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Friday, February 24, 2017

"After Hours Sew-A-Thon"starts this Saturday

Starting Saturday, February 25th, the last Saturdays of each month will be "After Hours Sew-A-Thon" from 5:00 p.m. to ???

Bring any project you'd like to work on (it doesn't have to be sewing/quilting related) and let's get some stuff done (bring any 
snacks you'd like to share with the group). 

The shop will be open as long as we have warm breathing bodies working on projects...and will close when the last person leaves!  

Also Saturday, the 25th:  all 'clearance' fabric will be $5/yard (one yard minimum) OR $4/yard when you buy what's left on the bolt.   

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Open 24 Hours"; Martelli rotating stuff; PODS; glow in the dark thread!

Remember when Saturday night was spent at the local diner?  The jukebox was playing....milkshakes were consumed as you sat in a booth.  

"Open 24 Hours" from Exclusively Quilters reminds me of those times.  The first three pictures are the same print of (in my opinion) what could easily become place mats.   
Place mats print of "Open 24 Hours" by EQ 

right side of the place mats print 

left side of the place mats print 

The "Menus" print is adorable! 
"Menus" print from the "Open 24 Hours" collection 

The "Billboards and Signs" print is spot on! 
"Billboards and Signs" print of  "Open 24 Hours" 

We received two colorways of "Food and Condiments":  black and light blue.  

These prints make me hungry! 
"Food and Condiments" on black and light blue 
 "Silverware" is a great companion print of this collection.  

"Silverware"  on light blue 
Vicki mentioned the rotating mat and ironing board Jenny Doan used in a recent tutorial.  After watching the tutorial (several times) I knew we had to have these in the shop. 

We received "Round-A-Bout" rotating mats and ironing boards by Martelli this week.  YIPPEE!!!  

Each piece is sold separately but we also have the sets (base, mat, ironing board). 

New PODS just keep rolling in!  This week we received table runner and quilt PODS from the "Arabella" and "Berries and Blossoms" collections by Maywood Studios.  

We'd heard about glow-in-the-dark thread but couldn't find it from any of our suppliers.  

The search is over....we received five colors of this fabulous thread last week.    

This isn't the greatest picture but hopefully you can see the colors:  mint green, pink, white, light blue and yellow.  

Kay made a mug rug using the white spool really does glow in the dark. 
glow in the dark thread:  mint green, pink. white, light blue and yellow 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kaylee Ann; Arabella; nifty new stuff; 'birthdays in February" party!

We love it when little ones come to the shop.  We were thrilled when Sandy and little Miss Kaylee Ann stopped by yesterday.  

Kaylee decided to play with one of the jelly rolls so....maybe this is the beginning of a future quilter!  
Sandy and Kaylee Ann stopped by yesterday 

we love Kaylee's outfit 

complete with a big pink flower...

Kaylee loved rolling this jelly roll on the floor 

stopping long enough to make sure we saw her!  

Most of this week's new stuff is purple.  We didn't plan it that way, it just happened!  

Prints, PODS and pre-cuts of "Arabella" by Maywood Studios came in this week.  

This collection smacks of "Grandmother's Flower Garden" normally accomplished by English Paper Piecing each itty bitty piece together then assembling together.  

More prints of this collection will be here very soon.   
prints of "Arabella" by Maywood Studios 

Until then, the layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and PODS are here (the mini-charms will be here next week).  

What in the world is a POD?  PODS are pre-cut kits exclusively offered by Maywood Studios from their fabric collections.  

There are two kinds of PODS: table runners and quilts.  Table runner PODS include the backing and binding fabrics while quilt PODS include the binding fabric.  

PODS are great for beginners since all the work is already done: everything is already cut, the fabrics coordinate and the instructions are super simple.  
"Arabella" pre-cuts; quilt and table runner PODS
Another new POD is this "Sister's Choice" table runner using Pioneer Spirit prints ("Sister's Choice is the pattern, not the fabric).  
Sister's Choice table runner POD by Maywood Studios
We love anything that makes our quilting life easier. Anything! 

I squealed like a little girl when we opened the box with these little beauties inside:  collapsible totes by "Quilt Happy".  

How cute are these?  Each tote has a front pocket, inside pocket; top zip closure and completely collapses when not in use.  
I put something in the front pocket and zipped the top closed

Hopefully you can see the fat quarter in the inside pocket

completely collapses and has an elastic band to keep closed 

I have a bunch of little stuff I have to hunt for when I need it.  
That's no longer the case with the addition of this "Nesting Notions Totes" that came in this week (note:  they're also purple).  

These all have zipper closures and fit inside each other (if not stuffed beyond their capacity) when not in use.  
set of "Nesting Notions Totes" 

that fit inside each other for easy storage 

We found the next item quite by accident.  I was searching for something else and found these.....double sided fusible hexagon shapes.  

Each package contains 12 hexies and I can't wait to make something with these.  
double sided fusible hexagons by Bosal.  YIPPEE!!! 
The latest issue of "Quilting Quickly" has some purple on the cover....

Suzanne's birthday is Valentine's Day so, she was our special guest for the "Birthdays in February" party (birthday cake courtesy of Sweetness).  
Suzanne enjoys a piece of BD cake! 

Sharon, Dorothy and Kay also had a piece! 

Lee almost waited too long for a piece of cake!