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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the "1930's Playtime" fabric is on the way!

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HOURS:     9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Melba V. brought in a gorgeous counted cross stitch project she’s been working on (it took 100 hours to complete).  I posted a picture of it on the blog.  I hope you can see all the colors in this beautiful piece of art.  Sometimes my picture taking isn't the greatest.  

Miss Betty was in the shop a couple of weeks ago.  She brought in a quilt she made using batik jelly rolls.  It was truly stunning.  Her quilter used variegated thread which really popped on the batik backing.  I’ve posted pictures of Betty’s beautiful quilt on the blog.  Go take a look at her quilt and Melba's counted cross stitch project.   

I’m always looking for something to put my quilting pins in/on while I’m sewing.  I don’t like to lay them on my sewing machine and certainly don’t want to put them on my desk (Catherine might eat it if it falls to the floor).  I decided against making one myself; justified by the hope I could find something much prettier than anything I could make.  I did.  We received Fons and Porter's “Dresden Plate Pin Cushions" this week. YIPPEE!  No more scrounging around for something to put my pins in/on .  I read somewhere to put different sized needles in a particular color.  That way,  you’ll always know the needles in the ‘red’ section are size 10 and the “green” section are size 12 ….or separate by sewing needles, embroidery needles, applique needles…..whatever works for you and the needles your using.   These are so cute.  They come in a clear plastic box with a red ribbon around it.  It almost looks like a Christmas tree ornament's not!   I love the different colors it has.    

Something else we're really excited about is the “Easy Dresden Quilt" kits that came in.  These are by Darlene Zimmerman for EZ Quilting.  It includes step-by-step instructions, the "Easy Dresden" Acrylic tool, bamboo pointer and creaser tool as well as a free quilt pattern. 

If you read last week’s newsletter, you may have noticed I was having a meltdown over deciding which quilt pattern to use for all the 1930’s and reproduction fabrics I’ve been gathering…....for the last three years.  Sally in OK emailed me that she cut up her “1930’s Playtime” jelly roll for the quilt she’s making.  Sally’s courage to cut into her stash gives me the courage I need to do the same.  I guess I’m waiting for the “1930’s Playtime” fabric (on the bolt) to arrive before doing anything drastic!  

Speaking of that……SUPER FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL news from Moda:  the “1930’s Playtime” fabric by Chloe's Closet is on it's way.  YIPPEE!  I can’t wait to get it in the shop. Cross your fingers and say your prayers that we get everything we ordered of this line......of this totally yummy fabric!  I’M SO EXCITED.  I have a sneaky feeling I’m going to squeal like a little girl when it gets here.  I CAN’T WAIT!  I just got the email today so, the fabric won't actually be here until Friday...... so.....I’ll put pictures on the blog as soon as I can (which may be after we close on Saturday??). Getting this fabric in (and Sally's email) may be the straw that broke the camel's back.........this almost forces me to do something with all the reproductions I've been collecting!  Now that we'll have even more on Friday..........I may have a total meltdown (I'm so glad I have a Dresden Plate die for my Go! cutter).  The 1930's are coming, the 1930's are coming, the 1930's are coming.  YIPPEE!!  

FYI:  Moda will be having their open house the week of August 12th and I’m going.  Let me know of anything I should be on the lookout for while I'm there.  There won’t be a newsletter than week since I won’t be back until August 16th

I know it’s the middle of July but :  In the spirit of “Christmas in July” all flannel will be $6/yard this Saturday (excludes Kansas Troubles flannel).  Just know when it’s gone, it’s gone.  If you have baby blankets to make or any other use for flannel, now is the time to stock up.  

I'm off to put one of those Dresden Plate pin cushions by my sewing machine!  

See you Saturday,

P-Dub and Sweetness
P.S.  Karla K. will be teaching a paper piecing class on September 14th so….stay tuned for details! 

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