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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nathan and his quilt!

Good things come to those who wait!  I finally received pictures of my nephew, Nathan, when he received his Quilt of Valor.  

Nathan was given a quilt to use while he was in the hospital in Germany but had to give it back when he was transferred to the states.  Thanks to Pam R. (who made his quilt) and Deloris B. (who went with her husband to Springfield in the pouring rain to get the quilt) Nathan has his own.  He won't have to give this one back.  

"Thank You" to Pam R. and Deloris B. for making this happen.  Nathan loves his quilt.  

My nephew, Nathan, reading the letter than came with his Quilt of Valor.  

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  1. Wow....beautiful!!!! What an awesome tribute! Best of the best Nathan!!!


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