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Sunday, September 18, 2016

new pre-cuts, books, marbles, solids, flannels; Show and Tell, Adult Coloring

I got a little out of whack posting stuff over Labor Day weekend.  I thought I'd posted all the new stuff but.....hadn't!  OOPS!!! 

The pre-cuts of "Grand Traverse" by Minick and Simpson came in a couple of weeks ago....but I forgot to post them to the blog.  Double OOPS!!! 
layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini charms of  "Grand Traverse" 
We also received the nifty "I Love Nine Patches" book around the same time.  Triple OOPS!  
16 new patterns using nine patches! 

As well as fat quarter bundles of "Penny's Pets" by Darlene Zimmerman.  Quadruple OOPS!!  
"Penny's Pets" fat quarter bundles! 

I truly thought I'd posted everything then found these pictures of four new bolts of "Sweet Baby" flannels that came in that same week.  

The colors are a smidge darker in person than what the pictures show.  

We also have the layer cakes and charm packs of this collection but....they're going fast.  
"Natural" and "Baby Pink" Sweet Baby flannels 

"Mint" and "Sky" Sweet Baby flannels 

I love anything by Bonnie Hunter. She really is the Queen of Scraps.  Her latest book, "Addicted to Scraps" arrived this week and is flying out the door.  
If you have a Go! cutter, you know how fabulous they are.  We received two new dies this week: Bohemia #1 by Ricky Tims and "Kay's Bouquet".  

We realize "Row by Row" is officially over but, when we saw this print, we had to have it.  

I know it's really late in the game but, it's so cute, we couldn't resist.  

license plate print by Timeless Treasures 

The stuff Vicki and I ordered at market is starting to arrive.  This week, we received the pre-cuts of "Farm Fun".  

The fabric on the bolt should be here any day (the chicken wire prints are adorable).  
"Farm Fun" layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini charms 
I love marbles. They aren't solids.  They aren't prints. They give quilts subtle movement sometimes needed without being overpowering.  

"Cosmos", "Hot Pink" and "Dark Saddle" are the latest additions to the "Moda Marbles" section.  

The latest additions to the "Bella Solids" section are: Parchment, Soft Yellow, Sister's Pink and Tranquil Aqua. 
Parchment, Soft Yellow, Sister's Pink and Tranquil Aqua Bella Solids

This lone print of "Alice's Scrapbag" also arrived a couple of weeks ago......this is the only bolt we received and apparently won't be getting any of the pre-cuts.  RATS!  
lone bolt of "Alice's Scrapbag" print 

After re-arranging the shop (again) we discovered you really couldn't see our nifty totes.  They really are spiffy.    

Each tote has a removable bottom insert, zip closure, two sturdy handles and completely collapse when not in use.  They're good sized and hold a bunch of stuff too.   

For now, they're in front of the new shelving units but, may get moved a few more times before going to their forever homes! 
five different motifs to choose from 

four more totes to choose from! 

Have I mentioned I love 'Show and Tell"?  If not, I love "Show and Tell".  I look forward to seeing what folks are working on as well as the story behind the project!  

We don't care if you bought the fabric, pattern, thread, batting or backing from our shop or not.  We just wanna see your stuff! 

Gladys H. brought in this adorable baby quilt yesterday.  She used all light colored batik prints for her (two week old) great-great niece's gift....then quilted it herself.  

Thanks, Gladys for sharing this adorable quilt with us.  We bet Lilianne Grace will love it too! 
batik baby quilt Gladys made for her g/g niece 

close up of Gladys' baby quilt 

she did  a great job quilting it too!

Sheila also dropped by yesterday.  She does not know the meaning of the word 'small'!!!  Everything she does is supersized.  

The nine patch top she brought in yesterday is super king size.  It was almost too big for her to hold up by herself!  

Sheila also shared this apron she finished as a Christmas present for someone in her family (she finished the embroidery Friday night!!!).  

Yesterday was "Adult Coloring Book" day at the shop. I broke out my set of 150 Prismacolor Colored Pencils, coloring books and got at it!  

Shawn joined me......we had a our adult coloring books! 

