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Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Land of the Free"; "Stonehenge Celebration"; "Reel It In"; Quilting Quickly; Row by Row tote; Show and Tell; Secret Sisters!

I love the 4th of July.  When I was a little girl, the fireworks display over Table Rock Lake was the highlight of the summer. I looked forward to July 4th all year.  Not much has changed!  

I always look forward to getting patriotic prints in the shop.  I love seeing the designs and prints from different designers, how they've used red, white and blue in their latest collections. I love the 4th of July!  

We received several patriotic prints from Northcott this week.  "Stonehenge Celebration" and "Land of the Free" prints arrived this week.  YIPPEE!!  We also have the strips sets of "Land of the Free". 

Any of these would be great for a "Quilts of Valor" project.  

new arrivals:  patriotic prints by Northcott 

more patriotic prints from Northcott 

"Land of the Free" strip sets by Northcott 

We're blessed with tourist on their way to Roaring River State Park to fish for rainbow trout.  We try to keep camping and fishing fabrics in the shop but were getting low on inventory....until this week! 

We received ten bolts of "Reel It In" by Quilting Treasures...perfect for the fisherman in your life! 

This collection also includes a "fishing" panel but is sold by the yard for some reason.  

These prints would be cute as curtains in a camper, placemats, or pillowcases.  

two colorways of "Reel It In" by Quilting Treasures 

one side of the 'fish' panel of  "Reel It In" 

the other side of "Reel It In" panel 

three colorways of fishing lures and a bolt of water (left end) by Quilting Treasures 

three colorways of fish scales: Green, blue/gray and mustard 

The latest issue of "Quilting Quickly" came in this week.  It looks like someone else loves the 4th of July!   
the latest issue of  "Quilting Quickly"  

Two bolts of Moda Marbles arrived this week.  My camera didn't do a very good of capturing the deep dark purple of the bolt on the left and the bolt on the right is actually lighter than the picture shows. 

I guess it's a good thing I don't make my living as a photographer!  
Moda Marbles: dark purple and lilac  

Sharon made this tote using Timeless Treasures fabrics and their free pattern from the Row by Row website ( 

We currently have these fabrics in the shop but, they're going fast...thanks to Sharon's gorgeous sample.  

Row by Row tote Sharon made using Timeless Treasures fabrics

We decided to put our patriotic panels on the east wall so you could see them a little bit better!  

We have three different panels and lots of patriotic prints for your 4th of July project!  

our patriotic panels located above our 'row" on the east wall 

Our "Secret Sisters" have been busy the past few weeks:  Dorothy, Sharon and Shirley each received something from their 'sister'.  

Dorothy's gift from her Secret Sister!  

Sharon's double seam ripper from her 'sister' 

Shirley's massive candle and apple candle holder 

We absolutely love it when people bring their projects for "Show and Tell".  

Kimberly brought in three tops she recently finished for family members. 

Thanks, Kimberly for sharing with us!  We know your family will love their quilts! 
quilt top Kimberly made for her aunt 
another top Kimberly made for a family member
Kimberly made this top for her nephew's wedding quilt 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Breeze; Seasonal Silhouettes; Row by Row; Aurifil thread; Hexie books; Show and Tell; a 60th birthday party and Michele's wedding!

It's been a very busy week: Getting ready for Row by Row; new arrivals; a 60th birthday and a wedding!   

These four new bolts of "Summer Breeze" by Sentimental Studios came in this week.  

These have been back ordered since this collection was released so, we're thrilled to finally get them. YIPPEE!! 

Four bolts of Summer Breeze by Sentimental Studios arrived this week 

"Seasonal Silhouettes" by Edyta Sitar also arrived this week.  We have the full kit of fusible batik blocks and her book by the same name.  Let the appliqueing begin!   

Seasonal Silhouettes:  full kit of batik blocks and book 

More "Row by Row" patterns came in.  The tote bag pattern (pictured on the left) uses four "Row by Row" license plates and other fabrics.  

