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Friday, August 29, 2014

Closed for Labor Day

P-Dub's will be closed August 30th for Labor Day. Sweetness and I wish everyone a safe holiday weekend. 

We will re-open September 6th at 9:00 a.m 

See you then, 
P-Dub and Sweetness 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Layers of Love, Show and Tell, Stripping, and another Secret Sister gift!!!

Leona B. braved a knee brace (and walker) to bring in the table runner she made after watching the "Layers of Love" video with Lynne Hagmeier and Jenny Doan (this pattern is also included in Lynne's new "Layers of Love" book).   

Leona decided to make her runner one row smaller so it will fit the table she made it for.  We love the fall colors!

Thanks, Leona for hobbling into the shop to show us this stunning table runner.  

We appreciate the effort it took for you to get here. 

Leona's "Layers of Love" table runner 

close up of Leona's "Layers of Love" table runner. 

the back of Leona's "Layers of Love" table runner:  candy corn 

Cathy C. brought in this quilt she recently finished for "show and tell" yesterday.  

We love the marbled lavender and bright yellows with the daisy on black (I wonder where she bought all those beautiful fabrics??).  

Great job, Cathy!  We know the recipient of this quilt will love it!  

Cathy's quilt she finished and brought for "show and tell" 
A few of our 'sisters' weren't able to attend last Saturday's banquet.  Judi M. was one of them.  I let her know her secret sister had left something for her so, she stopped by yesterday to get it!    

Judi's secret sister (Nola) took a class last Friday using a new method to make a pillow.  

Nola started Judi's pillow at 11:00 a.m. Saturday morning and finished it in time for the party at 6:00 p.m.  Wow!  

Thanks Nola, Judi loved the pillow!   

Judi opening her 'Secret Sister" gift

Judi shows us the adorable pillow her Secret Sister (Nola) made for her 

the back of Judi's new pillow 

Yesterday was a work day for making the kits we'll use on September 6th for "Quilts of Valor".  

Joann, Kay, Lynn, and Cathy each brought their Accu- Quilt Go! cutters and we borrowed two others to get the job done (we needed almost 4,000 strips).   

Taking a short break for some yummy pizza from Geraldi's, we were back to work!  

Vicki, Sharon, Kay, Lynn, Cathy and Joann cut, stripped, counted and packaged all day long.  

The process was bolstered by the help of Judi's girls, Rylie and Kaitlynn, for a little while.  

At the end of the day, the kits were all cut, counted and packaged.  I just need to cut the borders and binding and we're ready to sew on September 6th.  

Thanks ladies for all your help.  I couldn't have done it without you.   

Joann cutting strips with her Go! cutter 

Lynn, Vicki, Sharon and Kay 'stripping' 

Lynn, Vicki, Sharon and Kay during yesterday's Quilts of Valor work day 

Rylie liked turning the handle of  the Go! cutter. 

Rylie and Kaitlynn helped cut strips yesterday.  

Rylie and Kaitlynn using one of the Go! cutters. 

Cathy, Rylie, Kaitlynn and Sharon 'stripping' 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fabric Addicts, "Show and Tell", new stuff, "Secret Sister" Reveal party!

"Fabric Addicts Anonymous" met Wednesday at the shop.  This is not a 12 step program.  We don't want to recover from our addiction.  We're just fine, thank you very much!  

With that said, Candy and Joan brought in their projects for "Show and Tell" Wednesday.  Yummy ! 

Candy's quilt she brought for Show and Tell 

the back of Candy's quilt pictured above 

one of the receiving blankets Joan made then embroidered a teddy bear using her embroidery machine 

lace edging Joan added to one of the receiving blankets she was working on Wednesday 

hand embroidered pillow Joan made for a little person's head! 

lace edging of the pillowcase pictured above 

another receiving blanket Joan made then added this teddy bear with her embroidery machine 

You might remember this quilt from a couple of posts ago.  Karen C. made this top and asked Vickie C. to quilt it for her.  

