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Monday, June 13, 2016

Fusions; wide backings; Abundance; new pre-cuts; Show and Tell

The big brown truck was here every day last week. We received so much new stuff we had to move some of it outside.  

We received eight more prints of "Fusions" by Robert Kaufman Studios.  These prints are selling so fast we haven't been able to cut fat quarters of them yet. 

If you need any fats of these prints just let us know, we'll be happy to cut one for you, if there's any left! 

four colorways of "Fusions" by Robert Kaufman 
four more prints of "Fusions" 

We're super excited to receive three colors of 108" Stonehenge backings by Northcott.  If you're a Stonehenge fan, you'll love these.  

These are more vibrant in person.  For some reason my camera didn't capture the textures of these prints.  
new 108" Stonehenge backings 
We also received three Bella Solids by Moda last week.  I love the color names of these bolts: Paper Bag, Feather and Bleached White. 

three Bella Solids by Moda 
These "Abundance" bolts by Quilting Treasures are much prettier in person.  These have metallic outlines which will be great for a Fall themed project.  
three bolts of "Abundance" by QT 
We also received a bolt of 108" backing from Moda called "Navy Marble".  A bolt of "Red Marble" also came in but I forgot to get a picture of it.  OOPS!
Navy Blue 108" backing by Moda 
Once we finally got the shop re-arranged we noticed we'd sold out of some pre-cuts.  OOPS!! 

One of the deliveries the big brown truck made this week solved that problem:  "Porcelain" and "Natural" charm packs; solid white jelly rolls; "Feather" charm packs and "White: Solid" charm packs are here.  
Porcelain and Natural charm packs by Moda 

White: Solid jelly rolls by Moda 

"Feather" and "Solid White"charm packs 
We were thrilled when Karla brought in this top she made using mostly Kansas Troubles prints.  

I tried to convince her to give it to me as a late birthday present but, she wouldn't.  

Karla:  I'm totally willing to be the recipient of this gorgeous quilt if you change your mind!

Karla's Moda University top 
Pat brought in this fabulous quilt for this week's "Show and Tell". She used the pattern on the back of the "Log Cabin" die she bought from us awhile back.  

The twist to this project is Pat used flannel prints to make this top.  

Thanks, Pat for sharing this stunning top with us. You did a great job. 

While she was here Pat brought another project to share:  A "Scrap Crazy" quilt she made using batiks.  

She wanted to give this top a little more punch so, she hand sewed lace and medallions to it.  

I hope you can see the detail of the lace.  This top is truly a masterpiece.  
Pat's batik "Scrap Crazy" quilt 

close up on Pat's Scrap Crazy quilt 

Jennifer, who proclaims she's new to sewing and a novice quilter, brought in this adorable wristlet she made using a fat quarter she bought from us.  

Jennifer said putting in the zipper wasn't too bad and the size is perfect for her phone and debit card.  

Thanks, Jennifer for sharing your project with us. We think you did a great job.  
the front of Jennifer's wristlet 

the back of Jennifer's wristlet 

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