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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Buy-one-get-one-free sale this Saturday

 "Thank You” to everyone who asked about my nephew, Nathan.  He had surgery on his shoulder last Tuesday.  It was a success.  The surgeon did not have to cut his muscles and was able to do it arthroscopically.  He is now home in Dallas but went back to Ft. Sill for follow-up doctor appointments yesterday and today (Wednesday).  Big hugs and kisses to everyone for keeping Nathan on your prayer lists. 

Melba’s birthday party last Saturday was great.  The birthday cake was a work of art and almost too pretty to cut…..but we did!  Everyone brought Melba a fat quarter (or two) of either purple or red.  She was so surprised!  My camera died last week but thankfully Melba’s son, Jim, was in attendance and took several pictures with his phone.  Thank goodness for technology!  He has since emailed the pictures to me so I’ll try to get them on the blog ASAP. 

Remember in last week’s newsletter when I mentioned all attendees to Melba’s party would receive a special surprise?   Apparently, I’m not the only one with a few tricks up my sleeve!  Melba’s dirty little secret was that she’d crocheted snowflakes for everyone who came to the party……..little did I know she’d also crocheted a snowflake centerpiece for Sweetness and I.  Wow!  Not only is she a gifted quilter but an accomplished crocheter too!   Melba, we hope you had a good time and look forward to throwing another party in your honor in 10 years!  Happy Birthday!

As previously mentioned, my camera died last week.  I dug out my old camera for birthday picture taking but it didn’t work out very well.  With that said, I don’t have any pictures of all the new stuff that came in last week (and so far this week).  RATS!  A picture really is worth a thousand words. 

We received our big order of “Sweet Pea” by Kansas Troubles last Friday.  It’s gorgeous!  We also have “Seasonal Silhouettes” and “Lasey Family Tree”  master kits, “Fabric Silhouettes—Maple Leaves”, “Fabric Silhouettes-Rainbow Star”,  as well as some of the individual blocks.  These are great if you love applique to don’t want all the fuss.  These have fusible web on the back for ironing onto your project.  That’s it!  You can sew them down or not.  It’s up to you. 

For the fisherman in your life: We just received several bolts of ‘fishing’ related fabrics:  bass fish swimming around, trout swimming around, bass fishing lures, trout fishing lures, water running over rocks……….too bad my camera died.  These are really cute! 

We now have quilt labels in stock.  If you can’t make your own (or don’t want to) now, you don’t have  to!  P.S.  look at the quilt labels Pat made with her embroidery machine.  They’re a real bargain at only $8 each and she has lots to choose from. 

Speaking of Pat:  she and I have been trying to make “fall” themed table runner kits for a while now.  We haven’t gotten very far!  I did manage to cut out three baskets full of acorns, three (or four) sizes of pumpkins, maple leaves and oak leaves with my Go! Cutter (these are at the end of the “Sit-N-Sew” table in case you’re interested in making your own kit!).   All of this made me take a hard look at the solid colors we have in stock so, we now have a few more ‘fall friendly’ solids on the bolt!  We also got in a bolt of “Wonder Under” if you need some sticky!   

We received more Shop Hop blocks last week but………my camera is dead so I can’t take any pictures.  Oh, don’t forget, this Saturday, the 2nd, is our deadline for returning your block, whether you want to donate it back or add it to your stash!  Either way, you get a nice discount on one cut of fabric. 

And speaking of fabric:  our big order of “Sweet Pea” came in last week.  Now that it’s here, we need more room……..this Saturday only………all flannel will be “buy-a-yard-get-a-yard-free” day.  YEP.  That’s right,,,,,,it’s gotta go.  BUY-ONE-GET-ONE……..whether it’s a yard of the same flannel or a yard of a different one….…..we don’t care……….we need the room…….winter is coming…….don’t forget the hunter in your life…..he might need something warm and cozy this hunting season…………something made out of flannel is just the ticket! 

If you want to take Karla’s Paper Piecing class on the 9th, there is a class supplies list.  It’s available for pick-up when you register.  Time is running out so don’t forget to register. 

                                            P-Dub’s Calendar
November 2nd:  the deadline for bringing your completed Shop Hop block back to our shop.  Remember, if you donate your block, you get 25% off one cut of fabric.  If you want to keep your block you’ll still get 15% off one cut of fabric! 

Sunday, November 3rd: Daylight Savings Time ends

November 9th:  Paper Piecing class 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Class fee is $20.00.  This is a super fun class.  Karla is a retired school teacher and is very patient.  A class supplies list will be provided at registration

November 28th:  Thanksgiving Day 

December 7th:  Cheryl W. will be here for two more (free) trunk shows:  10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. 

December 21st:  Drawing for (4) $25.00 gift certificates to the shop 

December 25th:  Merry Christmas 

December 28th:  P-Dub’s will be closed  

Sometime in January 2014:  All day sew in for Quilts of Valor

If you need flannel, this Saturday would be a great time to stock up!

See you Saturday,
P-Dub and Sweetness

Sunday, October 27, 2013

my camera died

On Sunday morning, I like to post pictures of the new stuff that came into the shop as well as "Show and Tell" projects people brought in on Saturday.  I can't do that today because my camera died on Wednesday.  

