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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Show and Tell at the shop

Patricia and Tiffany brought in projects for Show and Tell yesterday.   

Patricia made two baby quilts using double sided/quilted fabric with matching pillowcases for each quilt.  They are so cute!  

Tiffany brought back the lap quilt she's making for her husband.  She'd added the borders and decided to use a tan solid for the backing. I asked her to bring it back when it's quilted so I can take more pictures and post to the blog!  

Great job, Patricia and Tiffany!  

the baby quilt and matching pillowcase Patricia made for her grandson.  

Close up of the Patricia's baby quilt 

matching pillowcase for the baby quilt Patricia made 

the back of  the baby quilt Patricia made for her grandson 

close up of the quilted fabric Patricia used to make her grand daughter's baby quilt 
the back of the baby quilt Patricia made for grand daughter. 

This is the baby quilt and matching pillowcase Patricia made for her grand daughter. 

close-up of the matching pillowcase.  How cute!  

lap quilt Tiffany is making for her husband.  She used a Kansas Troubles charm pack and Kansas Troubles print for the border.  

close-up of Tiffany's border 

Vicki's projects

Vicki W. emailed pictures of the projects she's been working on.  The tractor quilt is for her Dad.  The table runner is made using a Kansas Troubles charm pack. Great job, Vicki! 

Sandy strikes again!

Sandy is IL is getting an early start on Christmas! Here are a few of the quilts she's made as presents:   

"Double Slice Layer Cake" top Sandy  in IL made.  

binding and backing for the quilt above.   

five quilts Sandy made for Christmas presents 

Sandy's Double Slice Layer Cake with the binding and quilted.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

batik layer cakes, new books and every size square!

Here's this week's new stuff:  

Layer Cake Recipe Book by Daniela Stout, inventor of the Strip Tube Ruler.  

it's really not about worms. This is what the author calls 2 1/2" strips 

another book not about worms!  

the second book of the "Pie" family:  layer cake friendly patterns 

we now have 2 1/2" through  20 1/2" squares.  

"Dream Catcher" batik layer cakes and charm packs.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Duke's flour encounter

Sweetness was trying a new recipe for dinner tonight. Apparently he was flinging flour all over the place when Duke got a little too close.  By the time I was able to grab my camera, the girls had given him a "bath".  He had been covered with flour from head to  toe (tail), this is what's left.  That's life at our house!  

Duke's flour encounter 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Quilting Quickly", "Sweet Pea", "Old Glory Gatherings" and Vin du Jour

We received Jenny Doan's magazine, "Quilting Quickly" this week.  We have the Summer and Fall issues (the premiere issue is sold out) which are full of really pretty (and fast) projects.  We signed up for auto-ship so we'll get new issues as they're released.  

The Summer issue has 17 projects, the Fall issue has 19 projects of fun!  We're so excited to have her magazine in the shop.  

Another bolt of "Old Glory Gatherings" arrived this week.  This red is a little lighter than the other reds we have from this line.  This isn't the greatest picture but it gives you an idea of the print.  

The "Sweet Pea" pre-cuts by Kansas Troubles arrived this week:  layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs, mini charms, fat quarter bundles and fat eighth bundles. Just in time for one of Jenny's quilts in her new magazine!!!  

We now have the Vin du Jour honeycombs by 3 Sisters.  We previously received the other pre-cuts so now the entire family is here!  This print reminds me of French country.  So cute.  

Tiffany's quilt

Tiffany D. brought in the quilt she's making for her husband.  She used a Kansas Troubles charm pack but needed something for the border and backing. Tiffany is just beginning her quilting addiction!  I asked her to bring it back when she got the borders on.  

Great job, Tiffany! 
this is the project Tiffany is making for her husband.  

I should have used the flash on my camera but didn't.  Tiffany's quilt is cuter than this picture shows.  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

more new stuff

We were closed for Labor Day weekend but the freight kept coming in!   

We received two "Over The Rainbow" batiks:  Pine and Ocean View (who comes up with these names?). The Ocean View batik was like looking at the bottom of the ocean when Sweetness took me to Cozumel for our 10th anniversary.  The only thing missing is a brightly colored fish swimming by now and then!  The likeness really is stunning.  

