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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Show and Tell; new books; pink Oliso irons; PODS; new notions; coffee mugs; Glory; Stonehenge Gradations; Miss Betty's purses.

Vickie stopped by with this gorgeous quilt she recently finished as a gift for a family member.  The back of this quilt is just as cute as the front! 

Thanks, Vickie for sharing your project with us! 

Sometimes, things are NOT what they appear to be.

This is NOT a "Fold N Stitch" wreath as you might's Dorothy modeling the latest in fashion head wear.....while coloring in one of her adult coloring books!  
Dorothy modeling the latest in head wear! 

Mary and Helen stopped yesterday with gorgeous "Block of the Month" quilts they made in their quilt guild.  

Each member made the same block patterns using their choice of fabric.  

Mary will add borders later, however, we love the block of Sunbonnet Sue holding a miniature quilt of her own!  

How cute is that? 
Mary's Block of the Month quilt 

Sunbonnet Sue has her own quilt! 

Helen's "Block of the Month" quilt was so big we had to go outside to take the picture.  Wow! 

This quilt looks entirely different than Mary's....just goes to show you how the same block can look completely different just by using other colors.  

Thanks, Mary and Helen for sharing your stuff with us.  We love both of your Block of the Month quilts.  

Helen's "Block of the Month" quilt 
We've received a boat load of new stuff the past couple of weeks.  I've fallen behind posting to the blog.....still trying to recover from last week's shop hop! 

Our 'adult coloring book' section increased by nine new coloring books.  

We also received six new patterns and a nifty pop up basket that's fat quarter friendly.  

The "Fold N Stitch" wreathes, leaves and blooms are super cute and easy to make....see the picture above of Dorothy modeling one as a headpiece! 
we now have all three "Fold N Stitch" patterns in stock

"Flared Baskets"; "Bundle of  Twelve" and "Professional Tote" patterns are here  

"Fat Quarter Pop Up" is just what you'd imagine it to be.....a handy dandy basket for the stuff we never know where to put!  

This pattern includes the springy wire thingy and the elastic if you want yours to collapse.  
"Fat Quarter Pop Up" pattern with springy wire thing and elastic
One of our fabric reps stopped by a couple of weeks ago.  Thank goodness Vicki was here to prevent me from buying everything the rep showed us! 

When the boxes and boxes of stuff started to arrive, I accused our rep of being the Devil....she had such super cute stuff and we ordered a bunch of it! 

We now have these nifty compact sewing kits and inexpensive seam rippers. 

The sewing kits are packed with a bunch of stuff: thread, needles, safety pins, scissors, needle threader and buttons......

The rep also introduced us to PODS.  These are delightful.  Pre-cut kits for table runners and quilts in log cabin and rail fence patterns in a bunch of different colorways.   

The table runner PODS include the backing and binding fabric.  The quilt PODS include the binding fabric.  

We're already sold out of some colorways but, more are on the different colors......
Log Cabin quilt PODS in four colorways 

Rail Fence quilt PODS in four colorways 

Log Cabin Table Runner PODS in four colors 

Dorothy made a Log Cabin table runner POD as a shop's not finished but, we don't care. 

We've scheduled PODS classes in November so, be sure to ask for a class schedule and join in on the POD fun!    

Log Cabin table runner POD 
We also ordered these adorable color wheel pin cushion kits. Hopefully you can see the picture of it on the package.  

How cute is this little darling? 

"Japanese Garden" pre-cuts by Maywood Studios arrived just in time for the shop hop. 

We have the layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs and mini-charms of this very vibrant collection.  
Our rep also introduced us to "Sassy Totes".  These are so handy.  Not only are they clear but they also have an adjustable shoulder strap and two handy outside pockets.  

One outside pocket has pouches the other side is a zippered pocket. 

We have four colors of "Sassy Totes" in stock: black, purple, light blue and pink. 

four colors of "Sassy Totes" 

some of the stuff I got into one of the Sassy Totes! 

We also ordered these super duper sharp embroidery scissors. They have extra wide thumb openings and vintage looking handles.  

Please note:  these are super duper sharp and have a very pointy end for getting in the corners of whatever you're working on.....super duper sharp.....
These nine coffee mugs are beyond adorable.  Each are quilting themed and come in their own box.  