I was taking pictures of a quilt when the telephoto lens came out but won't retract.  The error message said "lens failure".  No kidding! I did the obvious thing I knew to do:  change the batteries.  It didn't help.  

I was completely lost yesterday at Melba's 80th birthday party without a camera. Thank goodness her son, Jim, was there and took pictures with his phone. 

I'll post pictures of the new stuff that came in , Melba's birthday party and "Show and Tell" as soon as I can.  

See you Saturday, 
P-Dub and Sweetness 

the camera died

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pictures of Nathan's quilt

Nathan emailed these pictures of his Quilt of Valor this morning.   He said his quilt has been keeping him warm in the barracks since receiving it.  He also said he would be using it as he recovers from surgery tomorrow (please keep him in your prayers). 

Thank You Pam R. and Deloris B. for making this happen.  He LOVES his quilt.  

the back of Nathan's Quilt of Valor 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

more shop hop blocks!

More shop hop blocks were returned yesterday. YIPPEE!  I took pictures so you'll know how other quilters are finishing their blocks.  

Don't forget, our deadline for returning blocks to the shop is November 2nd.  

Saturday Show and Tell

I love Saturdays. It's the only day the shop is officially open so folks bring in their projects for Show and Tell! I get very excited seeing everyone's projects (regardless of the phase of finished-ness they might be)!  

Vicki, Missy and Frances brought in goodies for Show and Tell yesterday.  I finally took pictures of the Midi bag Miss Betty gave me during the Shop Hop.  

Linda D. agreed to let us hang her String Quilt in the shop for awhile.  Thank you. Linda!  

Another gorgeous quilt made by Vicki as a gift for a friend.  Lucky friend!  

close-up of Vicki's quilt!  Love the colors!  
"Cheater's Flying Geese" table runner Frances is making (the strips aren't sewn together yet).  This runner is so easy to make.  Great job!   

One side of the batik Midi bag Miss Betty made for me.  I love it!  

the other side of the Midi bag Miss Betty made for me.  Love the batiks!  

Linda's String Quilt she made using Kansas Troubles fabrics.  

tote bag Frances made for putting her projects in.   

close-up of the bling Frances added to her bag!  Love the buttons!  

close up of Missy's "Irish Chain" quilt.  
"Irish Chain" quilt by Missy!  Gorgeous!  
Missy's quilt with the borders!  Wow!  The colors really pop!    
one of Missy's quilts she brought for Show and Tell.  I don't remember the name of this quilt but who cares!  It's gorgeous.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mr. Kaufman is in the house!

These are the latest and greatest jelly rolls and hexagons from Mr. Robert Kaufman.....who has a fabulous design house!  

We'd previously received the "dark palette" jelly rolls and now have the "neutrals' and "silent film" jelly rolls. 

The other packages are some of Mr. Kaufman's laser cut hexagons.  There are 41 hexies in most of these. "Snow" has 42 pieces of the same solid color while the others are a palette of colors in each package.  Does that make sense?  You can't see the different colors in these pictures but trust me, they're in there. 

"neutral" jelly rolls by Robert Kaufman 

top side look at the "neutral" jelly rolls 

"silent movie" jelly rolls by Robert Kaufman 

side view of "Silent Movie" jelly rolls 

Dusty, Dark, Snow, Bright and Neutral pre-cut hexagons!  The work is already done!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lisa Q's antique quilt

Lisa Q. emailed a picture of her antique quilt she has at The Powers Museum in Carthage.  Here's the write-up she included with the picture.  

  1. "The original quilt top was pieced around 1910 by Elizabeth Snyder of Polo, Illinois and it stayed in a camel back trunk for over 100 years.  Then the trunk was given to her grandson, Maurice Haney in 2011.  Since no one on Maurice's side of the house wanted the quilt top, my mother-in-law mentioned that I made quilts. So I inherited it from Maurice who is my father-in-law.  I added the borders, backing and binding and had it quilted earlier this year (2013).  So I guess you could say 102 years later this beautiful quilt is now finished and is owned and loved by me.
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed finishing this quilt, then after it was quilted I was amazed at its beauty.  It looked so plain until I found colors to make it pop.The quilting is also exquisite too."  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

donated Shop Hop blocks

Three blocks from the Shop Hop have been donated for the charity quilts we'll be making.  I promised not to name the makers of these blocks.  I could change their names to protect the innocent but, I promised I wouldn't.  

This gives you an idea of how others are finishing their blocks. We love everyone's creativity! cute!  

Scrappy.  Love it! 

another Scrappy block.  Love the movement of this block! 

"Potluck", "Surrounded by Love", Kona solids and new O'Lipfa rulers

We received several bolts of "Potluck" by American Jane (for Moda).  I really like the names of the fabric colors from this collection:  cornbread, sky, denim, sweet pea, cherry and carrot!  Who comes up with these names? 

I love how bright and cheery these prints are.  They just jump off the bolt! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these. Did I mention....I love these? 

Cornbread, Sky, Sweet Pea and Carrot bolts of "Potluck" by American Jane!  

