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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quilts of Valor tops

Cathy and Kay brought their "Quilts of Valor" tops in yesterday to decide what to use for the borders.    

Pat was here for a little while.  She brought the "Quilts of Valor" top she's been working on while recuperating from surgery.  

Kay used the "Diamonds" pattern, Cathy made a "Zig Zag" top and Pat's is her own creation using scraps and foundation piecing. 

GREAT JOB LADIES!  Keep up the good work!  

Pat's "Quilt of Valor" top she made using scraps and foundation piecing 

Pat's top.  Can you see the patriotic fabrics she used?  

Cathy's "Zig Zag" top she made for "Quilts of Valor".  

close-up of Cathy's top 

Kay decided to use the "Diamonds" pattern for her Quilts of Valor top.  Wow!  The diamonds really pop! 
close-up of Kay's top.  

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  1. ::::::::::wow::::::::::: Someone is going to love these quilts!! Great, great job!


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