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Sunday, July 26, 2015

19 new patterns; Show and Tell; Secret Sisters

We received a boat load of new patterns and two new books this week.  

The patterns use various pre-cuts for making quilts, tote bags, placemats, table runners and wall hangings.   

Wow!  That's a lot of patterns!  
two new patterns from Whistlepig Creek Productions 

two darling patterns from the "Little Charmers" folks 

two great quilt patterns from Legacy Patterns 

another quilt pattern from Legacy 

two Legacy Patterns using fat quarters 

Legacy patterns using layer cakes and jelly rolls 

adorable mini-charm pattern 

these totes have lots of pockets 

a Twister pattern and a woven tote pattern using jelly rolls 

another great Legacy quilt pattern 

The titles of each book says it all! 

Everyone knows I love Show and Tell.  I do.  I really do.  

We were thrilled to see several projects our customers brought in this past week.  

Kayla has been very busy making pillowcases, a quilt for herself and a quilt for her Aunt.  

We particularly love her "Mimosa" pillowcases and the "Harvest Moon" quilt she made.  

Great job, Brat!  
Kayla's "Mimosa" pillowcase fresh out of the washing machine! 

Kayla's matching "Mimosa" pillowcase

close up of one of Kayla's pillowcases 

Kayla did a great job making "Mimosa" pillowcases 

Kayla's Breast Cancer Awareness pillowcase 

a second Breast Cancer Awareness pillowcase Kayla made 

close up of Kayla's pillowcase 

the cuff of Kayla's pillowcase 

the "Harvest Moon" quilt Kayla made for her Aunt

another quilt Kayla recently finished 
Shirley brought in a quilt she made using "Summer Breeze" prints a couple of weeks ago. Shame on me for not posting her pictures then.  Sorry, Shirley!  

Shirley also brought in a wall hanging a friend hand embroidered for her and a family heirloom tablecloth that's more than 100 years old.  

Thanks, Shirley for sharing with us!  Sorry it took so long to get your pictures posted.  

Shirley's "Summer Breeze" quilt 

close up of Shirley's quilt 
Wall hanging a friend of Shirley made for her 

top left hand corner of Shirley's wall hanging 

top right corner of Shirley's gift 

bottom right corner of Shirley's wall hanging 

bottom left corner of Shirley's gift 

heirloom tablecloth Shirley brought in for "Show and Tell"  

center motif of Shirley's heirloom tablecloth 

bottom right corner of Shirley's tablecloth 

bottom left corner of Shirley's tablecloth 

top left corner of Shirley's tablecloth 

top right corner of her tablecloth

Yesterday, Judi brought in this miniature English Paper Pieced project she recently finished......each piece is 1/2" hexagons arranged in a floral motif.  

Thanks, Judi for sharing your table topper with us! It's so cute! 
Judi's English Paper Pieced table topper 

close up of Judi's topper 

We couldn't let Cathy leave without getting a picture of her tote.  The top section had Mary Engelbreit fabric with beads hanging down.  

How cute is this?  We love it!  Thanks, Cathy for letting us get a pic of your tote!  

Cathy with her super cute Mary Engelbreit tote 

can you see the beads at the top of Cathy's tote? 

Janet brought in this gorgeous quilt she made as a wedding present for a family member.  

This quilt is huge!  We know the newlyweds will love it!  

Thanks, Janet (and David) for sharing it with us before the wedding.  

wedding quilt Janet made for a family member 

this is a huge quilt!  
the borders of Janet's quilt.

Missy, Vicki and Sandy received gifts from their "Secret Sisters". 

Missy received a scissors tote and spool of Aurifil from her 'sister'.  

Vicki received this gorgeous platter from her 'sister' for July.  

 Sandy received a journal and leather bookmark from her 'sister' this month.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage; Great Granny Squared; Quilty Fun; Mimi; Row by Row'ers; Secret Sisters and Show and Tell!

We received some really cool stuff this week: new books, a new pattern and bolts of "Mimi" by Chez Moi for Moda.  

"Farm Girl Vintage" is a fabulous book by Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet. This book is full of vintage blocks with a twist.  Each pattern has the directions for 6" or 12"  blocks.  

The forward of this book is a walk down memory lane for the author (including old family photos and her family's history).  

"Farm Girl Vintage" is a must have for your quilting library.  

Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt 

Lori Holt also penned "Great Granny Squared".  This book is not what you'd expect by just reading the title.    

That's all I'm going to say about it!  It's a wonderful book full of nifty patterns.  Great Granny Squared. Nifty title, nifty book.  
Great Granny Squared by Lori Holt 
 We also received "Quilty Fun" by Lori Holt.  

Quilty Fun by Lori Holt 
 She also designs patterns....."Canning Season" by Lori Holt is a super cute pattern that also came in this week.  

It mimics Mason Jars sitting on a shelf.  This would be perfect displayed in a kitchen or for someone who cans a lot.  

We now have 20 bolts of "Mimi" by Chez Moi for Moda.  Some of the prints in this collection are very large (but very colorful).  

The smaller prints of this line off set the larger prints and make great companion pieces.  

three large print bolts of "Mimi" 

three more large prints of "Mimi" 

medium prints of "Mimi" 

three blender prints of "Mimi" 

three blender prints of "Mimi" 

small prints of  "Mimi" by Chez Moi 

two blenders of "Mimi" 

The Moda Marbles keep coming in!  We received "Dusty Blue" this week.  Yippee!  

"Flower Fantasy" by Quilting Treasures is here.  The print on the far right is faint pink but super cute with the other two prints.  

These ladies were "Row By Row"-ing and stopped by the shop on Wednesday.  

They each made their own "Row by Row" tote for the event!  

Thanks, ladies for stopping by and sharing your totes with us.  We love them!  

the front of their Row by Row totes 

the back of their Row by Row totes!  

Due to a hectic travel schedule, Cathy's "Secret Sister" has mailed several of her gifts but, for the month of July, her 'sister' left Cathy's gift at the shop.  

Cathy received a charm pack and mini charm of "Lady Slipper Lodge" inside a clear Omni Grid container for July (Cathy loves "Lady Slipper Lodge" and squealed like a little girl when she opened this).  

Good job, Secret Sister. Cathy loved these.  
Cathy's July gift from her Secret Sister 

the quilting caddy Cathy received from her 'sister' 

While she was here, Cathy brought the gifts she'd received in the mail from her 'sister':  A quilter's caddy (above) and strip kit of her favorite color (below): purple.  

strip set of purples Cathy received from her Secret Sister 
Debbie bought a "Lady Slipper Lodge" charm pack and mini-charm pack last Saturday.  

She came back today with the "Bow Tucks Tote" she'd made using part of them.  

We love how she put the mini-charm pieces on point of each charm pack piece!  

Debbie was kind enough to leave her tote in the shop as a display!  

I told her she might put her name on it because it might grow legs and walk my house!  

How cute is this?  

the front of  Debbie's new tote 

the back of Debbie's tote 

close up of the mini-charm pieces on point 

one side of Debbie's tote

the other side of  Debbie's tote 

the inside of Debbie's tote, complete with plenty of pockets! 

Cathy also shared this tote she made.  We love the fabric and had to get a picture of her tote before she left.  

the front of Cathy's tote 

the back of Cathy's tote