Cornbread, Carrot, Sweet Pea, Denim and Cherry bolts of "Potluck" by American Jane.  

We finally received the "Surrounded by Love" layer cakes.  We'd previously received these jelly rolls, charm packs and mini-charms.  Now the big Mac Daddy layer cakes are here, we have the entire pre-cuts family of this collection!  Deb Strain did a great job with this line.  It reminds me of Valentine's Day.  
"Surrounded by Love" layer cakes by Deb Strain (for Moda).

We have several different size cutting mats but didn't have a good selection of rulers to use with them.  That is no longer the case!  YIPPEE!  We now have 5" x 18" O'Lipfa rulers.  These are great for smaller cutting mats (or if you have a Fold Away)! 

5"x 18" O'lifpa ruler.  Great for smaller size cutting mats!   
I decided the jump into the deep end....these are "Kona Solids" jelly rolls by Robert Kaufman.  These are the "Dark Palette" collection and they are......very dark......very pretty colors but....dark!  

Kona solids jelly rolls by Robert Kaufman.  These are the "Dark Palette" collection.  

a better picture of the Kona Solids "Dark Palette" jelly rolls by Robert Kaufman 

Rosemary's Tumbler quilt

Rosemary G. brought her "Tumbler" quilt in yesterday. Love the colors.  Love the border.  Love the size!  Great job, Rosemary!  

Rosemary's "Tumbler" quilt.  Wow!  

close-up of Rosemary's Tumbler blocks 

side border of Rosemary's Tumbler quilt!  

Rosemary's Tumbler quilt.  It's a big one!  

Pat's adult bibs

Pat made some adult bibs to give to her friend who works in a nursing home.  I mentioned I would like to have one too!  How many times have I slopped something on my shirt while eating lunch!   

Pat is all about bling!  She added a vest for the boy bibs plus lace or rick rack for some of the girl bibs. Great job, Pat (my birthday is in May!).  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sandy's Stuff

Sandy (in Illinois) has been very busy (she emails pictures of her quilts as she gets them finished then makes me BEG for permission to post them on the blog).  She used the "Double Slice Layer Cake" method for both quilts and does her own quilting.  

The quilt pictured below is made using a "Birdies" layer cake by Me and My Sister for Moda.  It looks great with the blue butterfly backing! Love the colors!  

This quilt is made using an "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" layer cake.  Love the red binding, it makes all the other colors really pop!  

Pam and Sherry's "Spicy Spiral Table Runners"

Pam R.  (who made Nathan's Quilt of Valor) emailed a picture of the "Spicy Spiral Table Runner" she made. She bought fat quarters during the shop hop and emailed this picture of the finished project (that's some pretty fast sewing). She's already given it to a friend.  

Great job, Pam.  We love the colors and the swirly-ness of the runner! 

Speaking of swirly-ness, Sherry R. brought in her "Spicy Spiral Table Runner" during the shop hop.  She was looking for a binding and backing so I decided to take a picture!  I'll be sure she brings it back when it's finished!  

Fall Shop Hop Show and Tell

Linda's String Quilt she made using Kansas Troubles fabrics!  Beautiful!  Love the colors!  Love all the Kansas Troubles fabrics!  Great job, Linda. 

Another of Linda's beautiful quilts! She made it using a "Foliage" jelly roll.  I love the fall colors!  

Shirley brought in her 5 week old puppy.  How cute is she?  Precious baby girl.  

Becky's "Double Slice Layer Cake" quilt she brought in during the Shop Hop last weekend. We love the piano keys borders!   

This is the Egyptian Quilt Wayne made.  The colors are gorgeous!  His sister helped hold it for the picture taking!  It's a big quilt and the colors are gorgeous.   

One of the blocks in Wayne's Egyptian quilt 

one of the side blocks of Wayne's quilt 

Another block in Wayne's quilt 

one of the corner blocks in Wayne's quilt 

One of Cheryl's miniature quilts she brought for Show and Tell 

Log Cabin miniature quilt Cheryl made 

miniature 9-Patch (on point) by Cheryl 

Lap size Tulips quilt by Cheryl 

Miniature Irish Chain Quilt by Cheryl 

this is a blanket Cheryl made for her friend's dog.  Lucky dog!  

Cheryl's Scrappy Postage Stamp quilt.  I love the colors.   

another gorgeous quilt by Cheryl....I wonder if she knows my birthday is in May.......

close-up of the quilt above

This is the "Double Slice Layer Cake" quilt top Sandy made using a "Sweet Pea" layer cake by Kansas Troubles.  

"Double Slice Layer Cake" top Sandy made using a "1930's Playtime" layer cake  

One of the quilt tops Cheryl made using her Go! cutter and dies.  

the back of Linda's Monkey's quilt 

close-up of Linda's Monkey quilt blocks 

Linda's "Monkeys" Quilt.  She won the "Judge's Choice" award at the Discovery Quilters quilt show in Shell Knob.  

this is a coin purse Vicki made using some of  our fabric. Can you see the zipper?  

Vicki's coin purse zipped up! 

another top Cheryl made using her Go! cutter and dies!