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Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Hidden Treasures of the Ozarks" shop hop tomorrow and Saturday

The "Hidden Treasures of the Ozarks" Fall 2015 shop hop will be tomorrow and Saturday, September 25th and 26th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m both days.  

For those of you who aren't familiar with our shop hop, here's how it works:  Purchase a passport at any of the participating shops (P-Dub's, The Quilted Garden in Aurora or The Thistle in Pierce City) for $5. 

Your passport entitles you to a block pattern and it's fabric at each shop.  This year's theme is the "Underground Railroad" and our block is the "Carpenter's Wheel".  

Your passport also entitles you to 20% off one cut of regularly priced fabric (one yard minimum) whether you buy one yard or the entire bolt. 

Be sure to get your passport stamped at all three shops to be eligible for a $50 gift certificate from each shop.  

When you've finished 'hopping', leave your passport at the last shop so we can draw for the gift certificate winners.  It's that simple. Three shops.  Two days. '

Let the shop hopping begin!  

See you tomorrow (or Saturday) or both!  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Strippers were here and our "Secret Sister" Banquet!!!

The latest additions to the 'Farm Girl' family are two more adorable items by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet:  an adorable "Cozy Cottage" 2016 calendar and "Modern Mugs" mini quilt and mug rug pattern.  

Don't forget:  our "Farm Girl Vintage" club starts October 10th.  
Cozy Cottage 2016 calendar and "Modern Mugs" mini quilt (and mug rug) pattern
Yesterday is a blur!  The 'strippers' were here and "Secret Sisters" found out who their sisters were at last night's banquet!  

Gina and her family went 'row by rowing' earlier this summer gathering license places and kits along the way.  

Yesterday, she brought in the quilt she made and shared with us for 'show and tell'.  Her precious little boy, Colton, wanted in one of the pictures so, we had to oblige!  

Thanks, Gina for sharing your quilt with us! We love the different rows and plates.  
Gina's "Row by Row" quilt 

Colton wanted to be in the picture too!  

the bottom half of Gina's quilt 

The strippers were here:  yesterday was our 'work' day for "Quilts of Valor".  This group of 'strippers' made it all happen.  

After several hours of stripping, all strips were cut, counted and made into kits.  

They came.  They stripped.  They counted.  They made kits.  They ate pizza for lunch.  They had a great time!  

Thanks ladies for all your hard work.  We couldn't have done this without you! 
Back row:  Dorothy, Marnie and Vickie.  Front row: Aimee, Tanya, Alice, Kay and Cathy 

After stripping all morning, Alice showed us the fabulous purse she made using strips from a jelly roll. She almost didn't make it out of the shop with this stunner!  

Alice promised to get the name of this pattern so we can have them in the shop.  YIPPEE!!! I can't wait! 

Our "Secret Sisters" reveal party was held last night. 

For the past six months eleven ladies have been a 'sister' to someone while a different person was being a 'sister' to her.  

We feasted on Sweetness' world famous lasagna and side dishes brought by the 'sisters' before learning who our 'sisters' have been.  

Two of our 'sisters' weren't able to attend so, we'll arrange for them to meet their 'sister' another time.  

Dorothy received money and snacks from her 'sister' earlier this month.  

Last night's festivities started off by singing "Happy Birthday" to Shirley, who turned 65 yesterday.  

Sandy received this adorable camo jumper from her sister (Vicki W.) for Kaylee Ann who should arrive in November!  
Sandy's camo baby jumper from Vicki 

Dorothy received this owl figurine; fall themed centerpiece and wreath/picture frame from her sister (Sandy) last night.  

Dorothy's owl and fall themed centerpiece from Sandy 

The wreath/picture frame Sandy made for Dorothy 

In addition to it being her 65th birthday, Shirley received an adorable birdhouse (which I failed to get a picture of) wrapped in fabric she can use in a future project from her sister (Dorothy).  

Shirley unwrapping the birdhouse Dorothy gave her 
Pat received a bunch of kitchen stuff from her sister (Shirley) who knew Pat collects teapots.  

Shirley made an assortment of tea pot themed hot pads and tea towels and added a "teapot" napkin holder and red salt/pepper shakers!  
the kitchen accessories Pat received from Shirley.  
 Nola received a 'secret pal' pillow and teapot from her sister (Cathy).  

I didn't get a picture of the teapot with it's lid on but, it was super cute!  

Nola's "Secret Pal" pillow from Cathy 

the green teapot Nola received from Cathy 
Kay received this gorgeous neck pillow from her sister (Diane) who used a Kansas Troubles pattern to make it.    

the pillow Kay received from Diane last night. 

Sharon's sister (Kay) gave her an OmniGrid Fold Away as her reveal gift!  

Sharon's sister gave her a OmniGrid Fold Away!  

Cathy's sister (Missy) was unable to attend last night but left a gift certificate for her.  