These would make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  
three adorable quilting themed coffee mugs 

more coffee mugs 

"I Brake for Fabric" and "Quilting Hottie" mugs 
two more adorable coffee mugs 

The much anticipated pink Oliso irons are finally here.  YIPPEE!!!  

These are the same iron as the yellow model (30 minute auto shut-off, 12 foot cord, 1800 watts), they're just pink.  

These are a limited edition so, they won't be available forever.  

newest model of Oliso irons, the only iron with feet! 
"The Big Book of Fat Quarter Quilts" has 66 different quilt designs to chose from; the latest Moda "All Stars" book is called "Mini Marvels"; and the latest issue of "Quilting Quickly" are now in stock.  

The latest issue of "Block" magazine arrived this week.  This issue is so fun.  

The jelly rolls of "Fleurs" finally came in.  The layer cakes, charm packs and mini-charms have been here for a couple of the j/r are here too. 

This collection offers very delicate flowers on a dainty background.  It reminds me of Victorian prints....very soft colors....delicate flowers....on an (almost) fading background.  
"Fleurs" jelly rolls 
We love four legged kids.  Miss Mia and her (much younger) sisters made another trip to the shop last week.  

Notice Mia's leash is in Molly's mouth....Molly dragged Mia all over the shop until they both finally gave out and laid down!  

Thanks, Teri for bringing the girls back to the shop.  

Kay stopped by with a quilt she made for the cancer center in Joplin.  She was not thrilled with me taking this picture....she said it wasn't finished and I should wait.  

Wait? I have the patience of a flea....I had to take the picture and, as you can tell by her expression, she was not happy with me. 

Thanks, Kay for humoring the crazy blonde chick behind the counter!  We love you!  

Kay's "it's not finished yet' quilt she made as a donation 

Kay...being a good sport, humoring the crazy blonde chick behind the counter 
While she was here, we noticed the jacket Kay was wearing. If memory serves, I think her sister gave it to her as a gift???   

Sometimes, super models are disguised as quilters...we think Kay did a fine job of modeling her gorgeous jacket!  

Thanks, Kay for putting up with yours truly.  

 Vicki made this "Five and Dime" quilt as a shop sample.  She used 'Sweet Baby' flannel pre-cuts (layer cake and charm pack) to make this cozy quilt.  
We're offering this quilt as a class in December so, stay tuned...

"Five and Dime' quilt made by Vicki 

close up of Vicki's "Five and Dime" quilt using flannels 

Vicki and I ordered the "Glory" collection at market's here. 

We have the panel and five companion prints of this collection by Quilting Treasures.  

The company included a free quilt pattern and two table runner projects with this shipment.  

I think the panel and bolted prints speak for themselves.  We love these.  
"Glory" panel by Quilting Treasures 

two companion prints of "Glory" 

three colorways of "Glory" prints by Quilting Treasures 

I love anything Stonehenge by Northcott.  I particularly love their "Gradations" collection.  

Vicki wasn't here to stop me so, I ordered some new colorways of "Gradations" and....they came in this week.  

I'm not sure which print I like the most.  The veining and striations of each print is so different than the next....I'm not sure which one to use first!  
three colorway of Stonehenge "Gradations" by Northcott 

four Indigo colorways of Stonehenge Gradations. 

Miss Betty walked in our shop for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  She mentioned she wasn't much of a quilter but really loved to crochet.  

After talking to Betty for awhile, she mentioned her husband has passed away in May and she'd recently moved here from Kansas to be closer to her nieces. 

Miss Betty said she particularly loved to crochet purses (especially at night) to help her forget she's all alone. I almost cried.  

I asked Betty if she had a purse I could look at.  She did. I then asked her if she'd ever sold any of her purses. She hadn't...she'd made and given them away as Christmas presents; birthday presents; graduation gifts and so on....but had never sold any. 

I told Miss Betty about our upcoming shop hop and asked if she'd let us sell her purses. She agreed.  

Miss Betty's purses are fully lined, have a Velcro closure and come in three different sizes (small, medium and large).  They're very reasonably priced at $10, $15 and $20 each.  

To save Miss Betty the hassle of cashing checks, we ask for cash only, please when purchasing Miss Betty's purses.  

We are NOT selling these on commission, all monies go to Miss Betty.  should also mention Miss Betty will be 87 years young on November 9th.  
Some of Miss Betty's crocheted purses 

more of Miss Betty's hand crocheted purses 

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