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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Town Square; Scrappy books; Stonehenge Gradations Brights stuff; Sun Kissed; Pink Sand Beach tote kits; Pillowcase Party winner!

The big brown truck was here a lot this week!!  It delivered some yummy stuff we've fallen in love with! 

We now have both colorways of Holly Taylor's "Town Square":  Harbor Blue and Mink.  We also received six new prints of Town Square (for a total of nine bolts of this collection). 
Harbor Blue panel of Town Square 

Mink colorway panel of Town Square 
three Snowflakes prints of Town Square 

three Swirling Wind prints of Town Square 

three "Branches" colorways of Town Square 

We're super excited to get these four books by Kim Brackett....they're each full of fun ways to use the mountain of scraps we all have!  

"Scraps" books by Kim Brackett 
I squealed like a little girl when we opened the boxes and boxes of Stonehenge "Gradation Brights"......charm packs and strip sets.  

The layer cakes of these were already here but now, we have all the pre-cuts of: Hibiscus, Rain Forest, Indigo, Lagoon, Sun Glow and Amethyst. 
layer cakes of Gradations Brights! 

charm pack of Stonehenge Gradations Brights 

strips sets of the new Gradations Brights 

I'd barely recovered from opening the Stonehenge order when the B.B.T. dropped off more boxes.  

After more squealing like a little girl, taking deep breaths and counting to ten, I was able to calm down enough to hug each and every bolt of "Sun Kissed" by Quilting Treasures.  

This collection reminds me of watercolor prints. They're so bright and vibrant.  These prints are a little brighter in person than my camera could capture.   

Now that I've hugged each and every bolt, they're ready to go to their forever home.  

big flowers print of Sun Kissed 

four fun prints of Sun Kissed 

three vibrant colorways of Sun Kissed by Quilting Treasures 

two more yummy Sun Kissed prints 

three more colorful prints of Sun Kissed 

We love "Pink Sand Beach Designs" patterns. They're totes are so fun to make and have super cute names (Cancun, Tahiti, Hamptons, London...).  

We're over the moon excited to have three of their tote kits.  These kits include the pattern, fabulous batik fabric, zippers and hardware to make each tote. 

We love the Brentwood, Tahiti and Barbados kits that arrived this week.  We know you will too. 

The BBT also delivered two white tone-on-tone prints this week.  It was difficult to get a good picture of these so hopefully you can see the paisley and leaf motifs.  
two new tone-on-tone prints from Quilting Treasures 
We also received this bolt of "Dusty Jade" Bella solid from Moda this week.  
Dusty Jade solid from Moda 
Sweetness and I wanted to do something for the flood victims in West Virginia.  We can't make quilts for everyone but, we can give them homemade pillowcases made with love. 

Vicki and Sweetness cut pillowcase kits then we asked for volunteers to sew them together.  

Unbeknownst to the participants, we decided to give the person who made the most pillowcases a fabulous gift from the shop.  

Vicki, Tami, Roxann, Becky, Pat, Amanda, Pam R., Nadine, Angie, Cathy and Dorothy made a total of 314 pillowcases.  

Our "pillowcase party" winner is Dorthy Jones who made 74 pillowcases.  

Dorothy's gift was an Aurifil thread set of her choice. She chose the "Brights" collection. 

Congratulations, Dorothy (and thanks for making so many pillowcases).  
Dorothy's thread set choice for winning our contest 

the "Brights" thread set Dorothy chose 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Blue Barn"; Gradations Brights; "Town Square"; Southern Exposure batiks, Show and Tell; nifty new books!

If you've known me for more than five minutes, you know I love anything by Kansas Troubles.  Anything! 

Miss Lynne now has her very own Aurifil thread set. YIPPEE!!!  We love the colors she chose and are thrilled to finally have these in stock.  
Kansas Troubles Aurifil thread set 

KT thread set colors 

Vickie dropped by with lots of "Show and Tell" to share with us.  We love her projects.  

Great job,Vickie.  Sorry it took so long to get your pictures posted.  
Vickie made this for a little person in her family 

baby quilt Vickie made for a family member 

the back of the baby quilt Vickie made 

stunning quilt Vickie brought in for Show and Tell.  Wow!  

a close up of Vickie's quilt 

Four legged kids (and their well behaved humans) are always welcome in the shop.  

We were recently visited by two adorable fur kids who checked out the shop then were ready to go (after a drink of water and quick belly rub!).    
this little guy loved his rope chew toy 

Snooks (and his humans) drove all the way from Oklahoma to visit the shop 

Kay was born, raised and lived most of her life in Texas.  She's now one of us but when she saw our "Texas" panels, she bought several to make into quilts.  

Kay made the quilt pictured below for her son (who lives in Texas) as a 'recovery' gift for his upcoming hip surgery.  

Kay added nine patches to the panel to get the size she wanted then, quilted it herself.   

We think she did a great job.  Thanks, Kay for sharing your son's 'recovery' quilt with us.  We know he'll love it. 
'recovery' quilt Kay made for her son. 

While she was here, Kay also showed off the "Midi" bag she finished for an upcoming trip out west.  
the front of Kay's Midi bag 

the back of Kay's Midi bag 

Nadine brought in this adorable baby quilt a couple of weeks ago (I'm really running behind posting pictures).  

