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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hawthorn Ridge bolts; Cozy Cottage flannel; Secret Siblings; Show and Tell; machines for sale

Vicki W. made this stunning quilt for friends who live in a log cabin in Colorado.  

Vicki used "Turning Leaves" prints by Holly Taylor. Can you see the bears and deer?   

Thanks, Vicki for sharing this quilt with us.  We know your friends will love it.  

quilt top Vicki made for friends in Colorado 

close up of Vicki's top! 

Kay brought in this top she recently finished.  It was her first attempt using hexagons in a quilt (the entire top is hexies).  

Kay hand pieced this top but will have it machine quilted after deciding what to use for the borders.  

Congratulations, Kay.  We think you did a great job!  
Kay's first quilt using hexagons. 

close up of Kay's hand pieced hexie quilt 

Susan and Roxanne stopped by Wednesday with this stunning top.  When finished, this quilt will be a door prize during the Eureka Springs quilt show May 6th and 7th.  

Members of the guild made each block using English Paper Piecing.  

Wow!  I'm jealous of the lucky winner who gets to take this quilt home!    
Eureka Springs guild's door prize during their quilt show in May 

close up of this paper pieced stunner 

While she was here, Roxanne brought a "Public Potty Pouch" she made using some of the Moda scrap bags she bought from us.    

The insert in Roxanne's "Potty Pouch" says "After spending a month on the road and using many poorly supplied public restrooms, I realized I would need to help myself.  Thus, the "Public Potty Pouch" was conceived.  Suggested supplies are:  the end of a toilet roll (flattened); a few paper towels, flat packets of Cottonelle; a flat packet of Clorox wipes; a sliver of soap wrapped in foil; a small antibacterial gel, a couple toilet seat covers; an over the door hook for when there isn't a hook for coat/purse.  A key ring has been added to the zipper so you can attach a car key if you don't want to take your whole purse or if the pouch is too big to fit inside".  

Wow!  What a great idea.  Thanks, Roxanne for sharing such a nifty idea with us!  

"Secret Siblings" have been busy!  Vicki's s/s gave her a gift certificate for the adult coloring book of her choice.  

Vicki chose Mary Engelbreit's "Color ME" coloring book.  

Dorothy and Sharon's s/s gave each of them "Fat Quarter Bags" books from the shop.  

Dorothy holding her new book 
Sharon's gift from her Secret Sibling 

Dorothy (and hubby Lee) traveled to many states last summer enjoying "Row by Row".  Among other things, Dorothy bought a kit she wanted but never found time to make it.  

Sharon told Dorothy she'd make it for her (and did). I'll use any excuse to take a picture so, I had to take this photo of Sharon giving Dorothy the finished product!    

Sharon giving Dorothy her completed project! 
 Vickie brought in this fabulous top she recently finished (I think she said it's the latest Bonnie Hunter challenge quilt???).  

Vickie used scraps for this gorgeous top.  We can't wait to see it when it's quilted and bound!  

Would someone please tell Vickie my birthday is in May....pretty please! 

I fell in love with Jan Patek's fabric collection called "Hawthorn Ridge" while shopping at Heavenly Notions in Granby (thanks, Jamie).  I wanted to wrap myself in this fabric and take a nap!  

We HAD to get these prints for the shop.  This week we received more bolts of this fabulous collection as well as the fat quarter bundles.  YIPPEE!!!  I'm so excited to have these in stock. 

We now have 20 bolts of this stunning collection; fat quarter bundles; layer cakes; charm packs; jelly rolls and mini-charms.  YIPPEE!!    
three bolts of Hawthorn Ridge by Jan Patek 

four colorways of  Jan Patek's Hawthorn Ridge 

four 'leaves' prints of Hawthorn Ridge 

two background colorways of Hawthorn Ridge 

four colorways of  Hawthorn Ridge "Berries" prints 

three "small leaves" colorways of Hawthorn Ridge 

Hawthorn Ridge fat quarter bundle 

Hawthorn Ridge precuts:  layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms. 
Everyone knows I'm a huge Kansas Troubles fan. "Cozy Cottage" is Lynne's latest collection AND it's flannel.  YIPPEE!!!  

We have the fat quarter bundles, layer cakes and charm packs of this super warm (and yummy) collection.  

Just in time for those cold winter days.
Cozy Cottage flannel fat quarter bundles 

Cozy Cottage layer cakes and charm packs 

Bingo (and his well behaved humans) stopped by for a visit Wednesday. He was impressed with the adult coloring books section but really just wanted to take a nap.  

After a quick picture by yours truly, Bingo was ready to go! 

Thanks, Bingo, for stopping by!  Feel free to bring your humans back anytime!
Bingo and his well behaved humans!  

We've rearranged the shop (again) to make room for the ever expanding"adult coloring book" section. 

Now, all the coloring books (we have 40 different ones) and supplies (markers, colored pencils and gel pens) are all together.......instead of scattered all over the place (Thanks, Vicki).  

We've decided to sell some of the shop's machines we no longer need (due to recent upgrades).  

The Bernette Deco is an embroidery only machine. The Bernette 800D serger is a great machine with several added features. 

We also have a bunch of .pes format design cards (I forgot to get a picture of these) we've decided to sell.

Both machines (and the design cards) can be seen in the shop.  

Bernette Deco embroidery only machine 

Bernette 800D serger 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

closed tomorrow due to nasty weather. ICK!

We will be closed tomorrow, January 20th, due to the nasty weather headed our way. 

Please be safe during the rain/sleet/snow storm.  

We will be open this Saturday, January 23rd, as usual. 

See you Saturday, 
P-Dub and Sweetness 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

our youngest shopper ever; more coloring books and supplies; Remington; Hawthorn Ridge, Coloring Book Club!

