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Sunday, April 27, 2014

invisible thread, new stuff and Pat's Show and Tell

The big brown truck strikes again!  This time it left behind yummy fabric, new batiks and invisible threads.  
invisible thread available in two different sized spools.  

I love this fabric.  It's called "American Heroes" by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics.  It will be GREAT in a Quilt of Valor!  

"American Heroes" fabric by Whistler Studios. 

This yummy print is called "Storybook Classics", also by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics.  It makes a great addition to your 1930's stash!  

"Storybook Classics" by Whistler Studios. 

These prints are "Audras Iris Garden" for Moda. They're so bright and cheery!  Just in time for summer!  

"Audras Iris Garden" for Moda 

The big brown truck also brought new batiks this week.  These three are from the "Jelly Bean Batiks" collection by Moda.  

"Jelly Bean" batik by Moda 

colorful "Jelly Bean" batik print 

I love this batik.  The blues and yellows are intermittent throughout the bolt. 

The "Token of Friendship" booklets arrived this week. These are by Kansas Troubles (the greatest designer on the planet!) and has LOTS of different patterns. Yummy!   

Pat and her embroidery machine have been very busy. She made this burp pads using flannel then embroidered a cute motif on the front. 

I told her they were too cute to use as burp pads!

Pat made this top as a gift for her son, Carl.  She used one of the blocks in the "365 Quilt Blocks a Year" perpetual calendar called "Around the Block" (March 3rd's block).      

She used "Wish You Were Here" jelly rolls for this queen size top.  I made her swear she'd bring it back after it's quilted and the binding is on! 

Great job, Pat.  We know Carl will love it!  

Pat also brought in this quilt she made for her granddaughter (I wonder if she'd adopt me?).  She used "Mimi" fabrics and different size Tumbler blocks. 

The solid purple binding really makes this quilt pop!  

Tumbler quilt Pat made for her granddaughter 

solid purple binding Pat used on her "Mimi" quilt!

the back of the quilt Pat made for her granddaughter.  Pat also used "Mimi" fabric for the backing.

We opened the Aurifil thread sets so you can see all the colors (we have 12 different sets of the big spools of this wonderful Egyptian cotton thread).  

I love Aurifil thread (I'll never use anything else). The big spools have 1422 yards per spool and the sets are full of yummy colors.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Token of Friendship, Miss Gracie, Secret Sisters and Show and Tell

I squealed like a little girl when I opened the boxes the big brown truck delivered.  Literally.  Squealed like a little girl.  Cross my heart!  

Our order of "Token of Friendship" fabric on the bolt was here!  Another gorgeous line by Kansas Troubles for Moda. YUMMY!  

I love the color names of this line:  pansy, meadow, geranium, and wheat, among others!   

"Token of Friendship" prints (top to bottom): natural, pansy, meadow, navy, geranium and black 

dainty flowers of "Token of Friendship" (top to bottom): geranium, meadow and black

"Token of Friendship"prints:  (top to bottom) natural, meadow, blue and geranium. 

more dainty flowers of "Token of Friendship" in natural and tan 

"Token of Friendship" prints: geranium, pansy, meadow and navy 

The big brown truck was here more than once last week!  We now have charm packs of "Bella Solids--Dark Colors" in stock (these match the jelly rolls we have in stock).  

"Bella Solids-Dark" charm packs arrived last week!  

We also received the honeycombs of "1930's Playtime" by Chloe's Closet (we now have all of the pre-cuts of this line:  layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs, mini-charms and now the honeycombs)!  YIPPEE!!!    

1930's Playtime honeycombs.  This line is by Chloe's Closet for Moda 

Miss Gracie and her human (Vicki) dropped by Saturday.  After a quick drink of water, a pat on the head from Sweetness and hugs from yours truly, she was ready to go! 

Come back anytime, Gracie!  You're such a sweetie pie baby! 

Several "Secret Sisters" left something for their 'sister' at the shop.  Sharon and Nola came by Saturday to get their stuff!  

Sharon L. opens her package left by her Secret Sister

Sharon's bag of goodies left by her Secret Sister for Easter. 

Nola S. opens her birthday gift left by her Secret Sister 

Nola goes through her birthday basket left by her Secret Sister.   

Zeta V. brought in the flag quilt she made with her Mom.  All of the squares are 2".  Zeta said she and her Mom had a great time making this quilt.  What a treasure!  

