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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Three generations:Show and Tell; Stars and Stripes; Heartland; new pillowcases; Secret Sister flowers

Girl Power:  we love it when little ones come to the shop. Yesterday we were blessed with three generations of ladies from Kansas (Mr. Bear was along for the ride). 

After some serious shopping and a few hugs, these ladies headed home to Kansas.  

Thanks Becky, Miss Emma, Kathy (and Bear) for stopping by.  Please come back soon.  
Becky (holding Bear), Emma and Kathy 

Vickie brought in this adorable quilt she made for a family member's baby shower.  How cute is this? 

We love the colors Vickie chose and we think this is a very lucky baby!  
Vickie's latest baby quilt 

close up of Vickie's baby quilt 

Kindra brought in this stunning quilt for yesterday's "Show and Tell".  We love the red, white and blue she used for this very patriotic quilt. 

Thanks, Kindra for bringing this in.  We love love love this quilt. 
Kindra's patriotic quilt

close up of Kindra's quilt 

Kindra chose yellow stars on dark navy for the backing 

The big brown truck stopped by a couple of times this week!  I literally squealed like a little girl when we opened the boxes and boxes!  

"Stars and Stripes" is a new Stonehenge collection by Northcott.  

This collection includes the panel pictured below and several companion prints. 

Any of these would be great as a Quilt of Valor.  
"Stars and Stripes" panel by Northcott 
companion prints of the new "Stars and Stripes" collection 

"Heartland" by Studio E also arrived this week.  We now have every bolt of this adorable farm themed collection. 

The print below is NOT a panel.  There is a lot going on with this print so, I decided to cut off one yard and hang it up for the picture.   

How cute are these?  So many projects come to mind....
part of the "Heartland" collection by Studio E 
"Barns and Animals" print of  Heartland 

dark blue, light blue and cream companion prints of "Heartland" 

"Flowers" on red and dark blue 

"Stars" on red and dark blue colorways 

"Roosters" on dark red and light blue backgrounds 

"flowers" on red, dark blue and cream backgrounds 

"Heartland Animals" on dark blue and cream colorways  

Terri made two pillowcases using some of the new fabrics pouring into the shop.  

This pillowcase below features some of this year's "Row by Row" prints we have in the shop.  
"Row by Row" pillowcase 
Terri used three of the "Arabella" prints we have in the shop for the pillowcase below.  

If you love hexagons (either the English Paper Piecing kind or the Grandmother's Flower Garden kind), you'll love this collection by Maywood Studios. 
"Arabella" pillowcase...we love love love the hexies!  
Dorothy's 'secret sister' sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers last Saturday for National Quilting Day. 

Great job, Secret Sister...she loved them.  
Dorothy's National Quilting Day gift from her s/s 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

"National Quilting Month" sale continues

Our "National Quilting Month" sale continues through the end of March:

20% off all regularly priced fabric; 25% off if buying what’s left on the bolt
20% off all pre-cuts
20% off all 108” backings; 25% off if buying what’s left on the bolt
All ‘clearance’ fat quarters will be $1.00 each (that’s 60% off)
50% off all ‘clearance’ fabric (located outside-weather permitting); 60% off if buying what’s left on the bolt
20% off all regularly priced fat quarters
Additional 20% off all items in the ‘clearance’ baskets
20% off all notions; patterns; books; thread; thread sets; coloring books and supplies; kits, toweling, Oliso irons, all batting
Stash Cards will not be stamped
All AccuQuilt products are excluded
No layaways
We're open today from 9-5:30 p.m.  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Huge "National Quilting Day" sale and sew-a-thon thisSaturday