Two month old Kaylee Ann stopped by to check out all the coloring books we have and show us her big smile!  

Although she can't hold a crayon, colored pencil or gel pen yet, we were thrilled to know she's interested at such a young age!  

Come back anytime, Kaylee, we can't wait to see you again! 
Two month old Kaylee Ann--our youngest shopper EVER! 
Vickie brought in this quilt she designed, made and quilted for the son of a family friend.  

We think Brody will love his new quilt.   
Brody's birthday quilt! 

Vickie also brought in her version of Bonnie Hunter's "Grand Illusion" she recently finished. Wow! 

We love the movement of color throughout this quilt. 
Great job, Vickie!  Thanks for bringing your stuff in for "Show and Tell".  
Vickie's version of "Grand Illusion" by Bonnie Hunter 

the back of Vickie's Grand Illusion quilt 

My favorite illustrator in the whole wide world is Mary Engelbreit.  Her art speaks to me in a way I can't explain.  

Thank goodness she recently came out with her own coloring book (I squealed like a little girl when they arrived in the shop this week--I'm not kidding).  

If you too are a Mary fan, you'll love her coloring book titled "Color ME".  Too cute!   

We also received "Playful Designs" coloring book by Fun Stitch Studios.  This coloring book is full of super fun playful things to color!  

This isn't the greatest picture angle but hopefully you can see the new dies that arrived this week:  Train, Flowers, Mr. Owl; LeMoyne Star, Stars, Folk Are Fowl; Angel; Homes and Local Color by Bill Kerr.  

Calling all gun enthusiasts:  We're thrilled to receive bolts of "Classic Remington" by Quilting Treasures this week.  This collection is perfect for the 'gun' person in your life.  I'm thinking pillowcases and quillows.........

This line has proven to be very popular....we've already sold out of some of these prints.   

Never fear, we've re-ordered so, more of this line is on the way!  
bolts of "Remington" by Quilting Treasures 

black and gray 'gun stock' prints of "Classic Remington" 

dark tan and cream colorways of "gun stock" Remington prints 

We received more of Jan Patek's "Hawthorn Ridge" collection this week.  YIPPEE!!!  

We'd previously received some of the bolts (and all the pre-cuts) of this glorious collection the week before last.  Now, we have more of these super yummy prints.  

"Hawthorn Ridge" by Jan Patek for Moda 

"Hawthorn Ridge" flowers on cranberry, moss, wine and cream. 

"Hawthorn Ridge" leaves on red, navy, tan and cream 

"Hawthorn Ridge" Berries on Blue by Jan Patek 

Our "adult coloring book" section is growing by leaps and bounds!  We're adding more and more to this part of our shop so, if we don't have it, we haven't unboxed it yet!  

We now have several kinds of colored pencils (including pastel and watercolor pencils); a bajillion kinds of markers in a rainbow of colors (and tips) and the ever present gel pen sets.  
new colored pencils that came in this week 

 new Tulip marker sets 

more Tulip makers for adult coloring

25 piece set of Tulip makers 
Tulip makers that offer different tips.  Great for coloring  

We fell in love with Frixion pens a long time ago.  The latest and greatest from the Frixion folks are pastel colored highlighters.  

These are a great addition to your notions stash and a great value at only $2.99 each.  

new pastel Frixion pen highlighters 
The newest gizmo in the shop is "Havel's Seam Ripper" made specifically for serged seams.  

It works on regular seams too but has a special curved blade for those pesky serged ones.  

We now have pencil sharpeners in the shop (how could we have so many colored pencils and NOT have pencil sharpeners too???).  

It also includes a holder to catch all those pencil shavings.  

We now have sewing machine oil in a much smaller (and easier to apply) container.  This one will fit perfectly in your sewing box or wherever you keep your machine oil.  
Havel's Seam Ripper, pencil sharpeners and sewing machine oil 

Yesterday was our first ever "Coloring Book Club". Dorothy, Kay, Lynn, Sharon and I had a blast!  

"Coloring Book Club" meets the third Saturdays each month so, bring your stuff and let's color! 

Dorothy, Kay and Lynn enjoy yesterday's "Coloring Book Club" 

Lynn's project she worked on during 'coloring book club' 

Dorothy's 'coloring book club' work in progress! 

Kay's "Butterflies" she worked on yesterday 

Sharon's eye popping "Mandalas" coloring book page 

another page Sharon has been working on 

Kay was given a box full of quilt blocks by a fellow cancer patient awhile back.  

The lady told Kay the blocks were made by her own mother from several family member's clothing, 
including grandparents.  

The fabric strips were sewn to muslin then hand embroidered to cover up the sew lines.  

Kay brought the box of blocks to the shop a couple of weeks ago to get our opinion on how to put them together.   

Yesterday, Kay brought in the finished quilt.  It is truly stunning.  

The different generations of fabrics add an entirely new dimension that can't be matched by modern day textiles.  

Hopefully, my camera was able to capture the true essence of this quilt.  

Kay used a backing she already had that works perfectly for this heirloom quilt. 

Kay plans to give the finished quilt back to the lady who gave her these blocks this coming week.  

GREAT JOB, Kay!!!!  We know you put your heart and soul into making this quilt.  It's gorgeous.  

the backing Kay used for the heirloom quilt she made 

Carol brought in this quilt she made for her great nephew's birthday present.  

We automatically fell in love with this quilt because Carol used all Kansas Troubles prints!!!!  After making the top, Carol quilted it herself.  

We know her nephew will love is birthday gift..... made by Aunt Carol.  

If you have more colored pencils, gel pens, markers and crayons than you have room for....we might be able to help!

Just in the nick of time.........these pretty easels (complete with pockets on both sides)!!!  

Color on!