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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lots of Show and Tell; free fabric, cowboy prints, vintage trailers, Farmall tractors, Dachshund print and sewing machine panel!

Kendra (and hubby John) stopped by yesterday with a bunch of stuff for Show and Tell!  

Kendra purchased several colorways of "Remington" a couple of weeks ago and returned yesterday with the finished quilts she made.  

After completing the tops, Kendra quilted these on her long arm quilting machine.  

One of Kendra's "Remington" quilts 

the back of  Kendra's "Remington" quilt 

gray colorway of Kendra's "Remington" quilt 

the back of  Kendra's second "Remington" quilt 

the quilting Kendra used for her "Remington" quilts 

While they were here, Kendra and John shared some wall hangings she recently finished for their son's house.  

How cute are these?  Thanks, Kendra (and John) for sharing your stuff with us!  
two wall hangings Kendra made for her son's house 

the back of  Kendra's wall hangings 

"Hello" wall hanging Kendra made for her son 

"Anyone Home" wall hanging Kendra made for her son 

Karla brought in the "Jelly Roll 1600" she recently completed for her granddaughter.  

Wow!  We love the colors! Great job, Karla.  

Karla's Jelly Roll 1600 top

Vicki's 'secret sibling' gave her four "Surrounded by Love" mini charms and a gift certificate for one yard of fabric for February's gift.  

Vicki will use her gift certificate later but picked up her mini charms while she was here yesterday.  
some of Vicki's February gifts from her secret sibling.  

Our "50 Yard Club" paid off for a couple of ladies yesterday!  

Kay and Kendra each received two free yards of fabric (their choice) for purchasing a total of 50 yards of regularly priced fabric.  

Congratulations, Kay and Kendra!  

What could be better than free fabric?  YIPPEE!!!  
Kay chose two yards of  "Tooled Leather" as her free yardage. 

Kendra chose two yards of "Doggie Bones" as her free fabric 

Calling all cowboys/cowgirls:  We received some adorable cowboy/western prints this week.  

I didn't realize the two bolts pictured below have the state of Texas on some of the boots until I took these pictures (the blue colorway is slightly darker in person).    

These are from the "Sundance Trail" collection by Sara Khammash for Moda.  
"Sundance Trail" prints by Sara Khammash for Moda 

The cowboy boots (pictured below) are so colorful they practically jump off the fabric!  There are some seriously wild colors in this print!  Cowboy Up!  

The horseshoes print has a slight tan shading on each horseshoe which my camera couldn't capture. 

The shading is very faint so I'm not surprised it didn't show up.  Sorry.  

Both of these prints are by "Elizabeth Studios".  

two western prints by Elizabeth Studios 

"Rustic Woodgrain"; "Rawhide" and "Tooled Leather" are also by Sara Khammash for Moda.  
the latest prints by designer Sara Khammash for Moda 

"Bunkhouse" bandana prints on red and blue are from the "Classics" collection by Moda. 

The blue colorway is a smidge darker in person.  For some reason my camera did not like anything blue yesterday.  

"Bandanas" on red and blue
These two prints of "Vintage Campers" by Page Bridges for Elizabeth Studios arrived just in time for opening day of trout season (March 1st). 

Let the fishing (and camping) begin!   

"Vintage Campers" prints by Elizabeth Studios 
When I saw this next print, I couldn't resist.  We'll put it with the other "Farmall Tractors" prints we have in the shop.  
"Farmall Tractors" on blue-ish/sepia colorway

The next print was a totally selfish purchase.  When I saw it, I had to have it.  What would the kids do if they found out I didn't order it?  

In order to keep family harmony (yeah, right), I ordered it, it's here and we love it.  

Dachshund's rule!  
"Dachshunds".  Enough said!  

There's a special place in my heart for old sewing machines....and panels of old sewing machines! 

We have a lot of panels in the shop but this one was too cute to leave behind.  

"Vintage Sewing" by Elizabeth's Studio would make a fabulous sewing machine cover, pillows or wall hanging.    

What will you use it for?   
"Vintage Sewing" panel we received this week. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kansas Troubles books; Scrappy Quilts coloring book; Secret Siblings; Mr. Chewie

Everyone knows how much I love Kansas Troubles fabrics.  The truth is, I love anything from this very talented designer.   

This week, we received her new books:  "Huggable Quilts"; "Crazy for Minis" and "Bees 'N Blooms".  

Each book features different methods of making quilts featuring, of course, Kansas Troubles fabrics using funky layering techniques, applique and piecing.   

Regardless of which fabrics you use, these books are full of inspiring ideas that turn into stunning quilts.  
"Huggable Quilts", "Crazy for Minis" and "Bees 'N Bloom" books by KT
The adult coloring book craze shows no signs of slowing down so, we've added "Scrappy Quilts" coloring book to our selection.  

This coloring book is so fun.  It has over 30 different quilt patterns to color and has perforated pages for easy removal.  

The scissors I use the most are a pair of gold handled Gingher's I gave myself as a birthday present.  

I use them in the shop, I use them when I'm making a project, they're my favorite scissors in the world.  

