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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Quilts of Valor; Secret Sister gift; Show and Tell; Because of the Brave; Pinwheels!

We met Bonnie, who lives in Oklahoma, while vending at Cassville's quilt show in April.  One thing led to another and we started talking about "Quilts of Valor". Imagine that! 

Bonnie told us her daughters are in the military; one in the Coast Guard, stationed in Florida; the other daughter is serving in the Air Force, stationed in Afghanistan.  

I told Bonnie we would make her daughters a "Quilt of Valor" but wasn't sure how long it would take to get them finished.  

I was re-telling Bonnie's story one day in the shop when Kay volunteered to make their quilts.  This was no small task for someone undergoing chemo and going to multiple doctor visits on a weekly basis.  

Kay, originally from Texas, used fabric purchased from the shop and her own personal stash to make these very special quilts (there are several Texas themed prints in both quilts!).  

Kay wanted to make each quilt as identical as possible but we'd sold out of some of the fabrics she used.  That didn't stop Kay!  She decided to add a different border to the second quilt and forged ahead. 

After getting them quilted, Kay attached the binding and made identical presentation cases.  

On Christmas Eve, Bonnie and her husband, David, stopped by the shop to meet Kay and pick up the quilts.  

It was one of the most touching moments I've ever seen.  Tears were shed and hugs exchanged.  I was truly blessed to be a part of the whole experience.  

Once again, a quilter touched the life of total strangers, not for fame or glory but just to give back, as a way of saying "Thank You" for serving our country.  Bless your heart.  

"Thank You", Kay.  Your quilts will change the lives of two very deserving soldiers.  

Bonnie promised to send pictures of her giving the quilts to her daughters when they come home for a visit in January. 

We can't wait!  

Bonnie and David holding one of the quilts Kay made 

Bonnie, Kay and David. 

the quilting used for Kay's Quilts of Valor. 

Bonnie and David with the second quilt Kay made. 

Kay and David with the second quilt she made 

the back of one of Kay's quilts.  Notice the Texas theme!  

close up of one of Kay's quilts 

the outer border of one of Kay's quilts 

the presentation cases Kay made for her Quilts of Valor.  Notice the Texas theme?  

Before Bonnie and David arrived on Christmas Eve, Kay opened a gift left by her Secret Sister:  an angel wall hanging.  

How cute is this? 

Kay and her Angel wall hanging. 

Shirley brought in two quilts she's been working on as birthday and nursery gifts (we particularly love the 1930's prints in the first quilt!). 

I twisted Shirley's arm to let me take a picture of the first one.....who cares if it's missing a border?  Not us! 

Great job, Shirley!  Keep up the good work.  

1930's quilt Shirley is making as a nursery gift 

close up of Shirley's 1930's quilt 

the second quilt Shirley brought in for Show and Tell 

Juanita's great-grandson needed something for "Q" day for his class' version of "Show and Tell".  

Being a quilter, Juanita made him this adorable quilt....."Q" is for cute is this?

After quilting it and attaching the binding, she brought it to the shop for our version of "Show and Tell"! 

Great job, Juanita!  

"Q is for Quilt" 

the back of  Juanita's "Q us for Quilt" she made for her great-grandson. 

We finally received the navy bolt of "Because of the Brave" this week.  Now, we have all four colors of this print.  The layer cakes and charm packs will be here next week.  

I'm so excited about this collection.  It warms my heart to know a huge company like Moda is giving back in a really big way.  

four colors of "Because of the Brave" prints by Moda 

We also received the Winter 2014 issue of "Easy Quilts" this week.  We love this's full of super fun (and easy) quilts to make using stuff we already have in our stashes!  

Once inventory was finished, I decided to change the layout of the shop.  Imagine that! 

Now, all of the solids are together in the same section; all Moda Marbles and Modascapes are together and a bunch of bolted fabric has been added to the "clearance' section.  

Back by popular demand, the scraps are back! Yippee!  We currently have two very large totes overflowing with scraps.  

Fill a zippy bag with as many yummy scraps as it will hold (bag must close) for one low price.  What a deal!  

two totes of scraps! 

Moda Marbles and Modascapes are now in the same section 

All solids are together again!  

more solids...

newly added bolts to the 'clearance' section 

more clearance fabric

they're everywhere,.....more clearance bolts! 
I've made several variations of "Pinwheels" since being introduced to them at October's retreat.  

We need a new runner for the "Sit and Sew" table and (I think) the final decision is to use batik charm packs.  

After measuring the table and calculating how many Pinwheels it would take, I'm toying with the idea of inserting 10" batik squares between each Pinwheel????  

This is the latest version but, stay tuned.  I'm sure I'll change my mind again!  

some of the batik Pinwheels I made laying on a batik print.  

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