird house (hand made by her "sister's" husband). 

We enjoyed several sessions of "Show and Tell" yesterday:  

Vickie C. made this baby quilt using one polka dotta junior jelly roll.  How cute is this? 

Merrilee brought in her Kansas Troubles masterpiece: a queen size quilt made using only Kansas Troubles pre-cuts:  charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms.  

Merrilee designed the pattern herself and used Kansas Troubles jelly roll strips for the borders!  

We can't wait to see this masterpiece after it's quilted and the binding is attached!  

Great job, Merrilee!  We love your quilt! 

Merrilee with her latest Kansas Troubles quilt!  

close up of Merrilee's quilt 

the borders of Merrilee's quilt 

Faye H. and Rethal B. brought in their Quilts of Valor they made.  

Thank You, for helping us give back to a deserving solider.  

Faye holding the Quilt of Valor she made

Rethal with her Quilt of Valor (we love the Chevron pattern) 

Robin B. brought in her queen size batik masterpiece she made using the "Strip Tube Ruler".  It is truly stunning in person.  

I love this quilt so much, I made it the backdrop on the shop's Facebook page.  

Robin's queen size batik quilt.  Wow!  

the borders of Robin's quilt 

the back of Robin's quilt.  Can you see the quilting?  

The Fed Ex and UPS trucks stopped by several times this week!  We receive a bunch of new prints and ten new 108" backings!  

I'm a sucker for anything with leaves on it.  Since I have poor impulse control, we now have five new prints with leaves and two prints of poppies.  

cute prints for the little guy in  your life! 

We received these prints of "Bear Country" by Moda this week.  

They're perfect for the little guy in your life!  

"Paisley Park" prints by Kansas Troubles for Moda 

four  more "Paisley Park" prints by Kansas Troubles 

I'm a huge Kansas Troubles fan.  I love all of her stuff!  

We received eight new prints of her latest collection, Paisley Park, as well as the fat quarter bundles. 


fat quarter bundle of Paisley Park by Kansas Troubles 

We were running low on 108" backings but, we received ten new prints this week!  

We have 108" backings of "Winterlude" and "Atelier" by Moda and "Marblehead" by Paintbrush Studios.  

I kept forgetting to take pictures of the "Turning Leaves" prints we received a couple of weeks ago. 

These are linear prints from the latest collection by Holly Taylor for Moda on cream, green and brown.  

With these new additions, we now have most of this collection available in the shop. 

Can you see the leaves??  

"Turning Leaves" by Holly Taylor

We also have the latest issue of Block magazine by Missouri Star Quilt Company. 

Just in time to make a quick holiday gift!