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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All patterns on sale tomorrow!

A quick reminder the shop will be open tomorrow, January 28th from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  

All patterns will be 20% off.....tomorrow only.. Consider it your reward for going to a quilt shop when it's sixty degrees (in Missouri) in January! 

See you tomorrow! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Clara's Garden; Fresh Air, Underground Railroad; April's first quilt

Cathy brought in the "Scrap Crazy" quilt she recently made using the 8" Scrap Crazy templates and a "1930's Playtime" layer cake.  

Cathy also used a "1930's Playtime" print for the backing of her quilt and decided to tie it when she was finished! 

Great job, Cathy.  We love the 1930's prints.  
Cathy's Scrap Crazy quilt 

close up of Cathy's quilt 

the back of Cathy's Scrap Crazy quilt. 

Vickie brought in her versions of Bonnie Hunter's "Grand Illusion" mystery quilt.  We love all the colors. 

After completing the first one, Vickie decided to make a smaller version using different prints.  Yummy!   

Vickie's version of Bonnie Hunter's "Grand Illusion"  

Vickie's smaller "Grand Illusion" quilt 

Karla made this quilt using mystery blocks from a shop hop she participated in a couple of years ago.  

How cute is this.  We love the blocks and the color arrangement.  

Karla said she's keeping this one for herself!  We don't blame her!  

Karla's mystery shop hop block 

close up of Karla's mystery shop hop quilt 

Fellow shop hop owner, April, dropped by yesterday to find more fat quarters for her VERY FIRST QUILT! 
This is a major accomplishment for April (who says she can't sew on a button!).  

She calls it her shabby-chic quilt because she used flannel, chenille, cotton and other textures.  She's using the "quilt as you go" method.    

April didn't want me to take a picture of her quilt saying it wasn't good enough for the blog.  Oh, please! As you can see, I was able to sweet talk her into letting me document the occasion with a photo!  

April, we're so proud of you.  Keep up the good work and bring back your shabby-chic quilt when it's finished.  

You go, girl! 
April's first quilt!  YIPPEE!!!  

Pat brought in this batik block she made using the pattern from the cover of "Easy Quilts" Fall 2014 magazine. 

She is deciding how big to make her quilt....queen or, stay tuned.  We'll keep you updated. 

Pat's batik block from the cover of  "Easy Quilts" Fall 2014  issue 

the inspiration for Pat's batik block (pictured above) 

Yesterday was the first of two "Quick Curve Ruler" classes.  Dorothy, Sharon, Jo and Juanita had sew much fun!  

Juanita wasn't able to finish her block but will bring it in when she gets it done. 

We love the different prints everyone chose and how they pop against the backgrounds.  

Dorothy's "Quick Curve Ruler" block using Kansas Troubles prints 

Sharon chose 1930's prints for her QCR block 

Jo's Quick Curve Ruler block she made in yesterday's class 

After posing for pictures, Sharon opened the gift left by her Secret Sister:  a super cute pink purse filled with 80 miniature quilt blocks and an adorable card. 

The big brown truck dropped off more stuff this week.  We're trying to find homes for everything so please, excuse our mess! 

We received another bolt of "Kansas Troubles Favorites" on red; Fiesta stripe toweling; "Underground Railroad" book by Eleanor Burns; bolts of "Fresh Air" by American Jane for Moda; "Fresh Air" precuts: layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms; "Clara's Garden" pre-cuts and 6 prints of it's fabric on the bolt.  YIPPEEE!!!  

Kansas Troubles Favorites on red 

Fiesta Stripe toweling 

Underground Railroad by Eleanor Burns 

"Fresh Air" by American Jane for Moda 

"Fresh Air" prints by American Jane 

yes, more prints of  "Fresh Air" by American Jane!  

"Fresh Air" precuts:  layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms 

"Clara's Garden" precuts: layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls, mini-charms and fat quarter bundles 

6 bolts of "Clara's Garden" by Kansas Troubles 

Twenty-one month old Jakob accompanied his grandma, Robin, to the shop last Wednesday.  

While Robin was shopping, Jakob found the totes of scraps.  

He decided his favorite scrap would be worn as a necklace!  

How cute is this little guy? 


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop day!

This Saturday, January 24th, is "Visit Your Local Quilt Shop" day. 

Sounds like a plan to me! 

See you Saturday! 
P-Dub and Sweetness 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

An absolutely charm-ing sale!

Just a quick reminder the shop will be open tomorrow, January 21st, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  

Tomorrow only:  all charm packs will be 20% off. Consider it your reward for getting out in the middle of the week. 

See you tomorrow,
P-Dub and Sweetness 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Secret Sisters, Paper Piecing, Miss Betty and more new stuff!

