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Sunday, November 29, 2015

new 1930's Playtime; Summer Breeze; Lorraine, Lady Slipper Lodge; Sunflower Song; Mimosa; Dot Dot Dash; Gradations; Oliso irons; shop remodel

We've re-arranged the shop and added some fixtures to accommodate all the new stuff that came in.   

Sweetness built another shelving unit for the bolted fabrics and we now have 'cubby hole cubes' he also built for all the new fat quarters.  

I squealed like a little girl when our latest shipment of fabric arrived.  Inside the boxes were 24 bolts of the latest "1930's Playtime" fabric on the bolt.  

We also have the pre-cuts of this collection (layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms) but apparently, I'd forgotten to post pictures of them. OOPS!  

These prints (by Chloe's Closet for Moda) would be great in the "Farm Girl Vintage" blocks or any other 1930's project you're working on.  

four floral prints of  the newest 1930's Playtime
seven bolts of super yummy 1930's Playtime 

six adorable 1930's Playtime prints by Chloe's Closet 

Dots, dots and more dots of 1930's Playtime 

Jelly rolls, mini-charms, charm packs and layer cakes of 1930's Playtime 

fat quarters of the new 1930's Playtime 

Remember when I said we've re-arranged the shop? I got a little carried away finding creative ways to display everything!  

Please forgive my amateur ability to make a pretty display.  Sharon wasn't here to tell me how to do this so, I did the best I could!  
"Summer Breeze" layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs and mini-charms. 

"Summer Breeze" fat quarters in their new home 

"Lorraine" pre-cuts:  layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms 

some of the "Lorraine" fat quarters in their new home! 

pre-cuts of "Lady Slipper Lodge" by Holly Taylor 

Lady Slipper Lodge fat quarters in their new digs! 

"Sunflower Song" precuts by Kansas Troubles 

most of the "Sunflower Song"  fat quarters in their new home! 

"Mimosa" layer cakes, jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles

"Mimosa" fat quarters 

"Dot.Dot.Dash" pre-cuts.  How cute are these?  

"Dot. Dot. Dash" fat quarters are in the two middle rows. 

the super fantastically gorgeous Stonehenge "Gradations" layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls 

We have three models of Oliso irons (pink and gray irons are the same). 

"Secret Siblings" strikes again: Dorothy and Cathy recently received something from their 'sibling'.  
Dorothy received a spoon rest from her 'sibling' 

Cathy received a gift certificate from her "sibling" 

Wanda brought in these clothesline hot pads she recently made (Rosemary will be teaching this class next Saturday, December 5th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.).  

Thanks, Wanda for sharing with us! These are adorable. 

Janet recently made a "Bow Tucks Tote" purse for herself.  She was recently in the shop and HAD to get a picture of it.  

the front of Janet's "Bow Tucks Tote" 

Thanks, Janet for playing along with the crazy blond chick behind the counter! 
the back of Janet's purse 

side view of Janet's purse 

The "Farm Girl Vintage" members meet the second Saturdays of each month.  

We exchange blocks for those of us who decide to make an extra block each month.  

Pat received this "Milking Day" block in November's exchange.  

Girl Power: Nothing says "love" like going to a quilt shop with family.  

What a great way to spend the with those you love during the holidays! 

Dorothy, Penny and Lori were here yesterday picking up supplies for their Quilts of Valor (and to do a little shopping during our big sale).    

We're always thrilled to have these ladies in the shop.  They are a delight to be around and we were sorry when they had to leave.  

Come back soon, Dorothy, Penny and Lori.  We can't wait to see you again! 
Dorothy and sisters Penny and Lori 
Sweetness has been very busy this week.  He built another shelving unit for the bolts of fabric. 

With this new addition to the shop (and a little re-arranging) we have a lot more room in the shop.  

Thanks, Sweetness for slaving away at the shop.    

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aurifil thread sets; Quilts of Valor; Secret Siblings; our youngest customer ever!

We were blessed with three new Aurifil thread sets this week.  The colors are glorious for that fall themed project!  

We received "Chestnut"; "Ice Cube" and "Strawberry" sets.  I love thread sets.  Twelve big spools of super yummy Aurifil thread (1,422 yards per spool).  

These sets are 100% Egyptian cotton 50 weight thread. YUMMY! 

I love when patterns include something else.  This week's newest pattern is called "It's Good to be Square" by Quilter's Dreams.  

This is not just a quilt pattern.  A table runner and wall hanging patterns are also included.  YIPPEE!!  

I personally love anything Mary Engelbreit.  Her fabric collection from Quilting Treasures is adorable.  

We received another bolt of "Tea Time" this week: white teacups 'tossed' on a black background.  How cute is this? 

If you've known me for more than five minutes, you know "Quilts of Valor" is very near and dear to my heart.  

For the second year, the shop provided all materials needed to make as many "Quilts of Valor" as our checkbook would allow!  

We were blessed with 17 quilters willing to make a Q.O.V. and longarm quilters who donated their talents to get everything quilted.  

The "Quilts of Valor" Foundation is very specific on what can be used and what size each quilt can be. 

