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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Real men make quilts!

Marlan R. came to the shop yesterday. He brought four quilts he made for "Show and Tell".  These are just gorgeous.....real men make quilts!   

Marlan's "Lone Star"  Quilt made in purples and lavender

Marlan's "Dutch Tiles" quilt 

close up of Marlan's "Dutch Tiles" quilt 

Marlan's "Birds Nest" quilt.  This quilt has over 4300 1 1/2" squares.  This one is my favorite! 

Marlan's "Bird's Nest" quilt 
Marlan didn't know the name of this quilt pattern. He said a family friend found the pattern in a piano bench that belonged to her mother.  She gave the pattern (dated 1931) to Marlan to see if he could make a quilt using it.   

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