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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend-part 2

Everyone knows I have poor impulse control when it comes to anything quilting related! The "Old Glory Gatherings" fabric by Primitive Gatherings really speaks to me.  We received four more bolts this week. I love this entire collection (and they're great for making Quilts of Valor).   

We don't carry a lot of holiday specific fabrics, especially Christmas fabric.  We bought several bolts of Kansas Troubles fabric that arrived this week. These prints can be used for any occasion because, in my opinion, they don't scream "Christmas" (plus the fact that I'm a Kansas Troubles junkie)! 

Moda just released "Bella Solids" charm packs and mini-charms.  For some reason there are 30 pieces instead of the usual 42 (at least they're both cheaper than regular charm packs and mini-charms).  We have both pre-cuts in the shop.  

We received another bolt of "Over the Rainbow" batiks. This one is called "Misty Blue".  It has a lot of movement and the colors are very striking.   

Another new product Moda just released is "Muslin Mates" pre-cuts:  Layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.  They are mostly tone-on-tone but also have some prints.  

We also received "Texas Lone Star" pre-cuts:  layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.  If you love Texas (or have a Texan among you), you'll love these pre-cuts!  

three more prints of "Old Glory Gatherings".  The flash on my camera washed out the picture.  Sorry!  

A close-up of the "Old Glory Gatherings" prints from above.  Both of these are lighter versions of the fabrics we received two weeks ago.  These are perfect for making Quilts of Valor.  

Another close-up of an "Old Glory Gatherings" print we received this week. It's a tad bit darker than the print we received like this a couple of weeks ago. 

Drum roll please:  Hot off the presses:  New Bella Solids charm packs and mini charms!  

Another "Over the Rainbow" batik.  This one is called Misty Blue.  

Four colorways of "Holiday Medley" fabric by Kansas Troubles.  

Black and red "Holiday Medley" prints by Kansas Troubles.  

 Cream, red and green prints of "Holiday Medley" prints by Kansas Troubles  

 Gold and black prints of  Kansas Troubles fabric! Love it!  

  This is a brand new item from Moda:  Muslin Mates layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.  Most of these are tone-on-tone but there are some prints also.  

 Calling all Texans:  "Texas Lone Star" by Sarah Kammash precuts:  layer cakes, charm packs and jelly rolls.  

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the Medley's!! You're gonna have to add another room!!



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