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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wear pink.....get a free fat quarter!

In honor of Easter, anyone wearing pink to the shop yesterday received a free fat quarter.  

Some folk's 'pink' was obvious....others were very creative in how they displayed theirs.  

Not everyone wanted their picture taken so, here are the brave souls willing to smile for the camera (with their 'pink' displayed) and the free fat quarter they chose.  

Happy Easter! 

Carrie's pink undershirt (with son Levi) 

Gladys's pink jacket 

Cheri's pink printed hoodie 

Janet's flowered shirt 

Wanda's embroidered pink flowers 

pink tissue paper in the gift Kay received from her Secret Sister!  

Pink floral purse! 

Dorothy's pink hoodie 

Judy's pink shirt 

Sherry's pink shirt 

pink embroidered flowers

Gitta's pink cell phone case! 

Lee's pink tape he originally had on his cap then removed it and put over this mouth! 

Vickie's pink shirt 

pink shoelaces! 

Sharon's pink shirt 

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