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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Secret Sisters; four legged kids; Show and Tell

The shop was a buzz of activity yesterday:  all day demos; Show and Tell; Secret Sister gifts and lots of visits by some four legged customers (and their well behaved humans).  

We started another round of "Secret Sisters" in January.  Dorothy, Vicki and Shawn each received stuff their 'sister' gave them for January and February.  

Dorothy's 'sister' gave her a smiley face mug and several tea bags as January's gift.  
Dorothy's January gift from her 'secret sister"

Vicki's 'sister' gave her a gift certificate as January's gift.  Vicki chose the latest issue of "Block" magazine and some "Bread N Butter" fabric.  

Vicki used her gift certificate on fun stuff 
Shawn's February gift from her 'sister' is a quilt clamp, two fat quarters and a Valentine's Day card.  
Shawn's February gifts from her 'secret sister'. 
Yesterday's "Sit N Sew" was (almost) standing room only...and we had a blast!  

It's a great thing to come together with others addicted to quilting, inspire each another and rally the troops when faced with a stubborn project.  
part of yesterday's "Sit N Sew" crowd 
We were blessed with several visits from our four-legged customers (and their well behaved humans).  

Sisters Mia and Molly (and their human Terri) stopped by yesterday.  These two are quite the pair.  

After some romping and playing, running around the shop and finding some scraps of fabric (dropped during "Sit N Sew"), these ladies were ready to go home.  
Mia and Molly are ready to go home! 

Mia and Molly take a break from romping and playing.  

Miss Lily (and her humans) stopped by on their way to Roaring River State Park yesterday.  Lily has grown a lot since the last time we saw her.  

Thanks, Ben and Jen, for bringing Miss Lily for a visit.....don't take so long to bring her back again!  

Ben, Jen and Miss Lily 

Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Miss Lily, has grown a lot since her last visit
Little Miss Sweetie Pie, Gracie (and her human Vicki), were here yesterday.  

Gracie is the shop's mascot so, it's her official duty to pop in now and be sure we aren't misbehaving!  

Miss Gracie checks out the shop
The big brown truck stopped by a couple of times this week.  We received this adorable new adult coloring book......

new adult coloring book 

Four new AccuQuilt dies....
three new dies  from AccuQuilt 

Rick Rack die from AccuQuilt 

and another bolt of "Quilt Camp" by Henry Glass Studios.  
bolt of "Quilt Camp" by Henry Glass Studios 

Yesterday's "Show and Tell" was totally over the top. 

Pat's "Butterflies" quilt is truly stunning in person. This pattern was originally a very small wall hanging but Pat wanted to make it into a much larger quilt.    

This was quite a feat considering Pat (who doesn't own a computer) had to enlarge all elements of the quilt then painstakingly drew out the design on paper.  

After some head scratching and a few Tylenol, this is the end result.  

Judi Miller did the quilting and brought it back to Pat yesterday.    

Hopefully I was able to capture the great quilting job Judi did on this fabulous quilt.  
Pat's "Butterflies" applique quilt 

we love the quilting on Pat's latest creation 

we particularly love the quilting around the flowers toward the bottom 

we love the butterfly quilting 

While she was here, Judi brought a quilt she's making for her sister.  

Judi's sister added some embellishments (hand embroidered hummingbirds) then give it to Judi to complete and quilt.  

This quilt is so big we had to go outside to take the picture.  

Thanks, Judi for bringing this in.  We can't wait to see it after it's quilted. 
hand embroidered hummingbird by Judi's sister 

this is a very big quilt.  We love it! 

Kay Simpson was one of our $25 gift certificate winners in December.  

Kay used her gift certificate to get Bonnie Hunter's new book, "Addicted To Scraps".  

Congratulations, Kay.  We know you'll love it.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Closed tomorrow, demos Saturday

Just a quick reminder the shop will be closed tomorrow, January 26th so Dorothy can recover from her eye surgery.  We will re-open at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, the 28th.  

We'll be doing demos of "The Essential Triangle Tool" by Bonnie Hunter at 11:00 a.m.; 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Saturday.  

See you then!  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

For Love of Country; Xanadu; Color Daze; Home of the Brave; Bread N Butter; Row by Row prints; Show and Tell!

A bunch of new stuff came in since my last post. We love the patriotic prints; big florals and vibrant colors of these new arrivals.  

Three bolts of "Love of Country" by Quilting Treasures came in.  We love the fireworks and stars on these prints (they are a smidge darker in person). 

Love of Country prints by Quilting Treasures 

Grab your sunglasses! These next prints are put-your-eyes-out bright and wild!    

"Xanadu" by Quilting Treasures offer big splashes of color and lots of movement.  

I'm not sure what to make with these first: a little girl's dress; curtains or a tote.  
big bright prints of "Xanadu" by QT 

four more prints of "Xanadu" by QT 

We were running low on big prints for borders but, that's no longer the case!  

These four colorways of "Color Daze" by Moda offer very large floral prints which, we think, would be great for borders. 
four colorways of "Color Daze" by Moda 
Everyone knows we're very involved with Quilts of Valor.  I won't get up on my soapbox but, this is a wonderful organization who wants every solider touched by war to receive a quilt.  Every soldier.  

We were thrilled when the boxes and boxes of "Home of the Brave" prints finally arrived.  

