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Monday, October 27, 2014

Two week's worth of stuff!

I was away from the computer last week so there's a lot of stuff to post!  

The first picture is Vickie C.'s Quilt of Valor she made for our Q.O.V. project.  Not only did she make it, she also quilted it too!  

Great job, Vickie.  Thanks for making a Q.O.V. 

Kay S. stopped by to get the gift her Secret Sister left....a cute wooden dog.  How cute is this? 

Kay S. with her gift from her Secret Sister 


Crochet Man was here with his latest creation, a gorgeous crocheted afghan with double borders.  

I tried to get a picture of the border but I'm not sure you can see it very well.  Too bad!  It really is gorgeous.  

Crochet Man's latest creation 

the double border of Crochet Man's afghan. 

While he was here, Crochet Man also modeled this poncho he made.  We love the colors.  Gorgeous!  

Crochet Man modeling the poncho he crocheted 

the back of Crochet Man's poncho 

Crochet Man's sister, Shirley, brought her own project for "Show and Tell".  She made this adorable baby blanket for her great niece who was born in June.  

We love the pastel colors and the four-patch cornerstones Shirley used.  

Thanks, Shirley for bringing in this adorable quilt. 

baby quilt Shirley made for her great niece 

four patch corners Shirley used on her great niece's baby quilt 

Juanita D. and her granddaughter also stopped by "Show and Tell".

Juanita's granddaughter recently made a Jelly Roll 1600 and wanted to share it with us.  

Unfortunately, I can't remember this young lady's name but she did a great job!  

Juanita's granddaughter holding the Jelly Roll 1600 quilt she made 

 Juanita had attended her quilt guild's Halloween party before coming to the shop.  Everyone had to wear a costume.....Juanita's was a witch's hat complete with a vail.  

I tried to get a close up of it so, hopefully you can see the detail of her costume.  

Juanita modeling her witch's hat 

close up of Juanita's Halloween costume 

Judi M. stopped by to pick up the gift her Secret Sister gave her:  a book cover using Breast Cancer Awareness fabric.  
Judi's gift from her Secret Sister 

Marilee B. stopped by with a family heirloom for "Show and Tell".  This tree skirt was made by her great aunt circa 1940's.  

Needless to say, Marilee is very proud of this tree skirt and is a cherished memory of her aunt.  

the tree skirt Marilee's great aunt made circa 1940. 

We were asked to vend at the 2014 Fall Retreat for the Cassville Quilt Guild last week.  

One of the attendees was Kayla T. from the Kansas City area.  Kayla's quilt is a bajillion 1" squares that she's hand piecing.     

Kayla told us she's been working on this quilt for three years!  Wow!  

Thanks, Kayla for sharing this gorgeous quilt with us and letting me post it.    

Kayla T. and the postage stamp quilt she's been working on for three years. 

close up of Kayla's quilt 

another close up of Kayla's quilt 

The Cassville quilt guild's retreats are legendary in this neck of the woods.  I've heard all the stories, wondering if they were true.......after spending 3 1/2 days with these ladies I can tell's all true!  

Thirty ladies bring their sewing machines, supplies and lots of enthusiasm to this retreat.  We were so honored to be asked to be their vendor.   

Robin and I learned so much from these wonderful women we're still flying high from the experience.  

Thank You, members of the Cassville Quilt Guild, for letting Robin and I peak behind the curtain to see the wizard!  

I personally will be a better quilter after spending last week in your presence.   

After dinner each night, the 'retreater's had their own "Show and Tell". It might be a quilt they only work on during the retreat; something they wanted to get finished while there or maybe it was a new project.  

My pictures do NOT do these quilts true justice. They were truly stunning in person.  

This quilt was made by Lynda F. from Oklahoma. She told us it was a shop hop quilt from 2004.  Ten years later, it's finished!  

Great job, Lynda.  Everyone loved it.  

Lynda F's shop hop quilt 

Karla's Show and Tell is something she's making for her husband 

Jane's quilt she made using fabrics that were given to her 

the maker of this quilt is hiding behind it so, I'm not sure who she is!!! 

Mary Ann T. from Kansas showed us the quilt she made for her husband who was in the Navy.  

One afternoon during the retreat, there was a ruckus in the big sewing room.  Robin and I didn't know what was going on but were about to find out! 

Jenny (from Kansas) was demonstrating how to make these super cute Pinwheels using pre-cuts.  

The Pinwheels frenzy spread like wildfire to the point that we were running low on charm packs!  

Needless to say, I'll be doing a demo this Saturday of how to make these super easy little beauties.  

This is Beth M. hiding behind the Pinwheels table runner she made using "Richmond Reds" charm packs.  

Great job, Beth!  We love your runner. 

Beth's Pinwheels table runner she made using Richmond Reds charm packs 

close up of Beth's Pinwheels table runner 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quilts, Secret Sisters, new stuff and Tumbler Totes!

Vickie C. dropped by for Fabric Addicts on Wednesday.  She brought in the "Tumbler" quilt she made for her grand daughter!  How cute is this? 

the back of Vickie's Tumbler Quilt

Pat S. made this quilt for her daughter using one of the blocks from the "365 Quilt Blocks" calendar and "Foliage" jelly rolls.   