We also received "Vin du Jour" by 3 Sisters for Moda. These pre-cuts have a French Country theme.  

"Morris Modernized" by Barbara Brackman has rich blue hues with contrasting prints.  She has a way with color that I'm envious of!  

"Wish You Were Here" by Holly Taylor reminds me that fall is just around the corner.  If you love leaves and fall colors, you'll love these pre-cuts.  

"Potluck" by American Jane is so cute.  We haven't received the layer cakes yet but did receive the jelly rolls, charm packs and mini-charms.  

Pine and Ocean View "Over The Rainbow" batiks 

"Vin du Jour" pre-cuts by 3 Sisters for Moda 

"Morris Modernized" by Barbara Brackman.  I love the hues in this collection.  

"Wish You Were Here" by none other than Holly Taylor.  I love the leaves and fall colors!  

"Potluck" by American Jane for Moda.  The layer cakes haven't arrived but they're coming!  

Patricia's quilt and a crocheted shawl

Patricia L. brought in the quilt she made for her yet-to-be-born granddaughter.  It's bigger than king size! Wow!  That should be big enough for a baby quilt! The Sunbonnet Sue is so cute!  Great job, Patricia!  

This gentleman dropped by yesterday with one of his many crocheted shawls (when he was here the last time, I asked him to bring in something he crocheted so I could put it on the blog).  His latest creation is this beautiful pink and maroon shawl.  He said he gives away everything he makes.  

Pat immediately fell in love with it so, he gave it to her.  Unfortunately, I did't get his name so we'll call him "Crochet Man" until I find out what his name really is! 
"Crochet Man" modeling one of the shawls he made 

Pat modeling her newly acquired shawl!  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fall 2013 Shop Hop Flyer

Labor Day Weekend-part 2

Everyone knows I have poor impulse control when it comes to anything quilting related! The "Old Glory Gatherings" fabric by Primitive Gatherings really speaks to me.  We received four more bolts this week. I love this entire collection (and they're great for making Quilts of Valor).   

We don't carry a lot of holiday specific fabrics, especially Christmas fabric.  We bought several bolts of Kansas Troubles fabric that arrived this week. These prints can be used for any occasion because, in my opinion, they don't scream "Christmas" (plus the fact that I'm a Kansas Troubles junkie)! 

Moda just released "Bella Solids" charm packs and mini-charms.  For some reason there are 30 pieces instead of the usual 42 (at least they're both cheaper than regular charm packs and mini-charms).  We have both pre-cuts in the shop.  

We received another bolt of "Over the Rainbow" batiks. This one is called "Misty Blue".  It has a lot of movement and the colors are very striking.   

Another new product Moda just released is "Muslin Mates" pre-cuts:  Layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.  They are mostly tone-on-tone but also have some prints.  

We also received "Texas Lone Star" pre-cuts:  layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.  If you love Texas (or have a Texan among you), you'll love these pre-cuts!  

three more prints of "Old Glory Gatherings".  The flash on my camera washed out the picture.  Sorry!  

A close-up of the "Old Glory Gatherings" prints from above.  Both of these are lighter versions of the fabrics we received two weeks ago.  These are perfect for making Quilts of Valor.  

Another close-up of an "Old Glory Gatherings" print we received this week. It's a tad bit darker than the print we received like this a couple of weeks ago. 

Drum roll please:  Hot off the presses:  New Bella Solids charm packs and mini charms!  

Another "Over the Rainbow" batik.  This one is called Misty Blue.  

Four colorways of "Holiday Medley" fabric by Kansas Troubles.  

Black and red "Holiday Medley" prints by Kansas Troubles.  

 Cream, red and green prints of "Holiday Medley" prints by Kansas Troubles  

 Gold and black prints of  Kansas Troubles fabric! Love it!  

  This is a brand new item from Moda:  Muslin Mates layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.  Most of these are tone-on-tone but there are some prints also.  

 Calling all Texans:  "Texas Lone Star" by Sarah Kammash precuts:  layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.