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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rosemary's quilt, Sherryl's purse and 133 pillowcases!

Rosemary brought in the quilt she made for her grandson.  It's so cute.  The theme is "Cars" and it's adorable.  We know he'll love it! 

Sherryl came into the shop last Saturday.  She was carrying a purse she'd made..... I think she said she made it without a pattern???  Wow!  I wish I could do that!  The pictures are below.  

I've added a bunch of pictures of the pillowcases made for the tornado victims in Oklahoma.  The goal was to make 100.  Thanks to everyone's generosity, we have 133.  These will be shipped to one of the area churches in Moore, Oklahoma for distribution.  

Rosemary's "Cars" themed quilt she made for her grandson.  

Close-up of Rosemary's quilt.  

the back of Sherryl's purse

Sherryl's purse  

some of the 133 pillowcases we made for the tornado victims in Oklahoma 

more pillowcases! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baby Marcus on one of his flannel blankets!

You've been asking for pictures we go:  This is baby Marcus on one of the flannel baby quilts I made using the "Double Slice Layer Cake" method.  

It doesn't matter that he lives in Florida with his parents....all babies need a flannel blanket...or two! 

More is always better!  

Friday, June 21, 2013

July's of-the-month print, some 30's Playtime pre-cuts, itty bitty stuff and new patterns

July's "of the month" print.  It's called "Mimi" by Chez Moi for Moda. 

Its here:  The "30's Playtime" is finally here.  We received the fat quarter bundles and fat eighth bundles today!  The layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs and mini charms will be here next week.  YIPPEE!!  

"30's Playtime" bundles by Chloe's Closet for Moda 

this is the "Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheels" pattern for people who like to make little stuff! The" itty bitty" template is also included! 

"Primitive Pinwheels" pattern by Primitive Gatherings.  The template is included too!  

Just in time for July 4th:  This is a newly released pattern using either size of the Primitive Gatherings templates.  If you're a tree hugger,  just flip the pattern upside down and leave off the
"USA" applique.  

This pattern makes a swirly bargello table runner using a 9 degree wedge ruler.    

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two air conditioners and a memory card later......

                                                                   P-DUB’S QUILT STUFF
12203 HWY 76
EXETER, MO 65647
June 22nd, 2013 newsletter
NEW HOURS: EVERY Saturday (closed Memorial Day, Labor Day and the Saturday after Christmas)
HOURS: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Last week I couldn’t find the memory card for my camera. It was nowhere to be found. I have a very specific routine when I take pictures for the blog. After taking the pictures, I bring the camera to the house, remove the memory card and download the pictures onto the computer. Then I take the memory card out of the computer and leave it by the CPU unit so I know everything has been downloaded. This routine does not waiver. Never. Ever. 
But, I couldn't find the memory card to take pictures of the new stuff that came in. Since my routine NEVER changes, I knew it must be lost (or Catherine ate it). There were no definitive signs she'd eaten it so, I knew it was gone.........somehow thrown out by mistake...........GONE FOREVER. This went on for days..............until I decided to put the camera back in it's case...................that's when I saw it...........the memory card was right there....…..all the slot where it belongs. I have no idea when I put it back in the camera. I guess I was more frazzled over the air conditioner than I thought. Holy cow!
Speaking of air conditioners: We were the proud owners of not one but two air conditioners last week. Oh boy! After a phone call from my brother, the engineer, it was determined air conditioner #1 wasn’t big enough to adequately cool the shop (with 12 foot ceilings). I’ll spare you the formulas used to determine BTU’s per cubic foot. Really. You don’t want to know. 


Sweetness and I packed air conditioner #1 back into the box and he went to Lowe’s on Friday morning (for the third time last week) to purchase air conditioner #2. Needless to say, Friday was a late night but……we were cool as cucumbers in the shop on Saturday. It was great! Thanks, Sweetness (and Curtis) for making this happen. Air conditioning is your friend! Really! We were cool as cucumbers…….it was so nice.