With a some help from Sharon with the layout, Pat recently finished this gorgeous quilt and brought it in yesterday for "Show and Tell".  '

We know Jeanette will love it!  

Pat also brought in this quilt she made for her husband, Ivan, as a surprise.  We love the tools fabric she used....I wonder where she got it???? 

Jacey B. stopped by yesterday for "Show and Tell" with a pink camo throw she made for herself.  It's adorable. She decided to tie the borders.  

Great job, Jacey!  

the front of Jacey's camo throw 

the back of Jacey's camo throw 

Jacey's border for her camo throw 

While she was here, Jacey opened a gift left by her Secret Sister:  some quilt blocks and a package of "Wonder Clips".  
Jacey opening the gift left by her Secret Sister 

The big brown truck brought some nifty stuff this week.  The "Quick Curve Ruler" is a great way to make curved blocks such as "Metro Hoops" and "Metro Rings" using jelly rolls.  

We also received "Curve It Up" booklet which includes directions for 12 different blocks using the QCR. 

These are made by Sew Kind of Wonderful!  

When I bought my latest sewing machine, the class instructor stressed how important it was to keep it oiled.  We didn't have any sewing machine oil in the shop but, that's no longer the case.  

We received "Zoom Spout" Sewing Machine Oil with a spiffy telescoping spout making it easier to get to those hard to reach places.  How cool is that? 

We also received "Heat N Bond" on the bolt this week.  

If you've been in the shop the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed the wall of big spools of Aurifil thread.

We now have a basket full of the smaller spools in a zillion different colors.  

small spools of Aurifil thread 

"Seasonal Silhouettes" by Edyta Sitar finally arrived this week.  This is a great book on raw edge applique but has been on back-order for months.   

We have all 12 of her raw edge applique quilt blocks, so it's nice to have the book in stock again.   

Pat asked me to find some gloves she could use while doing hand embroidery and binding.  

We found Therogonomic Hand-Aids gloves in two sizes:  medium and large.  These are great for anyone who has carpal tunnel, arthritis, wrist inflammation or recovering from hand surgery. 

We also found Fons and Porter's "Klutz Gloves" in medium and large.  

Thergonomic Hand-Aid Gloves 

Fons and Porter's Klutz Gloves 

The clearance fat quarters totes are growing (and being moved all over the shop).  

We currently have three totes of them (more will be added when I have another cleaning fit).  

Sharon's "Tumbler Tote" class was yesterday.  Sandy made this wonderful tote using fall themed prints.  

Complete with lining and inside pockets, Sandy has a spiffy new addition to her wardrobe!  

Great job, Sandy!  We love your new tote!  
Sandy and her "Tumbler Tote" she made yesterday 

close up of Sandy's Tumbler Tote. 

inside look at Sandy's Tumbler Tote 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Show and Tell; Stonehenge and "Save The Ta-Tas"

Tammy C. (who lives in the St. Louis area) was here during the shop hop on Friday.  She brought in this quilt she's making using batiks.  

Sweetness tried talking her into giving it to him but, she decided to take it with her.    

I forgot to ask the name of the pattern so, we're calling it "gorgeous".  

Thanks, Tammy for bring in this wonderful quilt.  

Sue L. was also here during the shop hop.  She made this quilt for her great granddaughter who will arrive sometime in November.  

We love the piano keys borders and the bright vibrant colors.  

Cathy W. brought in the quilt she entered in the Springfield Quilt Show in September.  Her quilt won the "Viewer's Choice" award.  Wow!  

This is a fabulous quilt complete with prairie point borders. 
Cathy W's "Viewer's Choice" quilt
close up of the prairie points of Cathy's quilt

"Secret Sisters" is in full swing again.....Vicki W's s/s left a note for her to pick out the charm pack of her choice as a birthday present (October 2nd). Vicki is a huge Kansas Troubles fan so, she chose one of the new "Paisley Park" charm packs.  Happy Birthday, Vicki.  

Vicki W. with her "Paisley Park" charm pack 

I love gizmos and gadgets!  The latest gizmo we received is called, "Seam Fix".  It's a spiffy seam ripper with a grooved rubberized top that 'catches' the threads when the ripping has stopped!  

We've sold out of these three times so, we now have a case of these nifty devices!  

Feel free to ask for a demo.  We'll be happy to show you how it works!  

We finally received the "Paisley Park" layer cakes. YIPPEE!!  The other pre-cuts arrived a while back but, now that the layer cakes are here, we now have all of them:  layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and the mini-charms. This is the latest collection by Kansas Troubles for Moda.   

We received three more bolts of "Stonehenge" by Northcott this week.  These are from their "Stars and Stripes II" collection, designed with "Quilts of Valor" in mind.

We have several other bolts of this collection in the shop but really love these new additions.  

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, sometimes referred to as "Save The Ta-Tas" month.

Oliso released these pink irons to help promote awareness.  For every pink iron sold, Oliso will donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  

We're very honored to have these limited edition pink irons in the shop.  Since they are the limited edition version, when they're gone, they're gone. 

We love it when four legged kids come to the shop. Savi, a toy Australian Shepard from Hannibal, MO., and her humans stopped by during the shop hop.  

Come back anytime, Savi.  Hopefully I won't forget your drink of water the next time!  

Savi giving her daddy puppy dog kisses!