The wristlet pattern (middle picture) uses three license plates with other fabrics.  These are perfect for keeping your stuff in while "Row by Row"ing.      

Kits of our row ("A Day At The Beach") and our "Stash Hugger" license plates are also available in the shop.    
Row by Row patterns and our license plate 

kits of our row "A Day At The Beach" are now available in the shop 

New colors of Aurifil came in this week.  We received four new colors of yellow (and white).  Just in time for those summer projects! 

four colors of yellow (and white) Aurifil came in this week  

We've been bitten by the English Paper Piecing bug. Now, we've catapulted ourselves in the realm of English Paper Piecing on steroids!  

The two books pictured below will spin you straight up if you're ready for the next step in E.P.P!  

"The New Hexagon" by Katja Marek and "Millefiori Quilts 2" by Willyne Hammerstein are our latest additions to the E.P.P. craze! 

two new English Paper Piecing books 

Vickie C. brought in the latest hexagons she made using "Pieced Hexies" templates (pictured below).  

Great job, Vickie!  We love your hexies!  

Hexagons Vickie C. made using "Pieced Hexies" templates 

Pieced Hexies templates and Skin Thimbles 

We love it when people bring in their stuff for "Show and Tell".  We're inspired by everyone's creativity but truly love seeing everyone's projects.  

Gina brought in this bargello quilt she made for her nephew's graduation/birthday present.  This was her first bargello quilt and she quilted it herself.  

Her nephew is a big Iowa fan so she decided to put their mascot on the back of his quilt.  

We have a feeling her nephew will love his new quilt.  
Gina's bargello quilt she made for her nephew 

Kay brought in a project she's been working on for several months.  

Her husband ties flies for trout fishing.  She decided to hand embroider this scene of a rainbow trout about to strike at the bait.  

We love the different flies Kay embroidered along the borders of this fabulous throw.  

We think Dick will love his throw. Great job, Kay.  

throw Kay hand embroidered for her husband 

fly fishing ties Kay hand embroidered on the throw she recently finished

We love four legged kids.  They're always welcome in the shop.  We offer a drink of water, a pat on the head to all four-legged kids but, they have to agree to have their picture taken and posted to the blog.   

Tater Tot (and her human) stopped by recently to check out the amenities at P-Dub's!  

We think Tater Tot was happy with his visit.  We noticed a lot of tail wagging before he (and his human) left.  
Tater Tot and his human recently stopped by the shop! 

Sally P. (and her sister, Barb) were some of our first customers when we opened to the public in 2009.  

Yesterday was Sally's birthday.  Her 60th birthday.....and her 40th wedding anniversary. 

Sally and her husband, Ben, live in Oklahoma.  Ben loves to fish so, they decided to drive to Roaring River State Park yesterday so he could go fishing and Sally could come to the shop! 

Knowing Sally was coming, we decided to have a surprise birthday party for her when she arrived.  

A 60th birthday cake was had by all but I didn't remember to take a picture of it until it was already cut.  OOPS!  

Happy 60th Birthday (and 40th anniversary), dear friend.  We hope you had a great day (and that Ben caught a bunch of fish)!

We love you, we miss your face, we wish you lived closer.  

Sally's 60th birthday cake 

Happy 60th, Sally !  

Not everyone is thrilled when I ask the take their picture for the blog.  

In honor of Father's Day, all fathers who came to the shop yesterday received a free fat quarter of their choice.  

Larry W. was brave enough to let me take a picture of him with the free fat quarter he chose.  

Thanks, Larry for letting us take your picture!  
Larry W. holds the free fat quarter he chose for Father's Day.

Sweetness's niece, Michele, married her high school sweetheart, Thatcher, yesterday in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the "Hummingbird Inn" in Branson, MO.  