This collection offers three panels and several companion prints.  We think these would be great as a Q.O.V. or Americana project.  
"The Flag" panel from "Home of the Brave" by QT 

blue and cream colorway panels of "Home of the Brave" 
"Soaring Eagle" on black and cream 

three colorways of "Flags" prints

three "Stars" colorways of Home of the Brave collection 

We love anything 1930's...anything! I spun straight up when we received more prints of "Bread N Butter" by American Jane.   

We'd received several prints of this collection awhile back but these are just now getting here.  YIPPEEE!!! 
four colors of "Small Flowers" from the Bread N Butter collection 

three colorways of "Medium Flowers" 

yellow "Pin Dots" of Bread N Butter by American Jane 
We'd sold out of "Marble Citrus" jelly rolls so...the big brown truck brought some more!  
"Marble Citrus" jelly rolls by Moda 
I started making table runners over Christmas vacation.  Trying to keep track of 50 different fabrics almost drove me over the edge! 

Then I remembered the 'Numbered Pins" we have in the shop.  After purchasing a package, I was able to walk away from the edge of insanity.   

These pins are great. They're made of steel and have numbers on the end.  Each package has six pins of each number (1-20) and really saved the day! 
Numbered Pins by Marilee 
Dorothy made this Log Cabin Table Runner using one of the PODS we received from Maywood Studios (table runner PODS include the backing and binding fabrics). 

After adding the ends to her runner, Dorothy will quilt it herself.  
Dorothy's Log Cabin Table Runner POD 
Dorothy finished this "Rail Fence" tote last week and brought it to share with us.  We love it! 

I reminded Dorothy my birthday is in May and my favorite color is blue.....a girl can only hope!!! 
Dorothy's "Rail Fence" tote 
Four legged kids (and their well behaved humans) are always welcome in the shop. We love four legged kids.  

Miss Millie and her humans (Rodney and Cheryl) dropped by last week before leaving town.  
Rodney and Miss Millie 

Miss Mia and Miss Molly and their human (Terri) also stopped by last week.  

These little ladies are full blooded sisters but from different litters.  They fuss and fight as you would imagine sisters do!  
Miss Mia and Molly with their human, Terri 
"Secret Sisters" started again in January.  Shawn is a prolific knitter so, her 'sister' gave her a couple skeins of yarn and a card as January's gift.  
Shawn's gift from her Secret Sister 

a card and two skeins of yarn.  
I'm running so far behind on posting stuff I made a couple extra trips around the shop to be sure I had pictures of everything....

The latest issue of "Block" magazine is here.  There was a hiccup in shipping but, it finally arrived. YIPPEE!! 
the latest issue of "Block" finally arrived 
These two bunting prints by Quilting Treasures came in...along with the other patriotic prints we received. 

I'm thinking these would be great borders for a Quilt of Valor.  

two colorways of bunting by QT 
"Row by Row 2017" doesn't start until June but, lots and lots of stuff has to happen between now and then.   

We received the entire collection of "Row by Row" prints by Timeless Treasures last week.  These are so fun.  

This year's "On The Go" theme brings lots of things to mind.....and now some of them are on fabric.  

the 'allover' print of this year's Row by Row collection

more fun 'on the go' motifs by Timeless Treasures 

this year's license plate print for Row by Row 

linear print of "On the Go" by Timeless Treasures 

"State Stamps" of this year's Row by Row collection 

allover Row by Row print of words, scenes and motifs 

the other half of the print pictured above 

"The World" print of this year's Row by Row collection 

the other half of "The World" print 

(Arkansas) Lillian has been very busy.  She stopped by yesterday with lots and lots of stuff for "Show and Tell". 

Lillian made these adorable pouches, carryalls and coasters using fabric (or mini-charms) in different sizes...add a zipper and binding and you're done!  

These will be a class in the very near future.  We can't wait to make some of these ourselves.  
front of  Lillian's pouches 

backings Lillian chose for her adorable pouches 

carryall by Lillian complete with adorable button closure 

its holds lots of stuff 

and has a zipper on the back  

coaster Lillian made using charm pack pieces 

back of Lillian's coaster 

notebook cover complete with ribbon ties 

it also holds a lot of stuff 

the perfect way to keep small sewing supplies together

Lillian made this adorable mermaid (and accessories) for her little girl 

Miss Mermaid complete with fins!  

Did I say Lillian has been very busy?  I wasn't kidding.   

She also brought three quilts she made for her family 'just because".  Each quilt used one layer cake....then Lillian quilted them herself.  

Thanks, (Arkansas) Lillian for sharing your stuff with us.  We love everything...we can't wait to take your class. 
"Farm Fun" quilt Lillian made using one layer cake 

"Farm Fun" backing Lillian used for the quilt above 

another quilt Lillian made for her family 'just because" 

the back of Lillian's 'just because" quilt! 

another 'just because' quilt by Lillian 

the back of Lillian's quilt pictured above 

Mitch and Ileene stopped by yesterday.  Ileene purchased the "Bow Tucks Tote" pattern the last time she was here. This has been a very popular pattern and we've sold out several times.  

Yesterday, Ileene was carrying the tote she made (and showed us the wallet/checkbook cover she made with the scraps).  

Thanks, Ileene for sharing your creations with us. You did a great job.    
the back of Ileene's "Bow Tucks Tote" 

the front of Ileene's tote 

wallet/checkbook cover Ileene made with her scraps