Everyone who sees them wants them.  Well, I finally found some and they arrived this week. Now, you too can have your own pair of gold handled Ginghers.  

These are 8" Dressmaker Shears with a real leather sheath.  YIPPEE!!  

Happy cutting!  

Pat was among those of us in attendance at "Adult Coloring Book Club" yesterday.  

Pat decided to start with the "forward" page of her "Nature" coloring book, taking it one page at a time! 

Sharon's "secret sibling" gave her and adult coloring book for February.  Just in time for "coloring book club"!  

Kay recently finished the "Amazing Grace" top she'll get quilted then donate to the cancer center in Joplin. 

She used the piano key method for the borders.  We love how Kay transformed this panel into something that will help others suffering with cancer.  

Thanks, Kay, for sharing this with us.    

Debbie C. and Mr. Chewie came for a visit yesterday. 

Chewie checked out the shop but really preferred being held by his Mom.  

Thanks for bringing your human, Chewie.  Come back when you can. 
Mr. Chewie stopped by for a visit yesterday 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Vicki's Layers of Love; Secret Siblings; new adult coloring books; Clara's Garden; Happy Campers kits; serger for sale!

I love "Show and Tell",  Folks bring in stuff they've either made or found (or was given) to share with us. It's my favorite part of owning a quilt shop.  

Vicki brought in this queen sized quilt she recently made for her Mom.  This is the second quilt Vicki has made using a pattern from the "Layers of Love" book by Kansas Troubles. 

Vicki also used all Kansas Troubles prints for this top. 

Great job, Vicki.  We know your Mom will love it. Thanks for sharing it with us.  

While she was here, Vicki also shared the quilt she made for friends in Colorado.....which was quilted by Penny B. in Illinois and bound!  

We love the "Turning Leaves" fabric by Holly Taylor Vicki used for her this quilt!  

I tried to take pictures of Penny's quilting but, my camera wasn't able to capture it very well. 

Penny used different leaf motifs for the quilting of Vicki's quilt.  How appropriate!  

Dorothy's 'secret sibling' gave her an adult coloring book for February which she picked up Wednesday! 

Happy coloring, Dorothy!  

Our adult coloring book section keeps growing.  We received eight new coloring books including two 'manly' ones this week. 

We now have almost 50 different coloring books to chose from.  Happy coloring!  

A super nifty book we received this week is called "1,000 Any Size Quilt Blocks".  This is a fantastic book.  You can make any of these blocks from 4" to 15".  Wow!  

I squealed like a little girl when Sweetness opened the boxes and boxes of "Clara's Garden" prints by Kansas Troubles.  YIPPEE!!! 

They're so pretty!  

I couldn't resist this bolt of old milk trucks and milk cans!  It's so retro and vintage, we had to have it in the shop!  

These adorable pin cushion kits also arrived this week.  These kits have everything you need (including a bobbin of thread) except scissors.  

How cute are these?  Perfect for the 'camper' in your life! 

This "Churn Dash" die is the latest addition to our AccuQuilt wall of dies.  

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Besties: Adult Coloring Books; Frivols; Moda Scrap Bags; Tula Pink; Kay's masterpiece;

Dorothy has so many coloring book supplies, Sharon decided to make her a holder for her collection of gel pens!  What a bestie!  

Karla stopped by to show us the Jelly Roll 1600 top she made for her grand daughter.  Wow!  

We love the colors and know Karla's g/d will too!  

Kay brought in this quilt she recently finished for a fundraiser in Texas.  

Kay bought the center panel at the shop then added borders to make it the size she wanted it to be.  

The real beauty of this quilt is on the back.  Kay hand embroidered (using variegated thread) a pattern on the back then had it machine quilted.  

Kay spent 337 hours hand embroidering the back of this stunning quilt.  Wow!  

The quilter used stars and stripes in an all-over pattern which really dazzles in person.  

I tried to take a closeup of the quilting and Kay's hand work, I hope you can see the details of both.  
Kay's fundraiser quilt for the Veteran's Auxiliary in Texas 

close up of Kay's quilt 

close up of the quilting: stars and stripes 

corners of Kay's quilt 

variegated thread Kay used to hand embroider the back of this quilt 

a close up of  Kay's hand embroidery 

While she was here, Kay shared the pictures she's colored so far in her "Butterflies" coloring book.  

I love the colors she used and her decision to outline some of the butterflies without filling in any color. Genius!  

Kay said when she finishes a picture, she signs and dates the page.  What a great idea!  

The big brown truck was here everyday this week. 

We received some nifty new coloring books; the latest shipment of Frivols; 2016 Coloring Calendar; 2016/2017 Planners; Quilting Quickly; two books by Tula Pink and two cases of Moda Scrap Bags.  

We're expecting more coloring books next week including one for the man in your life!  

2016/2017 Planners and a new Tula Pink book 

"Happy Camper" coloring book and 2016 Coloring Calendar

Farmer's Wife Sampler Coloring book and another Tula Pink book 

the latest issue of Quilting Quickly 

Frivols #7 is now in stock!  

two cases of Moda Scrap Bags came in this week!