When finished (pieced, quilted and bound), each quilt is washed (without fabric softener) and dried (without a dryer sheet) to be given to a soldier touched by war.  

Each quilt has it's own 'presentation case' which is washed and dried in the same manner. 

This year's pattern is called "Square Dance" from the Winter 2013 issue of Quilting Quickly.  It's also a tutorial by Jenny Doan called "Square in a Square".  

We used "Because of the Brave" charm packs and patriotic strips for each quilt.  

Sherryl and Karen returned their finished quilts on Wednesday.  We love their quilts and know the recipient will too.  

I'll post pictures of the rest of our Quilts of Valor as they're turned in.  

Thanks, Sherryl for quilting these for us.  You both did a great job.  
Sherryl's Quilt of Valor she made and quilted 

close up of Sherryl's Q.O.V. 

Karen's Quilt of Valor she returned Wednesday 

close up of Karen's Q.O.V. 

We love "Show and Tell" each see what our customers are working on and to get inspiration from their projects! 

Vickie B. brought in this holiday themed quilt she recently finished.
Vickie's friend Marney embroidered words on several of the center blocks with her embroidery machine to give this quick a little extra holiday cheer! 

Thanks, Vickie for sharing this super yummy quilt with us.  
Vickie's holiday themed quilt 

close up of some of the embroidered words 

"Secret Siblings" is in full swing.  Dorothy received this adorable keepsake box and gift certificate from her s/s this week!  

We have a new shop record.  Our youngest customer ever was in the shop yesterday.  

Nine day old Kaylee Ann (with her Mom, Sandy) stopped by yesterday to see what we were doing!  

O.k, so maybe Kaylee wasn't here to shop, maybe we were dying to see her and couldn't wait any longer!  

Whichever story you believe, we were thrilled to meet Kaylee Ann (who endured our oohing and aahhing and let us hold her until it was time to eat).  

Welcome to P-Dub's, Kaylee Ann.  Come back anytime.  We loved meeting you.  

Sandy and Miss Kaylee Ann 

Sandy (and sleepy) Miss Kaylee Ann 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mimosa pre-cuts; EPP papers and books; Journals by Kathryn; Show and Tell; November's Farm Girls blocks

We're over the moon excited about the pre-cuts that arrived this week.  "Mimosa" layer cakes and fat quarter bundles are finally here.  

We sold out of the fat bundles almost upon arrival earlier this summer but, they're now back in stock. 

The layer cakes of this super yummy collection was just released and shipped out this week.  YIPPEE!!!   

This collection has been super popular so, we're very excited about having all the pre-cuts of it in stock.  

Mimosa jelly rolls, fat bundles and layer cakes (rolled up) 
Calling all English Paper Piecers:  four new papers and three new books arrived this week:  1" squares; 2" squares; 3 " squares and Double Wedding Ring papers are now in stock. 

"New English Paper Piecing"; "Quilting on the Go" and "Patchwork of the Crosses" are here thanks to Karen M. who suggested these books at retreat.  
new EPP papers! 

three new EPP books!  

We met artist Kathryn H. at Heavenly Notions a couple of weeks ago.  She was making covers for the one of a kind journals she creates and sells.  

Each cover is truly unique, no two are like. Kathryn uses yarn, fabric, string, ribbon or whatever grabs her at the time she's making a cover.  

We now have several of Kathryn's creations for sale in the shop.  These would make great gifts.  
journals by Kathryn 

more of Kathryn's journals 

We also have two books by local author Cheryl Koren in the shop.  

Cheryl lives and works in Neosho.  We're so excited to have both of her books in stock.  

Check out Cheryl's books the next time you're here.  

We love to see what your customers are working on. Vickie C. recently made this "Scrap Crazy" quilt using a "Maple Island" layer cake and Scrap Crazy templates.  

Vickie said she made this as a table cloth for their dining room table. Now that's a fancy table cloth!  

Thanks, Vickie for sharing your latest creation with us.  We love it! 
Vickie's Scrap Crazy table cloth 
close up of Vickie's table cloth 

the corners of Vickie's table cloth! 

Lynn dropped by for "Farm Girls Vintage" club yesterday and brought some projects for "Show and Tell".  

Lynn recently made this "Tumbler" table runner and "Spools" quilt.  We love the colors of both projects.  

Thanks, Lynn for bringing these in....we love the colors! 
Lynn's "Tumblers" table runner 
closeup of Lynn's Tumbler runner 
"Spools" quilt Lynn brought for Show and Tell 
close up of Lynn's "Spools" quilt 

Sharon's 'secret sibling' gave her a big box of Wonder Clips and a delightful card for her November gift.  
Sharon's big box of Wonder Clips

The "Farm Girls Vintage" club met yesterday.  The block we chose for November was the "Milking Day" block on page 45 of this fabulous book.  

We have a block exchange for those of us who make an extra block each month.  

Some 'farm girls' make 6" blocks, some are making 12" blocks, some use 1930's prints, some use Americana prints.  

The blocks pictured below are for this month's block exchange.  
12" Milking Day block made by Dorothy 
6" Milking Day block made by Sharon 
12" block made by Sharon 

12" block made by Pat 

6" block made by Lynn 

Thanks, "Farm Girls" for another month of great blocks !