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Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Trimming the Tree"; "Be Strong, Be Brave" and "Quilting Quickly" Magazine

If you're a Mary Engelbreit fan, you'll love the new prints we received this week.  These are from her latest collection called, "Trimming the Tree".  

We received four prints of her famous "Fried Egg Flowers" on different colored backgrounds (black, red, green and white); two prints of ornaments on black (and white) colorways and a linear print.  

These are great for decorating (or making a quilt) for the upcoming holiday season.  

Can you say, "yummy"?? 
"Fried Egg Flowers" on black, red, green and white backgrounds 

ornaments on black and white colorways 
Linear print of  "Trimming the Tree" by Mary Engelbreit 

Everyone knows how passionate we are about "Quilts of Valor".  We're getting ready for this year's all day sew-in so, these prints arrived just in time! 

"Be Strong, Be Brave" by Quilting Treasures is just what the doctor ordered for this year's Q.O.V. project.  

My camera didn't capture the background gradations of these first two prints very well.  It's hard to see in this picture but, the background has a slight camo motif going on.  These prints are stunning in person. Sorry you can't see them very well in this picture.  

The third colorway of this print is back ordered but should arrive soon.   

two prints from "Be Strong, Be Brave" by Quilting Treasures. 

The second set of prints from this collection are more subtle.  Each have different colored stars scattered about.  

These prints will be great for this year's Quilts of Valor.  

red, blue and cream 'scattered stars' 

We've received several requests for easy patterns for beginners.  After much research, we decided on these fabulous patterns by Abbey Lane.  

Each pattern is super simple and great for beginners. Most of these patterns use fat quarters or pre-cuts and can be made in an afternoon.  

Several of these caught my eye so, look for samples in shop in the coming weeks. What a great excuse to use my new sewing machine!  

We were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the September/October issue of "Quilting Quickly" this week.  

This issue is full of nifty ideas for making seasonal quilts for Fall.  YIPPEE!!  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's a girl; Show and Tell; Secret Sisters

It's a girl!  We're the proud parents of a bouncing baby (Bernina).  We love your new addition to the family but, we haven't named her yet.   

We're having a "Name the Baby (Bernina) Contest" through September 26th to decide her nomenclature (with a little help from you).  

Fill out a "Name the Baby (Bernina) Contest" form each time you're here.  The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to the shop; have lifetime bragging rights and will forever be consider her godparent.  

Sweetness and I will choose her name on September 26th (Sweetness' birthday) during the fall shop hop. 

We've already received some very good suggestions so, good luck! 
It's a girl:  our newest addition to the P-Dub's family! 
Cathy brought in this adorable baby quilt she recently made for a yet-to-be-born great niece (or nephew). The nursery theme is 'beach'.  Can you tell?  

Cathy used several beach prints we have and backed it with the 'shells' print from the "Row by Row" section.  

Great job, Cathy.  We're sure the new addition to your family will love it.  

Beach themed baby quilt Cathy made. 

close up of Cathy's baby quilt 
the back of  Cathy's baby quilt 

While she was here, Cathy picked up the gift her "Secret Sister" gave her for August:  A Moda Scrap Bag of "Lady Slipper Lodge".  

Cathy's August gift from her Secret Sister

Pat's 'sister' made and gave her personalized plates for her wedding anniversary.   
How cute are these!  Each plate is decorated and personalized with their names.  

Pat loved the wrapping her 'sister' used: fabric!  

personalized anniversary plates Pat's 'sister' made 
Dorothy brought in the "Scrap Crazy" quilt she made using a "Summer Breeze" layer cake.  

We love this pattern and these prints.  Thanks, Dorothy for sharing this beauty with us.  

Dorothy's "Scrap Crazy" Summer Breeze quilt 

close up of Dorothy's Scrap Crazy quilt 

We were pleasantly surprised by a visit from Miss Gracie and her human, Vicki, yesterday. We love four legged kids but, Miss Gracie is the shop's mascot.    

While they were here, Vicki picked up the gift her 'secret sister' gave her for August:  an adorable watering can filled with fat quarters.  I failed to get a picture of the fats but, they're in there.  

After a quick drink of water and a few pats on the head, Gracie was ready to go!  

Thanks, Vicki for bringing the baby.  It was great to see you too!   
Vicki's watering can full of fat quarters! 

Precious baby, Miss Gracie.  