Now some news from the shop:  
For some reason Moda shipped July’s “of the month” fabric clubs. It’s called “Mimi”. If you’re a member of one of our monthly clubs, it’s here and ready to be picked up. If you want to wait until July is actually here, that’s fine too! I guess Moda wanted to avoid delaying shipping after July 4th??? I’m not sure. Anyway, they’re here and ready when you are, whether it's July or not!
We received some nifty new patterns this week. Two of them use one of the funky rulers we received last week and two are by Primitive Gatherings. I’ll post pictures of all the new patterns on the blog by Saturday (provided I don’t ‘lose’ the memory card again!). The "Squedges" and 9 degree wedge rulers are really funky. The 9 and 10 degree rulers are great for making bargello stuff a lot easier. We’re still cool as cucumbers……
The mini ironing boards and mini steam irons have been flying off the shelves. I should probably re-order more before both are all gone! 
Several people came in last Saturday with stuff they’d made (the pictures are already on the blog). I particularly love Barbara’s quilt. It has vintage buttons from her (and her husband’s) family and each block is on a different colored background. She used reproduction fabrics for the fan blades. Now I have a better idea of how to make the quilt pictured in my head (and have been hoarding reproduction fabrics for) since seeing her quilt. It’s truly stunning. We’re cool as cucumbers….
The flying geese are almost ready to fly: I finally decided how to orientate the “Cheater’s Flying Geese” strips Pat and I made (using charm packs and mini charms). After having a severe O.C.D. moment (or was that a couple of hours?) a week ago, I decided to throw caution to the wind and get it put together. The top is finished and I chose one of the “Pheasant Hill” fabrics by Kansas Troubles for the backing. Judi M. is going to quilt it and I’ll beg Pat to do the binding (remember, I’m allergic). When it’s finished, it will be a table runner for the “Sit N Sew” area in the shop. There’s a picture of it on the blog but keep in mind, it isn't completely finished. 
Speaking of that: The “Cheater’s Flying Geese” blocks were so easy to make I ordered layer cakes of the “Marbles” used in the above mentioned table runner. I’ve also ordered the "Marbles" charm packs but—who knows when either will arrive. If using the charm packs and mini-charms worked so well, I think layer cakes and charm packs will be great for a bigger sized project……this might call for a demonstration when everything gets here. Stay tuned…….we’re still cool as cucumbers! 
Cross your fingers and say your prayers that the "1930's Playtime" pre-cuts come in before Saturday. I ordered all of the pre-cuts: layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls, mini charms, fat quarter bundles, fat eighth bundles and even the hexagons! That's not counting the fabric on the bolt that's coming.....which will probably get here the first week in July??? Hopefully! The pre-cuts always come in before the fabric on the bolt, I'm not sure why. Anyway, the pre-cuts have landed.....they're in the Moda warehouse right now. I hope we get everything that was ordered. 
I'm so excited about this fabric collection. As previously mentioned, I've been hoarding 1930's, vintage and reproduction fabrics for some time waiting for the right pattern (and technique) to cross my path. After seeing Barbara's quilt last Saturday and looking at the nifty new books we received last week...........I think I'm finally ready to take the first step........of getting ready to get ready!
Sweetness started his clinicals this week. Stop by the shop if you’d like him to take your blood pressure. Just be sure to sit down for a while so you can enjoy the air conditioning............before he puts the cuff on.....then you too will be cool as a cucumber! 
See you Saturday,
P-Dub and Sweetness

Monday, June 17, 2013

Barbara's quilt, Janet's quilt, Linda's purse, more new stuff and WE HAVE A/C!!! YIPPEE!

Last Saturday Barbara, Janet and Linda brought in goodies they'd made for "Show and Tell".  

Barbara E. used vintage buttons that belonged to her grandmother (and great grandmother) and her husband's grandmother (and great grandmother) for the centers of the fans on the reproduction quilt she is making.  I tried to take close ups of these so I hope you can see them.  She used reproduction fabrics for the blades of the fans and each background is a different color.  Barbara, who is a gourd artist, said she wanted to get this project finished so she could get back to her gourds!   

