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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Pheasant Hill HAS landed! YIPPEE!

The UPS man was a little late today but what he left was worth the pacing back and forth and finger tapping.  The "Pheasant Hill" fabric from Kansas Troubles is finally here.  I'm so excited.  Sweetness is currently cutting fat quarters as I was taking these pictures.  We received 24 beautiful bolts of the exquisite fabric.  Can you tell I'm excited that it's finally here?  Well, I am.  The flash on my camera didn't do a very good job so, some of these are kinda dark.  Here goes: 

black, turkey red, moss, pond water and cream 

black, moss, turkey red, pond water, pheasant, mustard and cream 

black, moss, turkey red, pond water, pheasant, mustard and cream 

black, pheasant,pond water, turkey red and cream 


Quilter's Bias Binding from Moda 

The Sensational Sip and Snip:  clamps to your table and holds your beverage away from your project!  

Jelly rolls positioned so you can see the colors a little better! 

Close up of the Enchanted Pond batik jelly rolls that came in last week 

Enchanted Pond batik charm packs 

more new jelly rolls 

Sweetness built another fat quarter unit.  the one on the right is for the batik and "last call" fat quarters.  the left one is for the 1930's, vintage and reproduction fat quarters.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Pheasant Hill has (almost) landed!

12203 HWY 76
EXETER, MO 65647
March 27, 2013
NEW BUSINESS HOURS: EVERY (E-V-E-R-Y) Saturday (closed May 25th, August 31st, December 28th).
HOURS: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
We received another email from Moda this week (that’s always good news). The shipment of “Pheasant Hill” fabric on the bolt (by Kansas Troubles) will be here tomorrow (the 28th)…….all 24 yummy, beautiful, luscious, scrumptious bolts. I can’t wait to get these in the shop. We ordered this line six months ago and it’s a month late getting here but, that’s o.k. It will be here tomorrow and that makes me VERY happy! YIPPEE! I’m doing the happy dance!
The “Enchanted Pond” batik jelly rolls and charm packs arrived last Friday. I had to pry my fingers off this stuff. It is SO yummy. I tried to put one of the jelly rolls back on the shelf when one of the little darlings literally jumped into my apron pocket. Imagine that! It really wanted to come home with me……but, I put it back on the shelf. I think I heard a whimper as I closed the shop that night (I’m not saying if it was the jelly roll……or me).
The Aurifil variegated thread was such a big hit, I’ve ordered more colors. They should be here any day but doubt they’ll be here by Saturday. Sorry!
The UPS man has already been here once this week. He brought April’s "Jelly Roll of the Month"; it’s called “Glamping”. If you’re a member of the “Jelly Roll of the Month club”, they’re here and ready to pick up.
Speaking of clubs, Sweetness and I have made another Executive Decision: drum roll please……….we’ve decided to expand our monthly clubs as follows:
1) The “Jelly Roll of the Month Club”: receive one Moda jelly roll each month and receive a 15% discount off that month’s jelly roll. This club has already started but you can join at any time.
2) The “Layer Cake of the Month” club: receive one Moda layer cake each month and receive 15% off that month’s layer cake.
3) The “Charm Pack of the Month” club: receive two (2) of the same Moda charm packs each month and receive 15% off that month’s charm packs.
4) The “Combo Club”: (the best deal): you’ll receive one Moda layer cake, one Moda jelly roll and one Moda charm pack from (hopefully) the same collection to receive 20% off that month’s Combo Club.
All clubs cost $5.00 to join (whether you join one club or all of them). The good news is you’ll get yummy new stuff every month in the sizes and shapes you've chosen.  If you’re already a member of the “Jelly Roll of the Month” club and want to upgrade (or add) another club, we can do that. No problem. Just so you know: all clubs will be cotton prints…….no batiks.
We’ve received a lot of Shop Hop blocks to be donated for the charity quilts. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY. Don’t forget: the deadline for returning the blocks is this Saturday, the 30th. If you donate your block, you’ll receive 25% off one cut of fabric on the bolt. If you decide to keep your block, you’ll receive 15% off one cut of regularly priced fabric (still a good deal).
I tried this once before and failed miserably. I’m a gluten for punishment so, I’m going to do it again……one more time………I’m going to do a demonstration of the “Double Slice Layer Cake quilt” at 2:00 p.m. this Saturday, the 30th. I’ve been ripping out (a.k.a. “un-sewing”) the one I started last Saturday and discovered IT WAS WRONG on Sunday afternoon. RATS! I’m all better now. This is a great way to use a layer cake to make a quilt. I love the outcome of this pattern. I can do this! I can………
Sweetness informed me I forgot something in last week’s newsletter. OOPS! I forgot to add December 28th as one of the days the shop will be closed. Sorry! I can do this! I can………
If you need something through the week, please call. Sweetness is here all the time. He'll be happy to let you in!
See you Saturday,
P-Dub and Sweetness

Sunday, March 24, 2013

New pictures

We were so busy getting ready for the Shop Hop I've really fallen behind in posting pictures to the blog. Sorry.  Here goes:  

Ginger and cousin Carol displaying Ginger's quilt.  Beautiful 

this is the quilt I made using our Shop Hop block method 

some of the new jelly rolls 

and their matching charm packs 

more new jelly rolls.  They have matching charm packs too but the batteries ran out on the camera before I could take the  picture!  

