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Monday, June 17, 2013

Barbara's quilt, Janet's quilt, Linda's purse, more new stuff and WE HAVE A/C!!! YIPPEE!

Last Saturday Barbara, Janet and Linda brought in goodies they'd made for "Show and Tell".  

Barbara E. used vintage buttons that belonged to her grandmother (and great grandmother) and her husband's grandmother (and great grandmother) for the centers of the fans on the reproduction quilt she is making.  I tried to take close ups of these so I hope you can see them.  She used reproduction fabrics for the blades of the fans and each background is a different color.  Barbara, who is a gourd artist, said she wanted to get this project finished so she could get back to her gourds!   

The Ozark Country Quilters in Cassville, MO. have a quilt challenge every year.  This year's challenge was called "Love Letter".  Each member was given three fabrics from the "Love Letter" fabric collection by Moda.  Those three fabrics have to be used in the quilt in some way.  Challenge participants can use any quilt pattern or design their own.  Janet H. had purchased some of our fabric for the challenge and wanted to bring in the finished product!   The back has a large heart that is embroidered with the story of how she and her husband met (and later got married).  She calls it her "Love Letter" to husband, David. Her "Love Letter" won 2nd place in this year's challenge.  Congratulations, Janet.   

Linda from Arkansas popped in last Saturday.  She'd made a purse using one of the "Indigo Crossings" mini charms and needed a lining for it.  She was carrying another purse she'd made using a different set of mini charms so, we just HAD to get pictures!  It's sew cute!  Thanks, Linda for bringing both of them in!  

We received a bunch of new stuff last week:  several sizes of 9 degree rulers, several sizes of 10 degree rulers, Simple Curves rulers, three different sizes of Squedges, new patterns and two new books.............BUT...........

Two air conditioners later:  The coolest new thing in the shop is.......the air conditioner (get it? the coolest new thing is the air conditioner???).  YIPPEE!  It was so nice to finally have a/c.  It was horribly humid here over the weekend .......but we were cool as cucumbers in the shop!  Thanks to Sweetness and Curtis for making this happen....second time is the charm!  

I spent this weekend getting the "Cheater's Flying Geese" strips sewn together.  After having an O.C.D. meltdown, I finally decided to have the geese all flying in the same direction.  It took several hours of moving the strips around before finally deciding what looked the best.  It was a real nail biter!  I'll get it quilted and beg Pat to do the binding (remember, I'm allergic) and keep it on the table in the shop as a runner (it's eight feet long--yikes!). 

And now for pictures of the new stuff.  Here goes:  
this book is full of 1930's quilt patterns.  I love this book!  

This book has fun patterns using the 9 (or 10) degree wedge rulers.  

Fifteen and eighteen degree Squedge rulers.  Wedge rulers make circles but Squedges make squares!  

one of the new patterns using the wedge rulers !  

the coolest new item in the shop.....the air conditioner!  YIPPEEE!  

Simple Curves rulers.  These are so fun!  

several sizes of  9 degree wedge rulers.  

one of the 10 degree wedge rulers 

Janet H's "Love Letter" quilt 

The center block of Janet's "Love Letter" quilt 

the back of Janet's "Love Letter" quilt. It's the story of how she and her husband, David met and  later married.  

Barbara's fan quilt using vintage family buttons and reproduction fabrics.  

the purse Linda made using a mini charm pack, including the handles.  
The "Cheater's Flying Geese" table runner I made for the table in the shop.  

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