Thanks, Vicki for working in the shop yesterday so we could attend Michele's wedding.  
Michele and Thatcher's wedding ceremony 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Moda Marbles pre-cuts; Pieced Hexies; Crazy for Pillows; Moda Scrap Bags; Row by Row; Show and Tell

Moda "Marble" layer cakes and charm packs finally came in this week.  We're over the moon about getting these.....they've been back ordered for more than eight months.  Wow!  

I squealed like a little girl when I opened the box! We received "Marble-Warm"; "Marble-Citrus"; "Marble-Brights" and "Marble-Pastel".  We already had the jelly rolls of each colorway but have been waiting for the other pre-cuts since before Thanksgiving.  
Moda Marble-Warm pre-cuts 

Moda Marble-Citrus pre-cuts 

Moda Marble-Brights pre-cuts 

Moda Marble-Pastel pre-cuts 

Vickie C. suggested I order the book "Pieced Hexies" by Marty Depre to catapult us into the world of dimensional English Paper Piecing.  Oh my!  

This book is yummy beyond belief.  I am currently not an E.P.P.'er but, I might be after looking through this book.  

While I was shopping I found the second book by Marty so, I ordered it too!  They now have both books and the "Pieced Hexies" templates, also by Miss Depre.  

"Crazy for Pillows" by Kansas Troubles came in.  This booklet is by Kansas Troubles and is full of spiffy ideas of how to jazz up our regular everyday throw pillows:  six pillow sleeves to change with the seasons.  

We also have the templates she designed specifically for this book.  

These spiffy rotary cutter cases also came in this week. They have a zippered pocket inside as well as a section for the cutter and zip closure.  

I bought one for my rotary cutter now, I have to think of something to put in the inside zippered section! 

If you've known me for more than five minutes, you know I love Moda Scrap Bags.  They are a great value AND they're full of Moda fabric.  

I like to make scrappy quilts so, these are great for the scrap person in all of us.  

We received two cases of scrap bags this week.  The picture below is not both cases, just what I could get placed on the table to take the picture!  

some of the Moda Scrap Bags that came in this week 

When we went to market in May, the Northcott rep showed us sample charm packs of their Row by Row fabrics.  

We chose not to use their fabric in our row but, we now have the charm packs in the shop.  

Northcott Row by Row Charm Pack 

Sharon fell in love with this pattern at market. "Nesting Baskets" has three different size baskets with lids so they can be stacked on top of each other or fit inside each other.   

How cool is that?  

Pearl stopped by to share a quilt she recently finished for her nephew's granddaughter.  We love all quilts but, we particularly love baby quilts.  

Pearl machine embroidered the little girl's name and birth date on the six top blocks.  

How cute is this?  Thanks, Pearl for sharing this precious baby quilt with us.  

Kay is originally from Texas.  Her son still lives there. Kay brought in this lap quilt for her grandson using one of the "Texas" panels from the shop. 

She bought additional "Texas" prints for the piano key inner borders and "Blue Bonnets" print for the outer border.  

While she was here, Kay also brought the "Lady Slipper Lodge" top she made using the panel and Holly Taylor prints she bought from us.  

Kay said this will be a lap quilt for a female family member (her sister?) but I can't remember who she said she made it for. Sorry!  

We love the piano key inner borders and matching pillowcases for each quilt.  

Thanks, Kay for bringing your stuff in for "Show and Tell".  

pillowcase Kay made for her "Texas" lap quilt 

pillowcase Kay made for the Lady Slipper Lodge lap quilt 

Kay made this chair pad for her husband's patio chair!  

Sharon's "secret sister" gave her this beautiful necklace for June!  

Sharon models her new necklace, a gift from her Secret Sister 

Vickie C. stopped by yesterday with her first hexagon made using the "Pieced Hexies" templates and book by Marty Depre.  

The nifty thing about the templates (and book) is the multi-dimensional look which can be changed simply by the fabric used.  

Stay tuned for more samples by Vickie.  We can't wait to see the next one! 
"Cogs" English Paper Pieced hexagon by Vickie!   

"Pieced Hexies" book and templates by Marty Depre.