Cheryl's two quilt tops from Bonnie Hunter's "String Fling" book.   Beautiful ! 

Our bed runner from last year's Shop Hop blocks 

some of our layer cakes 

Robin's Twister quilt from last year. Sorry it too so long to get this posted!  


Pat "wearing" the scarf Leta gave her.  What a ham!  

The 10" Twister, Jelly Roll 1600 and 5" Twister  projects I made.  Notice the quilt on the table to the left of the stove.  It's called Simply 9 and made with Kansas Troubles.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

(almost) every Saturday


12203 HWY 76

EXETER, MO 65647

March 22, 2013

NEW BUSINESS HOURS: EVERY (E-V-E-R-Y) Saturday (closed May 25th, August 31st and December 28th)

HOURS: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
First of all, we’d like to say “thank you” to everyone who participated in the "Scrappy Spring Shop Hop" last Friday and Saturday. Sweetness and I had a blast, hopefully you did too J J J Sweetness finished the cutting station about 10:30 p.m. Thursday night (It was a real nail biter). He had some problems along the way but did get it in place before the Shop Hop. It was so nice to have a real cutting table after all these years. Good job, Sweetness!
If you bought a “Strip Tube Ruler” during the Shop Hop but didn’t get the instructions for it, please let me know. Sweetness remembered to include the instructions sometime late Saturday afternoon. OOPS! If you didn't get yours....let me know.......I'll mail a set to you (I haven't decided on the appropriate corrective action to take for such a transgression. I'm thinking about a deduction from Sweetness' paycheck......).

My cousin, Susan, from Texas survived her first quilting lesson and very first Shop Hop! She went home Sunday morning loaded down with quilting supplies and a loaner sewing machine. She did a fine job on her first two projects. Way to go, Susan! Keep up the good work. (I personally think she's one of us now).
The Quilter's Bias Binding, Jelly Roll of the Month club, all the jelly rolls (and matching charm packs) were a big hit during the Shop Hop. I'm glad everyone liked the new jelly roll/charm pack display. Susan and my other cousin (Carol) worked on that for a while before it was as-seen in the shop. I quickly learned to stay out of their way. They definitely know what they're doing when it comes to organizing. I had charm packs, jelly rolls and bias binding everywhere until they stepped in (and thank goodness they did). Left to my own devices, it would have been a heap in the middle of the shop. Thanks for your help, Susan and Carol! Really. Thanks bunches! Love ya, cuz(s).
I got an email from Moda.........which is usually good was...........they were letting me know "Enchanted Pond" batik jelly rolls and charm packs shipped.  YIPPEE!!! These little bundles of joy arrived today.  We've never ordered batik pre-cuts before so, we're pretty excited. If you like these, we will expand our batik pre-cuts inventory. There are so many different batiks.....they're all pretty........and I love all of them (even the red ones). Since I have poor impulse control................I wonder if hypnosis help with poor impulse control????

Sweetness and I have made an Executive Decision: You asked us to be open more often than October to December and........we are. You've asked us to extend our summer hours and.......we, we've decided to be open EVERY (E-V-E-R-Y) SATURDAY with the exception of May 25th, August 31st and December 28th for Memorial Day, Labor Day and Christmas weekends. We're adding more classes and getting some outside teachers to come in. Thank you for asking us to extend our hours. I hope that means you love our shop as much as we do. 
I'll keep everyone updated on the Shop Hop blocks and the number of quilts we'll be giving away.  I gave myself the deadline of June 1st to get them finished. 
See you (almost) every Saturday,  P-Dub and Sweetness