This Saturday, March 18th is National Quilting Day so, we're celebrating with a fabulous sale and an all day sew-a-thon. 
This Saturday, March 18th:  
  • 20% off all regularly priced fabric; 25% off if buying what’s left on the bolt
  • 20% off all 108” backings; 25% off if buying what’s left on the bolt
  • All ‘clearance’ fat quarters will be $1.00 each (that’s 60% off)
  • 50% off all ‘clearance’ fabric (located outside-weather permitting); 60% off if buying what’s left on the bolt 
  • 20% off all regularly priced fat quarters 
  • Additional 20% off all items in the ‘clearance’ baskets (we've added a bunch of stuff to the baskets this week) 
  • 20% off all notions; patterns; books; thread; thread sets; coloring books and supplies; kits, toweling, Oliso irons, all batting and anything else I've forgotten 
  • Stash Cards will not be stamped
  • All AccuQuilt products are excluded
  • No layaways, please

Our “After Hours Sew-A-Thon” will be all day Saturday. Whether you come for an hour or stay all day, be sure to bring your projects (quilting, sewing, knitting, embroidery, crocheting, whatever), a sack lunch, the drink of your choice and any snacks you’d like to share with the group. Everyone is welcome regardless of what you're working on.
We’ll sew our brains out or until the last person leaves……whichever comes first….maybe into the wee hours of the night??? See you Saturday! I can't wait!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Libertyville"; Forty Five 25's, Oh My; Sister Power!

I squealed like a little girl when we opened the boxes the big brown truck delivered this week.  

Our order of "Libertyville" by Henry Glass Studios is here.  YIPPEE!!!  

This collection offers two different panels and seven companion prints for your next patriotic project.  
"Libertyville" panel by Henry Glass Studios
another "Libertyville" panel 

allover "tossed" print of Libertyville 

red, white and blue spinning pinwheels of "Libertyville" 

allover flags, stars on red, stars on blue "Libertyville" prints 

The big brown truck also dropped off these adorable sewing themed totes....
sewing themed tote.  How cute is this? 

and two flannel PODS (pre-cuts kits).  The POD on the left is a Log Cabin kit while the POD on the right is a Rail Fence pattern.  

Flannel PODS are new to the shop and we're super excited to have them in stock.   
Log Cabin and Rail Fence PODS...

Yesterday's "Show and Tell" was off the charts! Karen Malnar brought in her "Forty Five 25's, Oh My" quilt to share with us.  

This quilt has forty five 25 patches....each 25 patch uses 1/2" squares for a grand total of 1,125 1/2" squares.  YIKES!  

This stunning quilt recently won the "Viewer's Choice" award in the "Road to California" quilt show.  No wonder!  

Congratulations, Karen.  This is truly a stunning quilt and, we're honored to be graced with your presence, Oh Mighty Viewer's Choice Winner!! 
Karen's "Forty Five 25's, Oh My" quilt 

close up of Karen's award winning quilt! 

Sister Power:  Judi Miller also brought something for "Show and Tell" yesterday.  Judi's sister wanted to make a quilt for herself.  Finding a pattern she liked she started to make the quilt pictured below.  

Judi's sister was diagnosed with cancer shortly after and was unable to finish it herself.    

Judi said she'd finish it and quilt it since she has a long arm quilting machine.  

You might remember this quilt from a previous that it's quilted, Judi wanted us to see the finished project. 

Thanks, Judi for sharing your story (and your sister's quilt) with us.  
sister power:  Judi's sister's "Believe" quilt 

Monday, March 6, 2017

We're in "Connection" Magazine......YIPPEE!!!

If you get the chance, read the article on page 35 in the March issue of "Connection" might see some familiar faces!!!!  
Add caption

Sunday, March 5, 2017

"Birthdays in March" party; Lots of "Show and Tell"; "Blessed"; After Hours Sew-A-Thon; our Row by Row contest Winner.

Our "Birthdays in March" party had one birthday guest..can you see her 'Happy Birthday' tiara?  

Happy Birthday, Cathy!  "Thank You" to Sweetness for making a delicious cake!  
Happy Birthday, Cathy! 
Sherry brought in this gorgeous quilt for "Show and Tell" last week. We love the bright colors she chose. 