Missy's 'sister' gave her this adorable ceramic planter and mini-charm of "Ducks In A Row" for her August gift.  
Missy's ceramic planter and mini-charm pack 

Rosemary spent most of yesterday sewing with us while her husband was fishing at Roaring River.  

She'd previously bought a "Quick Curve Ruler" and wanted to make the table runner pattern included with the ruler.  

After auditioning several prints, Rosemary decided on these three for her runner.  

We can't wait to see the completed project.   

Thanks, Rosemary for hanging out with us yesterday. Hopefully, you had trout for dinner!  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pillowcases; Show and Tell; Secret Sisters and Mimosa

Our recent pillowcase drive for the tornado victims in Van, Texas resulted in 136 pillowcases.  

Thanks to everyone who made and donated pillowcases for the tornado victims. 

These will be distributed through a local church in Van to the tornado victims.  

136 pillowcases shipped to the tornado victims in Van, Texas 
 Kayla stopped by Wednesday with two baby quilts she recently made.  How cute are these?  

Great job, Kayla! Thanks for sharing these with us.  
baby quilt Kayla recently made 

another baby quilt Kayla recently finished 

Our "Secret Sisters" have been very busy.  Nola, Dorothy and Pat each received something from their 'sister' for the month of July.  

Nola received a quilter's fan and gift certificate and....

a cartoon book and spool of thread from her 'sister' 

Dorothy received a cute plaque and card from her 'sister' 

Pat received a handmade cookie jar from her 'sister' 

They sold out in less than a month but.....we received more bolts of "Mimosa" this week....sixteen super yummy bolts of...the entire collection. YIPPEE!!! 

I actually hugged the bolts when they arrived (I guess that's why our Row by Row license plate is "Stash Hugger"). 

The jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles of "Mimosa" arrived last week....this week these little beauties arrived.....again! 

another shipment of yummy Mimosa prints 

four adorable Mimosa prints 

four more prints of Mimosa 

the one and only striped bolt of Mimosa 

Sherryl D. emailed this picture of Dresden Plates she recently made.  We love them!  

Thanks, Sherryl for sharing these with us.  We love the colors and can't wait to see the finished project.  

Dorothy and hubby Lee recently went Row by Rowing through several states.  One of the shops had this adorable bench outside.   

Dorothy couldn't resist taking Lee's picture with another fabric addict's husband.  
Lee and another fabric addict's other half 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summer Breeze; Mimosa pre-cuts; Show and Tell; Secret Sisters!

"Summer Breeze" layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls, mini-charms and fat quarter bundles finally arrived last week.  YIPPEE!!  We're so excited! 

These pre-cuts sold out super fast when we originally received them in May (and were out of stock in the warehouse so, they couldn't be re-ordered).  

Moda never reprints anything. NEVER.  EVER. Since these pre-cuts were so popular and sold out so quickly, the decision was made to re-print them.  We couldn't be happier!  

When I learned they would be available again, I ordered a boat load of them.  

They're here, they're fabulous, they're going fast!  
Summer Breeze layer cakes 

Summer Breeze jelly rolls, charm packs and mini-charms 

Summer Breeze fat quarter bundles 

Our hand embroidery and English Paper Piecing customers asked us to find a sampler of scissors and tweezers they could take with them to classes or while traveling.  

This zippered tote of different scissors, tweezers and a super sharp pointy thingy is our answer!  

The tote zips closes and has a ribbon in the middle to secure whatever needs to be secured!  

The same embroidery and English Paper Piecing folks asked for some specialty tweezers for their projects.  

We now have "Lighted Tweezers" and 4 piece tweezer sets depending on your tweezer needs!  

This panel by Northcott arrived this week.  We think this panel will make a great Quilt of Valor with the addition of borders and stars in each corner.  

Stay tuned.  We'll have a work day for Quilts of Valor very soon.  

The super popular "Mimosa" collection by Quilting Treasures also offers pre-cuts;  jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles.  They arrived this week too! YIPPEE!!  

This collection has literally grown wings and flown out the door.  We've re-ordered the entire collection (again) which should arrive in September.  We also received one bolt of striped "Mimosa" this week.  

We have a few prints of this fabric left on the bolt but, not very many! 

Until our re-order arrives in September, the jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles are here!  

jelly rolls of "Mimosa" by Quilting Treasures 

fat quarter bundle of "Mimosa" 

 bolt of  striped "Mimosa" that arrived this week.  

I've been lusting for a Gingher rotary cutter for a long time.  I finally decided to jump in the deep end and get one.  