I failed to take a picture of Cathy opening her gift certificate, sorry Cathy (and Missy).  It's so hard to get good help these days.    
Cathy (left) after opening her gift certificate 

Diane's sister (Sharon) made this ironing board cover using Kansas Troubles prints for her reveal gift.  

ironing board cover Diane received from Sharon
"Thank You" to everyone who participated in "Secret Sisters".  We hope you had as much fun as Sweetness and I have had helping you be 'sisters'.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Quilts of Valor" work day

Our annual "Quilts of Valor" all day sew-in is quickly approaching (October 3rd).  We have a lot of fabric to cut and kits to make by then.  

This Saturday, the 19th, is our 'work' day for cutting the fabric, counting strips and making kits.  

If you have a Go! cutter,  1 1/2" and 2 1 2/" strip dies, please bring them.   

If you don't have a Go! cutter but would like to help, please come.  There's plenty to do.  

Lunch will be provided (probably pizza) but please bring the drink of your choice and any snacks you'd like to share with the group. 

Whether you stay for an hour or the entire day, we truly appreciate all the help we can get.  

See you Saturday! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lots of "Show and Tell"; New solids and Marbles; Sit Upon!

Several nifty projects were brought in for "Show and Tell" the past couple of weeks.  I haven't posted anything for awhile due to being closed for Labor Day! 

Here goes:  Vickie C. brought in two baby quilts made using "Mimosa" by Studio 8.  We love the soft pastels of this line and, it makes adorable baby quilts. 

Thanks, Vickie for sharing with us!  
Vickie's "Mimosa" baby quilt 

Vickie's second "Mimosa" baby quilt. 

The newest addition to the Clancy family is an adorable little guy named Pooka.  Look at that face!

Pooka appeared one day at their house and, they decided to keep him.  

Come back anytime, Pooka.  We love all four legged kids.  
Kayla holding newest family member, Pooka.  

Cathy C. made this gorgeous quilt using the "Square Dance" pattern in the Winter 2013 issue of "Quilting Quickly" magazine.  

She used marble fabrics to make this stunner.  We love how the marbles pop against the black tone-on-tone sashing.  

I bamboozled Cathy into letting us keep this top in the shop for awhile.  Look for it the next time you're here.  

Cathy's "Square Dance" top she shared with us yesterday

Karen C. brought in this quilt she recently finished.  I didn't get a very good picture of it but, it's gorgeous in person.  

Thanks, Karen for sharing it with us.  I'm sorry about this picture.  I'm sure it was an operator error!   

Karen's quilt she shared with us yesterday

Kay brought in one of the "rows" she recently completed from this summer's "Row by Row" event.  

She used one of our batiks as the background and a 'camping' print for the backing.  

Kay plans to use one of her great-grandfather's fishing poles to hang her 'row' in her house.  

Can you see the loops Kay added at the top for his fishing pole? 

one of Kay's "Row by Row" projects 

the back of  Kay's Row by Row project 

While she was here, Kay also brought in the top she recently finished for a family friend.  

Using a "Texas" panel from the shop, she added nine patches of Texas themed prints and red sashing.  

The borders are leather textured fabric that really frames this Texas lovers quilt! 

Thanks, Kay for bringing this in.  We're sure your sister's male friend will love it!  

Kay's "Texas" themed quilt 

close up of Kay's "Texas" quilt 

Judy R. drove up from Arkansas yesterday to share her "Row by Row" quilt with us.  

Judy won 25 free fat quarters at a shop in Arkansas but wanted to share her quilt with us since she used our 'row'.  She chose the 'road map" fabric for her backing.  

Thank You, Judy for driving all this way to share your wonderful quilt with us and "Thank You" for using our row!  

Judy's winning "Row by Row" quilt (with our row) 

"Road Map" backing Judy used for her "Row by Row" quilt 

Judy's label for her Row by Row quilt 

I'm behind taking pictures of the new stuff that came in the past couple of weeks.  With us being closed for Labor Day, I think I'm getting caught up!  

We received four new "Bella Solids" by Moda: feather, porcelain, ivory and natural.  

We also received five new "Moda Marbles": Christmas Red, Bright Blue, Royal Blue, Gold Chrome and Flag Ivory.  
four new Bella Solids by Moda 

five new Moda Marbles 

Kay suggested we carry something called "Sit Upon" in the shop.  It gives you extra support while sewing (or driving or whatever).  

They look like a whoopie cushion on steroids but, are really nice if sitting in one spot for a long time.  

Moda released new colors of "Bella Solids" this season.  The charm packs and mini-charms were just released and, we now have them in stock.  

I don't know if jelly rolls and layer cakes will follow so, stay tuned.  I'll let you know.  

For now, we're happy to have the new charms and mini's but, be warned:  these new colors are pretty funky!   

new "Bella Solids" charm packs and mini charms 

We love it when the younger folks are eager to learn how to quilt!  Two year old Noah and his grandma (Shari) were in the shop recently for "Row by Row".  

We were excited to have someone so young interested in quilting but decided he might need to be able to walk and talk before getting started!  

Thanks, Shari (and Noah) for stopping by.  

Two year old Noah with Grandma Shari 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Closed for Labor Day

Just a quick reminder the shop will be closed Saturday, September 5th for Labor Day. 

Sweetness and I wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.