I won't mention Shawn finished two pages in her Mary Engelbreit coloring book while I barely got started on the page I was coloring....nope, not gonna mention it.... 
Shawn finished one page....

then finished another page

in her Mary Engelbreit coloring book! 

my (barely started) coloring book page! 
I mentioned to Dorothy I wanted to make something using the "Sweet Baby" flannels but couldn't decide what to make.  

She suggested sewing to layer cake pieces together (right sides together) then cutting them apart in fourths for quick half square triangles.  

I followed Dorothy's advice and instantly fell in love with the technique.  

Now, I have to decide how to arrange the squares and whether to use the same prints in each block or mix them up. 

Decisions!  Decisions! Decisions! 
my "Sweet Baby" half square triangles! 
Vickie C. received two free yards of fabric as a member of our "50 Yard Club" for buying 50 yards of regularly priced fabric. 

Congratulations, Vickie!  We wanna see what you make with the 'Sun Kissed' and "Sweet Baby" prints you chose.  
Vickie's two yards of free fabric! 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Labor Day week of fun and festivities!

We love "Show and Tell".  We never know what our customers will bring in.  It's exciting to hear the story behind the project being shared and seeing the project in person! 

Janet B. brought in the "Dresden Flowers" quilt she's been working on.  We love the prints she used for this stunning quilt.  Super yummy! 

Should Janet get to feeling benevolent, I told her (several times) that my birthday is in May!  

Janet's "Dresden Flowers" quilt 

close up of some of Janet's blocks 
Janet's current project is a "Dresden Plate" quilt using 1930's prints.  Yummy! 

Maybe Janet will give me this one as a birthday present when she's finished????  Oh, Janet......

Janet's 1930's prints Dresden Plate block 

Nancy O. brought in this quilt she made for her father's caregiver.  We love the "Best. Day. Ever" prints Nancy used.  The colors are so bright and vibrant.  It makes me smile just looking at it! 

Thanks, Nancy for sharing your creation with us.  We know your step sister will love it!  
Nancy's "Best. Day.Ever" quilt 

close up and borders of Nancy's quilt 

the back of Nancy's quilt 
Kay stopped by a couple of times this week.  She brought in the jammies she recently made for herself and her husband.  

Kay liked two different colors of flannel so, she used both for her jams.  The hubs wanted a moose print for his so, that's what he got!  

Great job, Kay!  We love both jammies! 
Kay's dual colored jammies 

Dick's moose flannel jams 

One of the projects Dorothy worked on this week is this Dresden Plate block.  Dorothy hand pieced this block but hasn't decided what to use for the centers. 

We love the Mary Engelbreit prints Dorothy used and can't wait to see the finished project! 
Dorothy's hand pieced Dresden Plate block 

Flannel seems to be the textile of choice these days! Ginger brought in this adorable flannel quilt she made for a family friend.  

We petted this quilt more than once before she left! We love the piano key borders Ginger used in the middle of each border.  How cute is that! 

Thanks, Ginger for bringing this in.  We love it!  
Ginger's flannel quilt 

the adorable border of Ginger's quilt 

We had 'open sew' this week for anyone who wanted to bring in something to work on.  It didn't have to be a quilting project....any UFO or PIGS were fine by us! 

Dorothy and Shawn worked on different projects this week.  Dorothy sewed, Shawn knitted (Wednesday). 
Dorothy and Shawn working on their projects 

the front half of a purse Shawn is knitting 

Dorothy and Shawn were also here Thursday to continue working on their projects! 

Dorothy and Shawn are intensely focused on their projects! 

appliqued hearts Shawn added to the Kansas Troubles blocks shes making

Later in the day, Kay stopped by to do some coloring in one of her many adult coloring books!  

Kay's coloring project! 

I love the stained glass look of "Sashed Half Hexagons" by Jenny Doan.  

We have the templates to make them, I just had to decide which layer cake to use.  I finally decided on "The Potting Shed" by Holly Taylor.

After a few mistakes (had to watch the video again) I was off and running!  

I've gotten three blocks done so far and am working feverishly getting the rest of them finished.  

I was so proud of myself, I had to hang them up in the shop! 
my first "Sashed Half Hexagon" attempt 

a little wonky (not square) but the fabric is really pretty! 

second attempt at "SHH" is much better! 

squared up block of second SHH! 

third block of SHH

third time really is the charm! 

bragging on myself:  I love the stained glass look of these blocks