Vickie custom quilted this masterpiece and brought it to the shop yesterday so Karen could pick it up.   

We asked Karen to bring it back after the binding is attached so we can see the finished quilt!  

Great job, Karen and Vickie!  Hopefully, you can see the custom quilting in the picture below.    
Karen's quilt Vickie custom quilted and returned yesterday 

the back of Karen's quilt Vickie custom quilted for her. 

I love it when the big brown truck pulls into the driveway.  L-O-V-E it!  

This week the big brown truck brought some yummy new stuff that we've been waiting for:  8 bolts of "Modacapes" by Moda. 

These are so yummy and will be great as blenders or for the landscape quilt in your life!  

three new bolts of "Modascapes" 

three more bolts of "Modascapes" 

brick red and grass green bolts of "Modascapes" 

My most favorite designer in the whole wide world, Kansas Troubles, just released a new book...."Layers of Love" arrived this week.  We've been waiting on this book for months and it's finally here.  YIPPEE!!!  

Lynne Hagmeier designed a quilt block for each of her eight grandchildren and threw in some nifty new projects too in this, her latest book.  It's here.  We have it!  We love it!  

"Layers of Love" by Lynne Hagmeier aka the Kansas Troubles lady!  

Northcott's "Stars and Stripes" fabrics keep trickling in.  This bolt arrived a couple of weeks ago but I'm just posting it's picture.  Sorry for the delay.   

It looks like there are splotches on this print but it's not my camera's fault!  This print has striations throughout that makes it very different than the other "Stars and Stripes" prints we have.  

It's different but....we love it!  I see a "Quilt of Valor" in the very near future! 

another bolt of "Stars and Stripes" by Northcott 

These little beauties came in last week.  It's called "Indigo" for Moda.  As you might have guessed, it has a lot of blues (intermingled with browns).  

We have the layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls, mini charms, fat quarter bundles and fat eighth bundles! Yummy! 

More pre-cuts arrived last week, thanks to the big brown truck!  These are "Celeste" by Sentimental Studios for Moda:  layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini charms.  

These pre-cuts are just what you'd expect from the classic color palette of Sentimental Studios.  They speak for themselves.   

DRUM ROLL PLEASE............

After six months of waiting.......we finally found out who our "Secret Sisters" were at the reveal party last night.   

Oh what a time we had.  Sweetness grilled burgers with all the fixings and we ate like kings (or is that queens?).  

Then we 'revealed' ourselves to the person we'd been a "Secret Sister" to for the past six months.  

"Thank You" to everyone who participated in this, our first round of "Secret Sisters":  Sally, Sharon, Pat, Missy, Judi, Sherry, Donna and Nola.  

Sweetness and I had a great time hosting this program and look forward to the next six months with new 'sisters'.  

Sally's new "Twister" coasters made by her Secret Sister, Judi. 

Sharon, opening the gift(a candle) from her Secret Sister, Sally!  

the fat quarter Sharon received from her Secret Sister, Sally 

Pat's "Tumbler Tote" made by her Secret Sister, Sharon.  

Sherry's new "Dresden Plate" pincushion from her Secret Sister, Missy.  

Donna's new book from her Secret Sister, Sherry.  

Nola displaying her two new pillowcases, made by her Secret Sister, Donna. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Color My World" quilt show 2014

The "Color My world" quilt show, hosted by the Aurora Quilt Guild, was held Friday and Saturday at The MARC in Mt. Vernon, MO. 

I love and old quilts made from flour sacks and feed sacks.  There were several of them at this show.  

We're particularly proud of the "Quilt of Valor" Cathy C. made during our all day sew-in on January 4th and displayed during the show.  Thanks, Cathy!  

I took as many pictures as I could before my memory card was full, I didn't get pics of all 176 quilts on display.  Sorry!  

Get comfy, sit back and relax.  You're about to see some fabulous quilts.  

Here goes: 

the opportunity quilt offered at the quilt show 

Cathy's Quilt of Valor she made during our all day sew-in on January 4th.