Sherry decided to make a smaller quilt with the leftover cute is this? 
gorgeous quilt Sherry recently finished.  

small quilt Sherry made with the leftovers

Sherry also brought in a "Double Wedding Ring" quilt she made using "Mimosa" prints.  We love it too! 

Our order of "Blessed" by Quilting Treasures came in last week.  These prints are so cheerful and bright...they almost jump off the fabric! 

This collection has one panel which is in the last photo of this grouping.  
"Blessed" birdhouses on black, light blue and white 

"Blessed" words on black, yellow and white 

Large flowers on black, light blue and yellow colorways 

Yellow and Blue 'Stripes" from the Blessed collection 

"Blessed" panel on black

Two super yummy bolts of Stonehenge Gradations came in last week.  This isn't the greatest picture...the bolt on the left is deep deep dark dark purple, the bolt on the right is a smidge lighter.  

Stonehenge Gradations on the bolt! 

Our first ever "After Hours Sew-A-Thon" was held last Saturday (the last Saturday of the month) and we had a blast.  

Dorothy, Vickie, Sharon, Terri and I each worked on our own projects and accomplished great things (thanks, Vickie for the snacks).  

We sewed in the wee hours of the night and were bushed when we gathered our stuff to finally go home. 

Thanks, ladies for making our first ever event a huge hit.  
our first ever "After Hours Sew-A-Thon" 

Vickie worked on log cabin blocks 

camera shy Dorothy also worked on log cabin blocks 

Terri displays the "Snap Bag" samples Sharon was making 

Vickie brought several projects to work on! 

One of my favorite things about owning a quilt shop is "Show and Tell".  I live for it!  Whether it's quilting, sewing, crocheted, knitted or any other form of fiber usage, we wanna see it.  

Crochet Man stopped by with this adorable camo baby blanket he's making for a family friend.  How cute is this?

Crochet Man's camo baby blanket in progress 
I usually don't post stuff I've made but decided to share a couple of table runners with everyone.  

The first runner follows the pattern directions precisely which is very hard for me.  I want to put my own spin in things and see how it turns out! 

I made this runner using the "Jammin Table Topper" pattern (by Kansas Troubles) and part of an "Oak Haven" jelly roll (also by Kansas Troubles).  

Mitch quilted it for me so now I just need to put the binding on.  ICK!  
My "Jammin Table Topper" table runner using "Oak Haven" strips 

the back of my "Oak Haven" runner 

I fell in love with the entire "Summer Breeze IV" collection as soon as it arrived.  

We needed a new table runner for the shop so, I decided to put my spin on the "Jammin Table Topper" pattern using strips from a "Summer Breeze IV" jelly roll and go for it!  

The result is a very long runner.  It's so long we have to fold one of the ends underneath so it won't hang to the floor.  

Never be afraid to create your own pattern.  This was a lot of fun and I'm glad to finally have it finished. 

Mitch did a great job of quilting it so I guess I need to put binding on two runners!! 
My extra long "Summer Breeze IV" table runner

Yesterday, Kay brought in this quilt she made for a family member. Now that it's been quilted, she too gets to put on the binding!    
the quilt Kay made for a family member 

We love it when the big brown truck pulls up to the shop.  We know something yummy is about to be discovered....

We received three cases of Moda Scrap Bags; 108" wide backing of Stonehenge Gradations by Northcott and two nifty new patterns by Denyse Schmidt.    

this is what three cases of Scrap Bags looks like! 

108" wide backing of Stonehenge Gradations by Northcott 

two nifty new patterns by Denyse Schmidt

Our "Row by Row" contest has come to and end. The votes have been cast and counted....

Drum roll please.....this year's winner is row #4 designed and made by Dorothy Jones. 

Dorothy gets a $100 gift certificate for winning and lifetime bragging rights! 

Congratulations, Dorothy.  Thanks for making a super fun row and have fun spending your gift certificate.  
this year's Row by Row contest winner, Dorothy Jones! 

Michelle stopped by yesterday with some English Paper Piecing she's been working on.  

We love the Kansas Troubles prints she used and can't wait to see the finished project.