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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pinwheels by P-Dub!

I'm totally addicted to the "Pinwheels" we learned about at the quilt retreat a couple of weeks ago.  

So many of you have asked for the pattern (there isn't one), that I decided to take step by step pictures of the Pinwheels I've made so far.  

Some of the ladies at retreat used mini-charms 
(2 1/2" squares) while others used charm pack pieces (5" squares)......I used "Turning Leaves" charm pack pieces (by Holly Taylor) but layer cakes would also work beautifully.  

Here goes: 
1)  pick one light and one dark charm pack piece They can be from the same charm pack or, as pictured below, a solid and a print

2) Place charm pieces right sides together 

3) fold the top charm piece into one of the corners. It doesn't matter which way the fabric is folded, just be sure to fold it the same way each time.  

4) press 

5)  sew 1/8" along the right side 

6) fold the left end of the top piece into the same corner as in step 3. Be sure to fold it the same way each time.  

7) press 

8) sew 1/8" along the bottom 

9) make four blocks 

10) arrange blocks as desired  

11) sew two blocks together using 1/4" seam allowance.  Makes one unit 

12) sew two units together with a 1/4" seam allowance. Makes one "Pinwheels" block.   

Keep in mind, when sewing these together, each block has five layers.  Sewing two units together, there will be ten layers of  fabric.  It was suggested to use a Leather or Denim needle so all layers can be penetrated.  

I have not sewed any of the units together yet but think I'll use a leather needle when I do.  

pick two charm pack pieces 

Place right sides together 

fold the top charm into one of the corners and press 

sew 1/8" along the right hand side 

fold the left hand point into the same corner and press.  Sew 1/8" along the bottom 

this block uses the same Bella Solids charm piece for the background  and "Turning Leaves" by Holly Taylor 

this block was made alternating light and dark background charm pieces 

These are the Pinwheels I made at the quilt retreat. I chose pieces from the same charm pack (Kansas Troubles) which give the Pinwheels a completely different look.  

I realize I've already posted this picture but, I love the way Beth (from KS) chose different prints from a "Richmond Reds" charm pack for her table runner.  

The beauty of making Pinwheels is that you can make them into anything:  a table runner, a tote bag, a pillowcase, hot pad, place mats or whatever!  

If you make your own Pinwheels, please email pictures so I can post them!   

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