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Thursday, May 26, 2016

open this evening, closed Saturday

Just a quick reminder the shop will be open today from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and will be closed Saturday for Memorial Day. 

Have a safe and happy holiday.  

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Coco and Max; "Amazing Grace"; "Thimble Pleasures"

Miss Coco and her human, Carol, stopped by Thursday for a visit.  

Coco had been to the groomer on Monday and still had the pink ribbons in her hair! 

How cute is she?  
Coco displays the pink ribbon in her hair

Coco showing off her pink accessories

While Coco and Carol and were here, Teri and Max stopped by (Coco and Max became fast friends). 

We love it when four legged kids come to the shop. Thanks, Carol and Teri for bringing in your kids.   

Teri and Max 

The much anticipated "Amazing Grace" collection arrived this week.  

We received the panel and all seven prints of this wonderful collection from Quilting Treasures. 

This collection is flying out the door so, if you want any, hurry in before they're all gone.  

The free quilt pattern for this collection can be downloaded from the "Quilting Treasures" website. 

"Amazing Grace" panel 

two "Amazing Grace" prints on cream and light blue 

"Amazing Grace" notes and words on blue, tan and cream 

"Amazing Grace" scroll prints in blue and tan 

We also received this bolt of "Thimble Pleasures" vintage sewing machines on cream (we also have this print on a black colorway).   

This print would be great as curtains in a sewing room or as a sewing machine cover or however you want to use it.  
Thimble Pleasures vintage sewing machines on cream 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

birthday party;new stuff; Show and Tell; two (and four) legged babies

Dorothy's "50 Yard Club" card was full so, she picked these two prints for her free fabric.  

Congratulations, Dorothy!  We know you'll enjoy your free stuff.  Free is good! 
Dorothy's free fabric choices 
I was pleasantly surprised with a birthday party last Thursday.  Thanks, Sharon for the 'cookie' birthday cake, matching banner and napkins!   
My birthday cake, banner and matching napkins
Kay S. gave me an aloe vera plant (she colored the "Happy Birthday" card herself).  

I felt honored when Kay told us she brought it back with her from a recent trip to Texas.   

Thanks, ladies for making me feel special and loved.  

my birthday aloe vera plant from Texas 

The big brown truck stopped by a couple of times last week.  The first delivery was a box of seven different sized "Star Singles". These are great for making half square triangles.....
seven sizes of Star Singles 
It also delivered the latest edition of "Frivols".  This collection is called "Cookie Exchange" by Sweetwater. 
Frivols #10: Cookie Exchange by Sweetwater, 
While Sweetness was having open heart surgery, I decided to teach myself how to do English Paper Piecing.  

I needed 2 1/4" hexagons for the honeycombs I was using but didn't have any at the time. That is no longer the case.  

We received 2 1/4" hexies in different quantities this week:  16 pieces and 96 pieces.  

Dorothy spent two days in her sewing room making tops from several panels she had.  

These are so much prettier in person.  The "Eagle in Flight" top pictured below is truly stunning.  

Thanks, Dorothy for sharing your stuff with us.  We love everything! 

"Eagle in Flight" quilt top Dorothy recently finished 

we LOVE the piano keys Dorothy used on this panel 

Dorothy made this quilt for her sister-in-law 

close up of the quilt Dorothy made for her s-i-l 

the back of Dorothy's quilt 

Saturday was the day before Mother's Day so.....we had two legged and four legged babies visit the shop. 

Miss Kaylee and her parents stopped by for a visit Saturday.....after everyone held her (and tickled her feet) she was ready for a nap.  

Kaylee Ann on Sharon's lap

Family photo:  Sandy, Dave and Kaylee Ann 

Miss Gracie and her human (Vicki) were also here Saturday.  

"Thanks" to all the moms who stopped by.  We hope you had a "Happy Mother's Day".  

Miss Gracie and her Mom, Vicki 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Mother's Day sale Saturday

This Saturday (May 7th) only all moms receive 25% off one regularly priced item of your choice (excludes all AccuQuilt products). 

Happy Mother's Day.  

Sunday, May 1, 2016

three weeks of new stuff; lots of Show and Tell, four legged kids

I've fallen horribly behind posting pictures to the blog this month.  I hope I haven't forgotten anyone's "Show and Tell" or any new stuff we've received this month. 

Dorothy brought in this rug she made using clothesline wrapped in fabric.  

After taking Rosemary's class, Dorothy loves this technique. We love the rug.  

Dorothy's clothesline rug 

Lillian brought in these clutches she made using fabric from the shop.  How cute are these? 

Great job, Lillian.  We love your clutches! 
clutches Lillian made using fabric from the shop 

Rosemary brought in several finished projects for "Show and Tell" . She's been very busy and had lots of stuff to show us. 

Thanks, Rosemary for sharing your projects with us.  
one of many projects Rosemary shared with us

this one makes me dizzy!  

we love the one point nine patches of this top 

love, love, love the batiks in this top 

close up of Rosemary's batik quilt 

this is the back for the top pictured below 

top of Rosemary's quilt using "Lorraine" prints 

close up of Rosemary's "Lorraine" quilt 

Rosemary wasn't alone when she stopped by.  Her four legged kid, Miss Josie made an appearance in the shop (before wanting to go back to Roaring River).  
Rosemary and Miss  Josie 
Earlier this month, Mary B. brought in this stunning quilt she made using "Mimosa" prints.  

I mentioned my birthday is fast approaching to which Mary just laughed.  Humm.....

We LOVE this quilt.  The Mimosa prints really pop against the white background.  

Thanks, Mary for sharing this with us.....will someone please remind Mary my birthday is tomorrow....
Mary's "Mimosa" quilt 

close up of the quilting of Mary's "Mimosa" quilt 

We love four legged kids.  Miss Mia is the latest addition to Terri's family.  She's such a cutie pie.  