We love the prints Nadine used.  They're so cute and just scream 'baby'.  

How cute is this?  
the front of Nadine's baby quilt 

Nadine chose an orange backing for the baby quilt 

Cathy brought in this adorable nautical themed quilt today.  We instantly fell in love with it.  

The prints she used are adorable, the blocks are adorable, the backing is absolutely precious!  

We almost didn't let her leave with it but......after hugging her quilt (more than once) we asked her to bring it back when she gets the binding on.  

I'm sure she will!  
the front of Cathy's nautical themed quilt 

close up of Cathys' nautical quilt 

the adorable back of Cathy's quilt 

The big brown truck dropped by three times this week.  I squealed like a little girl when I opened the boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff.  

"Blue Barn" pre-cuts and fabric on the bolt was just the beginning of the super yummy stuff left by the B.B.T.  

"Blue Barn" is the featured fabric in Frivols #12 (by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda) and are much prettier than my camera captured.  
"Blue Barn" layer cakes, jelly rolls and charm packs 

three prints of "Blue Barn" by Laundry Basket Quilts 

we really love the bolt on the left! 

five dainty prints of  "Blue Barn" 

When Vicki and I went to market, we both fell in love with Stonehenge "Gradations Brights" by Northcott.  

The B.B.T. delivered all six layer cake colorways of this fabulous collection (we love the names of the colors:  Hibiscous, Lagoon, Rainforest, Amethyst, Sunglow and Indigo).   

The rub is this is an assortment pack which means they cannot be re-ordered.  When they're gone, they're gone.  

The charm packs and jelly rolls of this collection are coming soon but are also not re-orderable.  
six colorways of Stonehenge Gradations Brights layer cakes 
We love Holly Taylor stuff.  There's something about their color choices that speaks to me.  

We usually shy away from anything seasonal but, when I saw these prints, I immediately ordered it.  

This week's temperatures (and humidity) have made being outside unbearable but, looking at the winter wonderland scenes of this "Town Square" panel cools us down a degree or two (or five).  

We have three prints of this collection as well as all the pre-cuts (layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms).  The three prints are a smidge darker than my camera could capture.  

BEWARE:  If you stare at this panel long enough, you might get the shivers!  
"Town Square" panel by Holly Taylor 

three prints of "Town Square" on the bolt 

layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms of "Town Square" 

These "Southern Exposure" batik layer cakes have been back ordered since April.  I'm so glad they're finally here.  

This is another great collection by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda.  YUMMY!  
"Southern Exposure" batik layer cakes by LBQ
I'm a sucker for a good book... a good quilting book that is!  

We received these books a couple of weeks ago but sold out of them shortly after posting them to the blog.  Never fear, the B.B.T. brought more this week. 

In my opinion, "Perfect Quilts for Precut Fabrics" is worth it's weight in gold.  It offers 64 patterns for fat quarters, layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls. Wow!  

This is a very heavy book so, please don't pull a muscle when picking it up.  You've been warned! 
this wonderful book is very heavy so beware when picking it up! 
The two books pictured below are by Moda's "All Stars" team.  

I'm not sure what the requirements are for being a Moda 'all star' but, I do know both of these books are fantastic.  

The "All in A Row" book is the basis for Sharon's upcoming classes.  YIPPEE!!!  I can't wait! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

"Christmas in July" sale continues through the 30th

Our "Christmas in July" sale will continue through Saturday, July 30th:  

  • 20% off store wide (excludes all AccuQuilt products and Row by Row kits)
  • 20% off all 'clearance' items 
  • 50% off the lowest marked price on "clearance fabric" on the bolt. 
No layaways, please and Stash Cards will not be stamped during this fabulous sale!  

See you at the shop! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Christmas in July" sale

We're expecting a bunch of new stuff later this month so, we've got to make room for it.   

Our answer is to have a "Christmas in July" sale: 20% off store wide this Thursday, July 14th and Saturday, July 16th including all 'clearance' items (AccuQuilt products are excluded).  

All 'clearance fabric' on the bolt will be 50% off the lowest marked price (located outside-weather permitting).  

No layaways please and stash cards will not be stamped during this great sale.  Thanks for understanding! 

See you Thursday (or Saturday or both)! 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Our "row by row" winner

Ileene Kelly of Huntsville, Arkansas is our 'row by row' winner.  YIPPEE!!!  

Ileene (and hubby Mitch) brought her stunning quilt to the shop this afternoon to claim her prizes. 

Ileene will receive 25 free fat quarters and a $100 gift certificate to the shop (for using our row in her quilt).  

Ileene's rows are from: 
Quilts and Quilts; Branson, MO 
Sew In Heaven; Fayetteville, AR 
The Quilted Cow; Branson, MO 
Country Corner Quilts;  Harrison, AR
Country House Quilting; Pea Ridge, AR
P-Dub's Quilt Stuff; Exeter, MO 
Gentry Quilts; Gentry, AR 
Sager Creek Quilts; Siloam Springs, AR 

Ileene's husband, Mitch quilted our 'row by row' winner!  

Congratulations, Ileene.  We love your quilt and look forward to displaying it in the shop for everyone to see.  

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