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Monday, December 16, 2013

new Go! cutter die and totes, Kansas Troubles fat quarters and Quilts of Valor samples!

I ordered a bunch of stuff for Cheryl's Go! cutter trunk show last Saturday.  We had to cancel due to the weather (twice) which means we still have these nifty gizmos!  I love gizmos.  

This is a die that cuts the "Winding Ways" block (a quilt Cheryl made using this block is hanging in the shop).   

We also received totes for both sizes Go! cutters.  The pink tote is for the Baby Go!, the green tote is for the full size Go!  
this is a tote for the full sized Go! cutter, complete with telescoping handle, wheels and LOTS of space inside!  

The pink tote is for the smaller Baby Go! cutter.  It could be used as a purse when not storing your Baby Go!  

We finally received the fat quarter bundles of Kansas Troubles Favorites II.  We now have all the pre-cuts of this line.  

I was playing around with half square triangles trying to decide which block to use for "Quilts of Valor" on January 4th.  Here's six different ways to orientate the half square triangles for different looks.  They might look a little wonky, they aren't sewn together. 

I used light and dark colors of the reds and blues. There's nothing wrong with your monitor, I combined the colors to see what the blocks would look like!  




 "Zig Zag"  


"Broken Dishes"  

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