Mia was a little scared of us at first but got a little friendlier the longer she was here. 

Come back soon, Mia.  We promise to give you a bone to chew on to pass the time.  
Miss Mia and her human, Terri 

We're thrilled to offer patterns by designer Laura Heine.  These are not your regular normal every day quilt patterns....most of them are collages making each one as unique as the person making it.  

The "My Kinda Town" pattern (on the left) is paper pieced and a monster of a quilt when finished.  

If you love collages (and have a flair for design) you'll love these patterns.  

four new patterns by Laura Heine 

four collage patterns by designer Laura Heine 

We've received an abundance of new stuff since my last post.  We currently have the latest issues of "Quilting Quickly", "Easy Quilts" and "Block" magazines.  
Quilting Quickly and Easy Quilts magazines 

the latest issue of "Block" magazine 

Jacey B. stopped by on her way to prom last Saturday (I can't believe how grown up she looks).  

We were thrilled Jacey wanted to stop by before her big night out. 

You're beautiful, Jacey.  Hopefully you had a good time.  
all dressed up, on her way to prom

Dorothy and Sharon had a great time at quilt retreat a couple of weeks ago.  

They sewed and sewed and ate and sewed some more.  Neither of them mentioned getting much sleep but they both got a lot of projects finished.  

Thanks, gals for sharing your retreat projects with us.  

the tabletop (or candleholder) Dorothy made a retreat

"Farm Girl Vintage" blocks Sharon made at retreat 

My friend, Linda recently brought in this top she made using "Summer Breeze" prints.  

Linda is a prolific knitter so, making a quilt top is a big deal (we particularly love the piano key borders). 

GREAT JOB, Linda.  I'm so proud of you I could bust wide open. This is fantastic.  
Linda's "Summer Breeze" quilt top 

close up of the piano key border of Linda's top 

Cathy C. was one of our first customers to buy an AccuQuilt Go! cutter from us.  

Over the years, she's made gorgeous quilts using her cutter.  

A couple of weeks ago, Cathy was flipping through the new "AccuQuilt" product catalog and noticed an adorable animal quilt made using just one die.  

Depending on how the pieces are placed you can make a mouse, an owl, a fox, bunnies, squirrels and a bunch of other furry critters.  

Cathy bought the die and went home to make some critters.  Yesterday, she brought in her latest creations:  a puppie and a mouse.  

How cute are these?  

While she was here, Cathy had some "Show and Tell" of her own.   

The quilt pictured below was made for a family member.  We love the funky wonky in-and-out motion of this top.  
the quilt Cathy made for a family member 

closeup of Cathy's quilt 

the back of Cathy's quilt she made for a family member 

Cathy's grandmother hand embroidered the 'bird' squares of this top.  Her mom made the nine patch blocks then pieced all the blocks together.  

Cathy said the blue polka-dotted fabric was a family member's housecoat.  

I hope you can see the hand embroidery and piecing of this top. The closeup picture doesn't do this top justice.  

Thanks, Cathy for sharing your stuff with us.  We particularly love old quilts and the stories that go with them. 
Cathy's two generation quilt 

close up of the quilt Cathy's granny and Mom made 

Lois H.  stopped by yesterday to use her $50 gift certificate for being our shop hop winner. Accompanying Lois was Miss Peanut. 
our shop hop winner Lois H. (and Peanut) 

While she was here, Lois showed us a couple of quilts she recently made.  Lois used one jelly roll to make two baby quilts.   

How cute are these?  Thanks, Lois (and Peanut) for sharing your stuff with us.  

Please come back when you can.  We loved having you in the shop.  
one of the baby quilts Lois recently made 

the back of the top pictured above 

another baby quilt Lois made 

the back of the quilt pictured above 

Cathy W. is the winner of our "Row by Row" contest. She dropped by yesterday to bring in our finished row.  

We love Cathy's design of a sleeping family for this year's Row by Row theme of "Home Sweet Home".  

Great job, Cathy.  We LOVE your/our row.  
Cathy W. holding the row she designed for the shop
If you have leftover jelly rolls strips like I do, these "Fabric Strip Cases" may change your life.  

These clear cases are big enough to hold three jelly rolls and come with dividers so you can keep each one separated.  YIPPEE!!! 

No more jelly roll strips bundled up in a ball (or shoved into a plastic bag).  

clear Fabric Strip Cases
I love anything 1930's.  Anything.  Fabric, mugs, fabric, calendars, fabric.....

We are thrilled to have "Pinafores and Petticoats" precuts in the shop:  layer cakes, charm packs, strip sets and fat quarter bundles.  

These are the latest collection by Kaye England for Wilmington and we LOVE them! 

Speaking of 1930's......we received eight prints of "Walk in the Park" by Maywood Studios.  YUMMY!  

four prints of "Walk in the Park" by Maywood Studios 

more yummy prints of "Walk in the Park"  

We also received two bolts of "Aloha Girl" from Moda. These prints just scream "spring"!  

"Aloha Girl" prints from Moda 
We also received these patriotic prints from Moda. These would be perfect for a Quilt of Valor.  

Frivols #9 are here.  The latest in this series features fabric from "Little Miss Sunshine".  

Each Frivol contains (42) 7"x7" squares, a block pattern, quilt pattern and a Frivol surprise.  

Each Frivol comes in it's own collectible tin.  

I had a cleaning fit in the shop last weekend. Nothing was off limits. 

As a result, I added a bunch of stuff to the 'clearance' sections:  lots and lots of pre-cuts and 33 bolts of fabric.  
new additions to the 'clearance' section 

new additions to the 'clearance fabric' section