Friday, March 8, 2013


12203 HWY 76
EXETER, MO 65647
March 8, 2013
SCRAPPY SHOP HOP: March 15th and 16th (yes, we’ll be open both days!)
WINTER HOURS: every Saturday through April
SUMMER HOURS: 1st and 2nd Saturdays (May through September)
HOURS: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The Shop Hop is next Friday and Saturday. We’re so excited. I’m probably more excited than Sweetness is (he’s working on several projects that need to be finished before the Shop Hop). He hopes to have the new cutting station and another fat quarter unit built by next Friday. The new cutting station is going to be wonderful. I can’t wait!
Speaking of the shop hop: if you can’t make it during the shop hop, we are pre-selling our starter kits so you can still participate. I’m trying to get the binding on our Shop Hop quilt so you can see what it looks like. Wish me luck!
I ventured into the “man zone” this week. I was able to find the totes of scraps (notice I said totes of scraps, not a bag of scraps or a pile of scraps………..totes……. of scraps). We’ll put them out this Saturday. There will be three different sized zippy bags for you to choose from: large, medium and small. Each size will be priced accordingly. As in years past, put as much as you can into your zippy bag but it HAS to close.
Judy S. brought in the “Clamshell” quilt she’s been working on. She used (mostly) Kansas Troubles fabric so I instantly fell in love with it. She said it needs another row before it’s finished. I mentioned my birthday is in May but she just laughed (hysterically, I might add).  I love the colors and the pattern……..………my birthday is in May……….
Kay S. brought in the pillow part of the quillow she’s making for her sister in Texas. I thought she was making throws for her sister’s new chairs but, I was wrong, she’s making quillows. Kay put warm fuzzy fleece on one side of the pillow and then used “Texture Magic” to scrunch it up. This stuff is so cool. Thanks, Kay for bringing this in. We love it. It’s so cute………my birthday is in May………
I have a sneaky feeling our big order from Moda will come in next week………..just in time for the Shop Hop. YIPPEE! The good news is we’ll have a lot of new stuff…… least 24 bolts of fabric plus a nifty contraption called “Sip and Snip”. It’s a sturdy holder for your coffee cup (that attaches to the table) and has a bag attached to catch your ‘stuff’. Kay brought one in last Saturday and we fell in love with it. Since I have poor impulse control, we had to have some for the shop! We’re almost out of the Insul Brite batting so more of it’s on the way as is the Tater Bag batting. I can’t remember everything else that’s coming…..the 24 bolts of “Pheasant Hill” fabric by Kansas Troubles has me all worked up! My birthday is in May…….
We finally found out which jelly rolls are coming for the “Jelly Roll of the Month club”, well, at least through September. Here goes: “Snap Pop” by Sandy Gervais, “Paint Box Prints” by Laundry Basket Quilts, “Foliage” by Sentimental Studios, “Glamping” by Mary Jane Butters, “Modascapes”, “1930’s Playtime” by Chloe’s Closet, and “Mimi” by Cher Moi. We’re not sure which jelly rolls are coming each month but at least we know what’s coming. We also know this month’s jelly rolls have shipped so, if you’re in the “Jelly Roll of the Month” club, we’ll find out which one is March’s! They’ll be here by Saturday. My birthday is in May………
My cousin in Texas will absolutely positively be here for the Shop Hop. YIPPEE! I’m so excited. We don’t get to see each other very often so, this will be very special. Susan hasn’t been here since Mom died so, she’s never seen the quilt shop. I’m absolutely over the moon: she asked me to teach her how to quilt. I’m taking a couple of days off from the j-o-b so we can sew/quilt/play while she’s here.
Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend (BOO/HISS!). Please don’t forget to roll your clocks forward an hour or you might be late Sunday morning. We try to remember to do it before going to bed Saturday night. Who wants to get up at 2:00 a.m. to do it? Certainly not us! My birthday is in May……
We’re thinking about starting a “Kansas Troubles” club. I need some more information from Moda before making any decisions so, we haven’t decided yet. If you’re interested , please let me know as soon as possible. The more club members we have, the wider variety of things we have to choose from. YIPPEE! More stuff!
Sweetness said he’ll cook lunch for all souls present for “Sit and Sew” this Saturday. I’m not saying he’s making his world famous lasagna but I’m NOT saying he ISN’T J J J
I better see what Sweetness is up to….I wonder if he remembers my birthday is in May?

See you Saturday,
P-Dub and Sweetness

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sandy's 4 jelly roll pile of strips!

This is what four jelly rolls worth of strips looks like.  

Four jelly rolls of Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt!

Everything might be bigger in Texas but my girlfriend Sandy in Illinois is giving them a run for their money!  She decided to use four (yes, four) jelly rolls to make a Jelly Roll 1600 quilt.  Here are some pictures of the process.  I can't get the pictures of the finished quilt to load to the blog so, I'll keep working on it.  

Kay's Quillow Pillow!

I was confused about the project Kay is making for her sister in Texas.  She's making a couple of quillows and brought the pillow part in last Saturday.  She put a warm fuzzy fleece on one side and then used "Texture Magic" to scrunch it.  Here are some pictures:  

Judy's "Clam Shell" Quilt

Judy brought her "Clam Shell" quilt in last Saturday.  She used (mostly) Kansas Troubles fabric so I instantly fell in love with it!  I happened to mention  my birthday is in May but she just laughed!  Thanks, Judy for bringing this gorgeous quilt in to share with everyone.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

Reproductions fat quarters unit

Sweetness built another fat quarter unit last week. This one is for the 1930's and Reproductions fat quarters.  The new books are on the table in front of it.  

Norma's "Musical" quilt

Norma made this quilt for her granddaughter's marching band fund raiser.  Can you see the musical notes and instruments?  

Wanda's quilt

This is the quilt Wanda made from the "Strip Happy" book.  I love the colors!