We now have right- and left-handed Gingher cutters (and replacement blades) in stock.  YIPPEE!!  
right and left handed Gingher rotary cutters 

Gingher rotary cutter replacement blades 

Melba brought in this gorgeous block called "Basket of Flowers" for "Show and Tell" last Saturday.  

This quilt top is pieced, mostly with half square triangles each forming a 3/4 inch square! 

The original quilt made by Grace Snyder had squares only 3/8" squares!  YIKES!  The original hand pieced quilt is in the "Better Homes and Gardens Book" pictured below.   

In that book they suggest doing what Melba did....that is, making only one flower basket and making each HST larger than 3/8" square. 

Thanks, Melba for sharing this gorgeous block with us.  We can't wait to see the finished quilt.  
Melba's "Basket of Flowers" quilt block 

close up of Melba's "Basket of Flowers" block 

a picture of the quilt blocks Melba is making 
While she was here, Melba also brought this gorgeous crocheted afghan she made.  

Thanks, Melba for sharing your stuff with us.  

Shirley recently finished this quilt for her niece. Shirley mentioned she started this quilt when her niece was just four years old.  

Shirley decided to add a few borders since her niece is now seven and has grown since she started this project!  

Shirley and her sister, Terri, made this quilt for a male family member. This quilt has a lot of movement and we LOVE the color choices.   

Shirley hand embroidered sayings in each corner which I hope you can see in the pictures.  

Thanks, Shirley (and Terri) for sharing your creations with us! 

the quilt Shirley and Terri made for a family member 

close up of the center block 

"This quilt is just for you"  

"With help from Sherry too" 

"With red, yellow and blue" 

"Shirley Mae and Terri Sue" 

Terri brought in this quilt she made for herself a couple of weeks ago.  I mistakenly posted it as someone else's quilt on the original post.  OOPS! Sorry, Terri. 

We love the colors Terri used and the different colored squares at each intersection.  Fabulous! 

Thanks, Terri for sharing your quilt with us. Please forgive me for my blunder!  

Judi brought in this gorgeous barjello top she and her daughter recently finished.  

This top is so big we had to pin it to the shelving unit on the west wall to take this picture.  

This was the first barjello quilt Judi and her daughter made.  We think they did a great job.  Judi promised to bring it back when it's finished.  

Thanks, Judi for bringing in this fabulous top!  
barjello quilt Judi brought for "show and tell" 

close up of Judi's quilt 

Susan and her family stopped by with stuff for "Show and Tell" yesterday.  

Susan's "Napa Valley" batik top is truly stunning. This pattern uses itty bitty pieces that are gorgeous when put together.  

I mentioned my birthday is in May to which Susan replied, "I can loan you the pattern"!!!!  

Thanks, Susan for bringing in this masterpiece.  We love the batiks and we love this pattern.  
Susan's "Napa Valley" batik quilt top 

closeup of Susan's Napa Valley quilt top 

Susan's daughter-in-law, Sandi brought in her very first quilt to share with us for "Show and Tell" yesterday.  

We truly appreciate Sandi coming all the way from Wyoming to share her quilt with us!  
Sandi's very first quilt:  rail fence pattern 

close up of Sandi's Rail Fence quilt top 

Juanita brought in these hexagons she's making using "Lady Slipper Lodge" prints.  

Juanita is using the quilt-as-you-go method for these gorgeous hexies.  We love these prints  

We made Juanita promise to bring back the finished project when she gets finished.  
hexies Juanita made using "Lady Slipper Lodge" 

the back of Juanita's hexies 

"Secret Sisters" have been busy this month.  Shirley, Dorothy, Sharon, Diane and Kay each received something from their 'sister' this month. 

side view of the caddy, rotary cutter and tape measure Shirley received from her 'sister' 

caddy and scrap bag Shirley received from her 'sister' 

Dorothy's 'sister' gave her a patriotic candle holder and candle 

Sharon's 'sister' gave her a package of batting this month 

Diane's 'sister' gave her quilt block coasters 

Kay's 'sister' gave her two coasters 

...and a crocheted fish soap holder

The note attached to Kay's fish soap holders says: 

Hi!  I'm a little fish
And don't know what to do
So I filled myself with "Dove soap, 
and swam right up to you. 
Just rub me on your tummy
And on your hands and feet. 
Then around your ears and neck, 
and don't forget your seat. 
When you are through
My work is done
you've had your bath
I've had my fun.