Pat brought in this apron she made using polyester fabrics.  She wanted an apron that didn't need to be ironed and decided to use poly for a change of pace.  
Pat modeling the apron she made using polyester 

Jacey (our youngest Secret Sister participant) and Vickie C. received gifts from their "Secret Sisters" yesterday: Jacey's 'sister' gave her six fat quarters and a big spool of Aurifil thread;  Vickie's 'sister' gave her a covered hot soup mug, mug rug and box of green tea.  
Jacey's fat quarters and Aurifil thread 

Vickie's January gifts from her Secret Sister! 

Judi and Shirley took Karla's "Paper Piecing" class yesterday.  When they were finished, I wanted pictures of their project!  

Judi chose more traditional prints for her Starburst while Shirley went for the Mardi Gras theme.  

Great job, Judi and Shirley!  

Judi with her paper piecing project 

Shirley's Mardi Gras paper piecing project!  

Miss Betty dropped by yesterday for "Show and Tell". She brought this very colorful quilt she recently finished.  We love how all the colors pop against the light green marble background.  

Betty said this is the first quilt she's completed in 2015 which she'll be giving as a Christmas present this year.  

Thanks, Betty for sharing your quilt with us.  We know the recipient of this quilt will love it too. 

Miss Betty with her first quilt of 2015

close up of Miss Betty's quilt 

The big brown truck was here several times this week (I love that big brown truck):  

We received three colorways of "Kansas Troubles Favorites" prints this week:  cream, brown and green.  

These will be great blenders for any project. YIPPEE!  

Kansas Troubles Favorites prints:  cream, brown and green 

Calling all Wonder Clips owners:  we received Wonder Clips Wrist Cushions this week.  The good news is three itty bitty Wonder Clips are included! 
Wonder Clips Wrist Cushion 

In another box left by the big brown truck were six new Moda towelings.  Each of these are hemmed on the side, just decide how long your towel should be.  

We now have a wide variety of toweling to choose from.  

Moda "Christmas Stripe" toweling:  red stripes on white; green stripes on white and Mango Border Stripe 

more towelings: Rodeo Stripe: yellow on white; aqua on white and grey on white. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

scissor sharpening Saturday

Scott from "A Finer Edge" will be at the shop this Saturday, January 17th, sharpening scissors, knives, Asian cutlery or anything else you need sharpened! 

Also, all regularly priced layer cakes will be 20% off, Saturday only. 

See you Saturday, 
P-Dub and Sweetness 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Aurifil on sale tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder the shop will be open tomorrow, January 14th, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

Tomorrow only:  all big spools of Aurifil thread will be $11.99/each (consider it a reward for getting out in the middle of the week).  

see you tomorrow, 
P-Dub and Sweetness 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Because of the Brave"; Show and Tell; Secret Sister gifts.

We're so happy to finally have "Because of the Brave" layer cakes in the shop which means we now we have all the pre-cuts of this great line:  layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms. 

I guess good things do come to those who wait!  
"Because of the Brave" precuts..yippee! 

Vicki W. brought two quilts for "Show and Tell" yesterday.  The first quilt is the "Falling Blocks" pattern from a previous issue of "Block" magazine.  

Vicki made this for the artist painting a portrait of Gracie, Vicki's four legged child.  

We love how the "Moda Marbles" charm pack pieces pop against the solid black background.  Yummy!  

Her second quilt is a Western themed birthday present to herself (using flannel for the backing).  

Vicki's 'gift to herself' was quilted by Penny B. in Illinois.  

Vicki's "Falling Blocks" quilt 

close-up of Vicki's "Falling Blocks" quilt, using Marbles charm packs 

Vicki's birthday present to herself:  a Western themed quilt.  

close up of Vicki's birthday present 

side borders of Vicki's quilt 

flannel back of Vicki's Western quilt, quilted by Penny B. 

Our "Secret Sisters" have been very busy this week.

Vicki picked out a big spool of Aurifil thread; Lynn's 'sister' gave her some reading materials; Pat received a super cute notepad set, birthday card, red bracelet and very blingy necklace; Nola received a cute plaque and matching towel from her 'sister'.  

Vicki's new spool of Aurifil 

books Lynn's Secret Sister gave her

Pat's birthday stuff: notepad, bracelet and necklace 

Pat's blinged out birthday necklace 

red bracelet Pat received from her s/s 

Nola holding her plaque and matching hand towel 

Lynn brought two quilts she needed backing for.  I can't remember the name of the first quilt but we're calling it 'pretty'!! 

Her second quilt is "Tulips" (I think) and we love it!  

Wanda brought in her latest creation, called "Butterflies". 

We love the colors of each butterfly and how they
pop against their white background.  Gorgeous! 

She also brought the seven tea towels she hand embroidered.  

Wow!  Our customers are so creative!  "Thank You" for sharing your projects with us. 

Wanda's Butterflies quilt.  Stunning colors 

close up of Wanda's Butterflies quilt.