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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Row by Row prints; 108" backings; more 1892 Mill Book; Lady Slipper Lodge; lots of patterns; Heartfelt; Show and Tell; Secret Sisters and new shop totes!

We received more Row by Row fabrics this week. YIPPEE!!  This year's theme is H20....water!  Our row is completed and posted on the blog and Facebook.  

Row by Row starts June 21st and we can't wait! 

We received these 108" backings called "American Dreams" by Henry Glass Studios last week.  

We also have these prints in 44/45" wide on the bolt for your next patriotic project or Quilt of Valor.  

We have more colors of "1892 Mill Book" prints by Howard Marcus on the bolt.  

All profits from this collection are donated to charity each year.  This year's charity is the Texas Quilt Museum.  
1892 Mill Book prints 

1892 Mill Book prints 

and more 1892 Mill Book prints 

Holly Taylor's "Lady Slipper Lodge" collection has been super popular in the shop. I've re-ordered something from this collection each week since it arrived.  

This week's arrivals are pictured below. We also have the pre-cuts and panels from this line.  
this week's arrivals of Lady Slipper Lodge 
Kayla needed borders for a quilt she's making for her aunt.  After pouring over the sample cards we have, she decided on a Moda Marble called "Robin's Egg" and a Bella Solid named "Terrain Green".  Thank goodness they came in this week! 

We look forward to seeing the quilt after Kayla gets the borders on.     

When I saw this bolt of fabric I realized I hadn't taken a picture of it (or posted it on the blog). OOPS! 

It's been here for awhile, I just forgot about it.  This yummy 1930's print is by Elizabeth's Studios.  

1930's print by Elizabeth's Studios 

Two bolts of "Crossroads" by Moda also arrived this week.  I really like these prints.  We don't have any plans for it.  It's not going into a particular project. I saw it, I liked it so, I ordered it.  

It's that simple!  

Attention all English Paper Piecers:  We received two E.P.P. books this week:  "Pieced Hexies" and "Pieced Hexies Deux" by Mickey Depre.  

We also received a bajillion new patterns this week including one that uses Row by Row license plates.  

two new English Paper Piecing books 

patterns that use "1892 Mill Book" fabrics 

both sizes of "Caddy Pad" patterns are here.  

"Road Trip Case" and "Hanging  Staked Baskets" patterns 

Row by Row license plate wristlet and Fringed and Fabulous patterns 

Music Notes and Slash Cutter by Clover 

two new templates by Kansas Troubles 

single packs and 5 packs of 45 mm blades for Omnigrid rotary cutters 

120" muslin 

"Heartfelt" pre-cuts by Kansas Troubles 

Our "Secret Sisters" have been very active this past month.  It's a lot of fun watching the 'sister's and the 'sistees" (is that a word?) each month.  

I've really behind posting pictures so, we have some April and May pictures of 'sisters' and their gifts:  

Diane displays two tool cases her 'sister' made and gave to her 

there's a light at the end of this telescoping magnet.  Another gift from her 'sister'. 

Nola received this zippered pouch and card from her 'sister' 

Pat's 'sister' gave her one of our new tote bags!  

Kay's 'sister' gave her a multi colored pin cushion and stationery 

Pat's 'sister' gave her stationery for her April gift 

Crochet Man was our first customer to buy one of our new tote bags! 

Vicki's 'sister' gave her three vintage handkerchiefs 

Sharon's 'sister' gave her an assortment of green tea packaged in a green tin 

Dorothy, Vicki, Sharon and Shirley enjoy "Sit and Sew"  

We love it when folks bring in their stuff for "Show and Tell".  I'm not sure which we love more, what they're bringing in or the stories behind the article. 

Ruth brought in these two pieces she made using part of her mother's wedding dress (1948) and part of her dad's green wool Army shirt.  

The silk background was brought back from Singapore by Ruth's husband in early 1970.  

Ruth placed one in a shadow box, the other piece will be made into one very soon!  

Thanks, Ruth for sharing your family's treasures with us.    

a second heirloom Ruth made for a future shadow box
shadow box Ruth made using her mom's wedding dress and her dad's green Army shirt 

Judi recently brought in these four panels she finished.

Pat gave her the four embroidered middle pieces and Judi added the borders and backing to make small wall hangings.  How cute are these?  

one of Judi's panels she recently finished  


Janet brought in these three wall hangings she made using the patterns from our shop hop in May.  Wow! We love these.  

Janet said she had to make one for each of her kid so no one would feel left out!  

Great job, Janet.  We LOVE these!  Thanks for sharing them with us! 

Shawn made this baby blanket for her cousin's grandson....just  because! 

Vickie made these texture blankets for newborns.  

the back of  a texture blanket Vicki made for newborns 

second texture blanket Vickie made 

the back of the blanket pictured above 

Patty B. brought in this baby quilt she made for her friend.  

This is Patty's first quilt AND she quilted it herself.  

Great job, Patty.  Keep up the good work.  

the back of the baby quilt Patty made 

We love four legged kids.  Hugo and his humans stopped by a couple of weeks ago.  

Come back anytime, Hugo.  We'll give you some water and a belly rub!  

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