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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wonky Log Cabin blocks and other nifty stuff!

Our Creative Director, Sharon, walked into the shop yesterday with her version of a "Wonky Log Cabin" block.  We loved it.  

After much tutoring on her part, I wanted to make one too!  My first attempt wasn't pretty.  Trust me.  

My inner fabric goddess told me I can do this: I can whack off a piece of fabric at a weird angle and not worry about it;  I can sew another strip of fabric to it, whack that one off at yet another weird angle and I can keep doing this until it's the size block I want it to be.  I can do this.   

When I finished Wonky Block #1, Sharon rescued it from me and made a chicken pin cushion using the pattern from an issue of "Block" magazine. It looks much better as a pin cushion!  

I quickly learned the difference between 'subtle wonk" and "severe wonk" while making my blocks.  

I decided to use 1930's prints for both Wonky blocks. My second block actually looks like a Wonky Log Cabin block.  YIPPEE!!  

Sharon's are much prettier than mine but, in my defense, I just started making these yesterday!  

When in doubt, go to for his wonderful tutorials (halfway down the page of the sitemap section, look for "Wonky Log Cabin") where you'll find four different types of Wonky blocks.  

Sharon's Wonky Log Cabin Block 

another version of a Wonky Log Cabin block from by Sharon 

Sharon made four of  of these blocks then sewed together to make a 12" block 

Sharon's third version of  a Wonky Log Cabin from 

My second wonky log cabin block using 1930's prints.  

chicken pin cushion Sharon made from my first (ugly) attempt of a Wonky Log Cabin block 

left side view of the pin cushion Sharon made from my Wonky Log Cabin block 

Sharon's Secret Sister, Vickie, gave her some paper piecing projects (among other things) as her February 'reveal' gift last Saturday.  

Sharon wasted no time getting started.  Yesterday, she brought in the hexagons she's already completed.  

Wow!  That was fast!  

Sharon showing Dorothy the paper piecing paper she used for her hexies. 

some of the hexies Sharon made since last Saturday! 
more hexies Sharon made this week 

hexies Sharon joined together 

Not everyone could make it to our "Secret Sister" reveal party last Saturday so, Dorothy 'met' her "sister", Faye, at the shop yesterday.  

As it turns out, Dorothy and Faye were college roommates who'd lost touch with one another over the years.  

We brought them back together yesterday!  

Dorothy's February gift from her Secret Sister:  a pink angel.  
Dorothy and her 'sister" Faye, together again!  

We big brown truck made it through 8" of the fluffy white stuff to bring more goodies this week.  

We're thrilled to finally have the Fat Quarter Bundles, Fat Eighth Bundles and Turnovers of "Fresh Air" by American Jane for Moda.  YIPPEE!!  

We now have all the pre-cuts of this line in addition to most of it's fabric on the bolt.  

If you're a 1930's fan, you'll love this collection.   
"Fresh Air" bundles, turnovers and mini-charms. 
We also received "Curve It Up" patterns for the Quick Curve Ruler.  This packet contains 12 different blocks using the Q.C.R.  

A different pattern for each month!  How cool is that? 

"Curve It Up":  12 different patterns using the Quick Curve Ruler 

Another nifty book by Eleanor Burns:  "Day and Night" offers several different quilts using an acrylic template, which is included.  

The Applique Pressing Sheets also arrived this week. These are great to use while making a Mondo or Midi bag.  

"Seasonal Silhouettes" blocks 2 and 3 arrived this week.  Each block has laser cut fusible shapes for applique and includes the batik background.  

These are by Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts. 

These batiks found their way to the shop this week. They are from the "Summer Vacation" and "Sun Drenched" lines for Moda.  

Both lines sound delightful as I look out the window and see snow falling.......Summer Vacation....Sun Drenched.  
"Summer Vacation" and "Sun Drenched" batiks on the bolt 

Two Bella Solids (by Moda) also showed up this week:  "Summer House Lime" and "Betty's Teal".  

Dorothy's husband, Lee, decided to take a quick nap after making two trips to the shop yesterday: once for shopping the second to 'meet' her Secret Sister. 

Thanks, Lee.  You're a real trooper.  I'll try to have a pillow and blankie available for your next nap!  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Layer Cake sale continues this Saturday

We're extending last night's sale through Saturday, February 21st:  20% off all regularly priced layer cakes, no limit. 

See you Saturday! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

20% off Layer Cakes!

The weather outside might be frightful but the sale tomorrow at P-Dub's is delightful. 

All regularly priced layer cakes will be 20% off tomorrow, February 18th, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

See you tomorrow! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sit-N-Sew; Show and Tell Saturdays; more new stuff!

Sweetness needed the computer last weekend to study for a test so, I haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks.  

We enjoyed National Quilts of Valor Sew Day on February 7th; received some nifty new stuff and "Show and Tell".   

Quilts of Valor National Sew Day on February 7th. 

Moda towelings are now on the wall!  

not enough space for these two towelings on the wall!  

embroidery stand Dorothy's husband made for her 

108" backing of Clara's Garden:  Sand, Basil, Morning Glory, Rosebud and Black 

Mod Block Magazine by Missouri Star Quilt Company

Paisley Park honeycombs by Kansas Troubles for Moda 

North Country batik by Holly Taylor for Moda

Wild Orchid print of Clara's Garden by Kansas Troubles 

Wonky Ruler by Eleanor Burns for making wonky log cabin blocks 

new Eleanor Burns books 

tone-on-tone prints by Quilting Treasures: three white and three cream

March/April 2015 issue of Quilting Quickly 

Pretty in Pink, Secret Sisters, Show and Tell Saturday!