Thanks, Zeta for bringing this for "Show and Tell". It is truly stunning.  

Zeta's flag quilt she made with her Mom. 

close up of Zeta's flag quilt 

close-up of the "stars" portion of Zeta's flag quilt.

While Nola was here she brought the quilt she made as her son's graduation present.  We have several pictures of this quilt in different stages but, Nola is done!  It's quilted and the binding is on! YIPPEE!  

The long-arm quilter used cute outdoor motifs in the quilting.  There are cabins and pine trees repeated throughout the quilting.  

Nola used lots of "Kansas Troubles" fabric and the "Strip Tube Ruler" to make this quilt for her son.  

Great job, Nola.  Thanks for bringing it in!  

the front of Nola's quilt she made for her son 

the back of Nola's son's quilt she made.  We love the inserted deer panel on the back 

hopefully you can see the cabin and pine trees the long-armer used. 

more pine trees and cabins used to quilt Nola's gift to her son 

We finally have flyers for our "Hidden Treasures" shop hop at the end of May.  Grab a flyer the next time you're here!  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Show and Tell, 1930's Playtime, Ducks in a Row, Marbles and lots of new stuff!

Ginger H. and Shawn E. brought their projects to our booth at Cassville's quilt show last week.  

Gingher used all Kansas Troubles fabrics for her quilt. Shawn used fusible applique to embellish her project. 

We love both of them!  Great job, Gingher and Shawn.  Thanks for sharing with us! 

Gingher's quilt made using Kansas Troubles fabric 

Shawn's top she's making using fusible applique leaves.  

Patti B. brought in the quilt she made for her daughter using Kansas Troubles fabrics.  Patti hand quilted this quilt.  She did a great job considering this is only the fourth quilt she's made!  Great job, Patti! 

close up of the fabric. 

the back of Patti's quilt  

Debbie S. stopped by on Saturday.  I had to get a picture of the tote she made. It's so cute!  

Our friend from the south, Miss Betty, was here Saturday.  She brought several projects for "Show and Tell."   
Miss Betty made this quilt for her niece.  

close-up of the front of Miss Betty's quilt 

the back of Betty's quilt she made for her niece. 

a baby quilt Miss Betty made....just because! 

Miss Betty's Jelly Roll 1600 quilt 

back of Miss Betty's "Jelly Roll 1600" quilt 

another "Jelly Roll 1600" quilt made by Miss Betty.  

Linda D. brought in this gorgeous top she made using Stonehenge fabrics.  My camera didn't capture the gorgeous colors in this quilt very well.  It's truly stunning in person.  

Linda's top she made using Stonehenge fabrics 

Linda made this "Twister" top then decided to give it to Miss Betty!  

Linda's "X's and O's" top she made while attending a Jenny Doan workshop. 

We received a lot of new stuff the past couple of weeks:  Aurifil thread sets, Marbles fabric, some hand painted fabrics, needles and two lines of fabric including their pre-cuts.  

new Aurifil thread sets 

Big spools of Aurifil thread in sets

more thread! 

sets of small spools of Aurifil 

more sets of small spools of Aurifil 

"Sew Red Glasses"help you 'see' the value of fabric 

The Summer 2014 issue of Quilting Quickly 

Tape measures and iron cleaner by Bohin and two new color of Aurifil 

two bolts of hand painted fabric we received this week! 

more hand painted! 

one more bolt of hand painted! 

Quilting and Applique needles by Clove r

"Wonder Clips" by Clover in two quantities 

I love reproduction fabrics. I guess my stash is about to get bigger since we received a lot of reproductions this week!  

"Ducks in a Row" by American Jane for Moda 

"ducks in a row" precuts: layer cakes, charm packs, mini charms and honey combs. 

1930's Playtime by Chloe's Closet pre-cuts:  layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs and mini charms. 

"Enchanted Pond" green and brown bolts.  "Glamping" dots on brown! 

this is a blender called "Earth" by Moda 

"1930's Playtime" by Chloe's Closet for Moda 

1930's Playtime fabric 

more 1930's Playtime 

dainty flowers of  1930's Playtime by Chloe's Closet 

Jelly Bean Batiks layer cakes arrived this week 

Moda Marbles (from top to bottom):  natural, chrome yellow,chartreuse, pink, jungle purple, yellow, chocolate, navy and blue spruce.