The Ozark Country Quilters in Cassville, MO. have a quilt challenge every year.  This year's challenge was called "Love Letter".  Each member was given three fabrics from the "Love Letter" fabric collection by Moda.  Those three fabrics have to be used in the quilt in some way.  Challenge participants can use any quilt pattern or design their own.  Janet H. had purchased some of our fabric for the challenge and wanted to bring in the finished product!   The back has a large heart that is embroidered with the story of how she and her husband met (and later got married).  She calls it her "Love Letter" to husband, David. Her "Love Letter" won 2nd place in this year's challenge.  Congratulations, Janet.   

Linda from Arkansas popped in last Saturday.  She'd made a purse using one of the "Indigo Crossings" mini charms and needed a lining for it.  She was carrying another purse she'd made using a different set of mini charms so, we just HAD to get pictures!  It's sew cute!  Thanks, Linda for bringing both of them in!  

We received a bunch of new stuff last week:  several sizes of 9 degree rulers, several sizes of 10 degree rulers, Simple Curves rulers, three different sizes of Squedges, new patterns and two new books.............BUT...........

Two air conditioners later:  The coolest new thing in the shop is.......the air conditioner (get it? the coolest new thing is the air conditioner???).  YIPPEE!  It was so nice to finally have a/c.  It was horribly humid here over the weekend .......but we were cool as cucumbers in the shop!  Thanks to Sweetness and Curtis for making this happen....second time is the charm!  

I spent this weekend getting the "Cheater's Flying Geese" strips sewn together.  After having an O.C.D. meltdown, I finally decided to have the geese all flying in the same direction.  It took several hours of moving the strips around before finally deciding what looked the best.  It was a real nail biter!  I'll get it quilted and beg Pat to do the binding (remember, I'm allergic) and keep it on the table in the shop as a runner (it's eight feet long--yikes!). 

And now for pictures of the new stuff.  Here goes:  
this book is full of 1930's quilt patterns.  I love this book!  

This book has fun patterns using the 9 (or 10) degree wedge rulers.  

Fifteen and eighteen degree Squedge rulers.  Wedge rulers make circles but Squedges make squares!  

one of the new patterns using the wedge rulers !  

the coolest new item in the shop.....the air conditioner!  YIPPEEE!  

Simple Curves rulers.  These are so fun!  

several sizes of  9 degree wedge rulers.  

one of the 10 degree wedge rulers 

Janet H's "Love Letter" quilt 

The center block of Janet's "Love Letter" quilt 

the back of Janet's "Love Letter" quilt. It's the story of how she and her husband, David met and  later married.  

Barbara's fan quilt using vintage family buttons and reproduction fabrics.  

the purse Linda made using a mini charm pack, including the handles.  
The "Cheater's Flying Geese" table runner I made for the table in the shop.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

June 15 newsletter


12203 HWY 76

                                                     EXETER, MO 65647       


NEW HOURS: EVERY Saturday (closed August 31st and December 28th)

HOURS: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Karen’s “Needle Turn Applique” class last Saturday was great.  Everyone had a blast (and learned a new addiction!). 
Karen was gracious enough to bring her “Mama Said” quilt which was chosen to hang at the 2013 AQS quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky this spring.   Karen made the quilt in honor of her Mother’s 90th birthday.  The pictures on the blog do NOT do this quilt justice.  It is truly stunning.  Thank goodness I put pictures of Karen’s class (and her quilt) on the blog….. before I lost the memory card to my camera…….   

I keep forgetting to mention: I finished the “Shop Hop” quilt by the self-imposed deadline of June 1st.   Cheryl W. quilted it and Pat is currently putting the binding on (everyone knows I’m allergic to the “b” word).  I’ll put pictures on the blog when Pat brings it back (providing I can find the memory card for my camera).    