With yesterday being Valentine's Day, anyone who wore pink to the shop received a free fat quarter!  

Not everyone's 'pink' was easily seen, some folks had to prove where their pink was!  

We decided to give Dorothy's husband a free fat quarter too when he came in with pink tape on his billfold!  

Sandy holding her free fat quarter 

Cynthia with her free fat.  The snowman's caps on her shirt are pink 

Shawn (wearing a pink shirt) showing off her free fat quarter 

Janet was head to toe in pink:  shirt, jumper, leggings, socks and her boots!  We should have given her two free fats! 

Virginia "models' her free fat along with her pink sweater 

Dorothy's pink was on the bottom of her shoes! 

Dorothy's husband, Lee, with his free fat quarter (notice the pink tape on his billfold)

Jacey's free fat quarter selection for having pink in her leggings! 
Nola 'models' the free fat quarter she selected and we won't mention which article of her clothing was pink!  

This round of "Secret Sisters" ended yesterday at the Secret Sister Banquet.  Not everyone could attend last night so, some 'sisters' came yesterday during business hours.  

Pat received this adorable table runner, made by her 'sister', Lynn who made (and quilted) Pat's runner.  

the front of Pat's table runner 

the back of Pat's runner 

"sisters" Lynn and Pat 

Newlywed Vickie C. wanted to spend Valentine's Day with her husband so, she 'revealed' herself to Sharon with February's gift: paper piecing projects and two blocks for another project.  

"sisters" Vickie and Sharon 

Unable to attend last night's festivities, Nola 'revealed' herself to 'sister' Vickie (while Vickie was revealing herself to Sharon) with a Mod Block Magazine and two pillowcases she made:  one for Vickie and one for Vickie's her new husband!  

Nola said the pillowcase with pink accent strip is Vickie's, Scott's has the brown strip.  

"sisters" Nola and Vickie C. 

Vickie picked out a big spool of Aurifil thread as her February birthday present from her Secret Sister (Nola) when she was here one Wednesday.  

My bad for just posting her picture! 

Last night's Secret Sister banquet was a lot of fun. Sweetness made his famous lasagna and everyone brought a side dish!  We feasted like kings, or is that queens? 

After stuffing ourselves, the party really started!  One by one each person gave their February gift to who they'd been being a 'sister' to for the past six months.   

"sisters" Dorothy and Kay 

"sisters" Kay and Joann 

'sisters" Jacey and Judi 

"sisters" Pat and Jacey 

Pat with the plant Jacey gave her, just because! 

Yesterday's "Show and Tell" was over the top! Shirley, Lynn, Vickie, Kay, Cynthia, and Janet brought their projects to share with us!  

Shirley made this top for herself.  Notice how her borders "V" in the middle on each side. Wow!  

Shirley's top she recently finished 

top border of Shirley's quilt 

right side of Shirley's top 

Lynn brought in this stunner for "Show and Tell". She bought the top at a flea market several years ago but always wanted to finish it.    

She chose a 1930's print from the shop then had it quilted.  

We love the vintage feel of her quilt.  

the top of Lynn's quilt 

the 1930's print Lynn chose for the back of her vintage quilt 

another quilt Lynn made using fabric from the shop. 

Newlywed Vickie C. recently finished this quilt for her husband, Scott, using batik charm packs.  

She used a blue butterfly 108" backing from the shop then quilted it on her long arm quilting machine.  

Scott's batik charm pack quilt 

the back of Scott's quilt 

Kay recently finished this Block of the Month batik applique quilt she's donating for a fundraiser in Texas.  

Kay's aunt, Thadine, loved going to the Senior Citizens Center where she lived in Texas.  Since her aunt's passing, Kay always makes something for their annual fundraiser. 

Kay's donation this year is this stunning batik applique quilt she hand embroidered the back of then had quilted.  

This quilt is truly stunning in person.  We know it will raise a lot of money at this year's auction.  

Aunt Thadine would be proud. 

batik applique quilt Kay in memory of her Aunt

close-up of Kay's donation quilt 

Kay hand embroidered the back of this quilt, then had it quilted 

the label Kay will attach to her donation quilt 

While she was here, Kay also brought in her "pink flamingo" top she recently finished!  

How cute is this? 

Cynthia brought in this top she recently finished. It's called "Love Notes" from the first issue of Block magazine.  

We think Cynthia did a great job (and we love the Kansas Troubles prints she used).  

Cynthia's "Love Notes" top she brought in for Show and Tell 

close up of Cynthia's top.  We love the Kansas Troubles prints! 

Janet brought in this giant Dahlia top she recently completed.  

Janet's mom started the top years ago and after her passing, Janet wanted to finish it.  

Janet used lots of Kansas Troubles prints for the center and 'logs' of the log cabin corners.  

This is a huge quilt. My camera does not capture the true beauty of this top.  

Great job, Janet!  
Janet's Giant Dahlia top 

center of Janet's Giant Dahlia 

Kay brought in these totes she recently made.  She used the Hunter's Star die for her Go! cutter to re-vamp a plastic tote she already had.  

After getting it done, she decided to use the same die to make a smaller tote.