Several months ago I made blocks using the “Double Slice Layer Cake” method using an “ABC 123” layer cake. This line is 1930’s/vintage/reproduction prints by designer American Jane for Moda.  Notice, I said I made the blocks………it was my first time doing this method so; I didn’t know what I was doing. I made the executive decision to color outside the lines and………it wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done J J  

After a lot of finger tapping and head scratching, I turned the blocks over to Pat (our overworked non-paid employee) a.k.a. the “professional”.  She spread fairy dust on the blocks and worked her magic. Viola! She brought back the top and……it’s adorable (and the blocks are perfectly arranged). After getting it quilted, I turned it back over to Pat to do the ‘b’ word (remember, I’m allergic).  I’ll have Sweetness hang it up when she brings it back.  I’ll also put pictures of it on the blog (as soon as I find the memory card for the camera).   

I love new stuff. It doesn’t matter if it’s fabric, a new pattern, or a new gizmo (but I really love gizmos). This week’s new gizmos (notice it’s plural, not singular) are…..drum roll please…….9 degree wedge rulers, 10 degree wedge rulers, Simple Curves rulers, three sizes of circle wedge rulers and three sizes of Squedges.  We received a book called “Quilts without Corners” and some cool new patterns that use the new gizmos.  YIPPEE!! 

 Another nifty book we received this week is called “Fancy to Frugal—Authentic Quilt Patterns from the 30’s”.  I almost flipped when I saw all the old patterns and instantly knew we HAD to have this book in the shop.  We do! 

The “30’s Playtime” fabric line is coming sometime this month (or the first week in July) and now that we have this super cool book…………… I see a new quilt on the horizon.  If you’re a 1930’s/reproduction/vintage freak like I am, this book is definitely for you.

We also have a new fixture in the shop: The pre-cuts (layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls) were multiplying when we weren’t looking so; there is another baker’s rack in the shop so you can see everything better.   

Drum roll please………………the best “new” thing in the shop this week is the air conditioner. I know, I know.  It took four years to get heat in the shop.  I promised it wouldn’t take that long to get air conditioning and, it didn’t. Thank goodness.  We have air……cool…….wonderful……….circulating air. I’ll take a picture of this contraption and put on the blog when I find the memory card for my camera!  

Sweetness starts his clinicals next week……for six weeks. YIKES!  He bought his own blood pressure cuff, stethoscope and lifting belt. He’s already warned me I’m his “patient” for using the blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.  Oh joy.    

I realize it’s several months away but: Melba will celebrate her 80th birthday in November. We will have a birthday party for her in the shop at a yet-to-be determined time and date….stay tuned for details. 

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find the memory card for my camera between now and then. 

See you Saturday,

P-Dub and Sweetness


Monday, June 10, 2013

"Beddy Bye" flannel baby blanket

I recently made two flannel baby blankets. One was pretty simple the other  I made using the "Double Slice Layer Cake" technique.  

I used one layer cake of "Beddy Bye" (Ingrid Slyder for Moda) and put the matching blue dots for the backing of both quilts.    

This was the first flannel blanket I've made using this technique and I really like how it turned out.  I didn't know if this method would work using flannel but it really wasn't any different with cotton.  

I gave it to the little boy it was made for this past Friday.........precious baby Marcus.  I'll try to get a picture of him on the blanket(s) and post on the blog.  BTW:  Coleen F. did a spectacular job of taking these pictures. Thanks, Coco!   

"Double Slice Layer Cake" flannel baby blanket I recently made.  This is one layer cake (minus the pink prints)  of  "Beddy Bye" flannel  by Ingrid Slyder.  I used the dark blue dotted flannel on a lighter blue background for the backing. 

This is the front of the second flannel baby blanket.  The front are the blocks, the backing is the dark blue dots on  a light blue background,  the same as the first blanket.  

This is the backing used on both baby blankets.  Cheryl quilted "clouds" on both quilts.  

close-up of the quilting on both baby blankets.