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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Show and Tell; Kaylee Ann; Tooled Leather; Bread N Butter; coloring books; Missouri Star templates

Lillian (from AR) stopped by yesterday.  It was her first time visiting the shop.  Little did she know what she was in for! 

Lillian shared these adorable pouches she recently made (she loves zippers) so, we had to take pictures of them. 

Thanks, Lillian for putting up with us yesterday and be sure to come back when you're in our neck of the woods.  
Lillian's pouches she recently made 

can you see the fabric inside?  

more zippered pouches and a luggage tag Lillian made 

Pat was unable to make it to the 'Secret Sibling" banquet last Saturday.  As luck would have it, her s/s (Cathy) stopped by yesterday while Pat was here. 

Pat's January, February and March gifts were enthusiastically received!  

Pat's needle cozy from s/s Cathy 

Pat's needle cozy (folded) and cute basket from s/s Cathy 

Armchair organizer for Pat's embroidery supplies 
Pat's teapot (with vintage buttons inside) from Cathy 

Our youngest shopper ever, Kaylee Ann, stopped by for a visit yesterday.  

We were honored Kaylee spent some of her birthday (four months old) with us.  

Kaylee came to the shop for the first time at the tender age of 11 days old.  My, how's she's grown.  

Pat couldn't resist holding Miss Kaylee for awhile (who am I kidding, we all held her) before it was time to leave.  

We particularly loved Kaylee's bib.  It said, "I run this place".  How cute is that! 
Pat holding 4 month old Kaylee Ann 

Sister Power:  Diane Annette and Yvonne stopped by yesterday.  These two sisters are a delight to be around (and they really know how to have fun).    

Yvonne brought a blue jean quilt she's been working on using some of her son's old jeans.  

When she's finished, Yvonne will give it to one of her son's precious is that.  

Thanks, Yvonne for sharing this family heirloom with us.  We know it will bring years of comfort and joy to the recipient. 
denim quilt Yvonne is making from her son's old blue jeans 

close up of Yvonne's blue jean quilt 

Sheila stopped by with a quilt her daughter recently made.  This quilt is very special.  

Her daughter made it for a nephew (Sheila's grandson) who is two years old.  

We particularly love this quilt.  It depicts each day of Creation.    

I hope you can see each day and the wording underneath.  I tried to get good pictures but, I'm no photographer! 

Thanks, Sheila (and your daughter) for sharing such a special quilt with us.  

The big brown truck left four new bolts of "Tooled Leather" by Sara Khammash this week.  We now have five colors of this print:  black, red, denim, leather and buckskin.  

These prints are located in the "Ride 'Em Cowboy" section of the shop.  

"Tooled Leather" bolts on black, red, denim, leather and buckskin colorways 

We're thrilled to finally receive the pre-cuts of "Bread 'N Butter" by American Jane for Moda.  

If you're a 1930's fan, you'll love these.  We have the fat quarter bundles, layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs and mini-charms of this adorable collection. 
Bread N Butter pre-cuts 

We were blessed with seven new adult coloring books this week (five were delivered yesterday).  

With the exception of "Enchanted Forest", these are more whimsical than the other coloring books we have.  

My favorites are "Boho Paisley" and "Whimsical Designs"....each of which grew legs and walked to the house to be added to my adult coloring book collection!  

Have you seen the "Sashed Half Hexagon" tutorial by Jenny Doan on You Tube?  I'm in love with this tutorial!  The end result looks like a stained glass window.   

We received the "Large Half Hexagon" templates last week and received more Missouri Star Quilt Company templates this week.  YIPPEE!!!  

We now have the Small Half Hexagon; Circle Magic; Small Wedge, Large Wedge, Layer Cake Dresden Plate; Large Tumbler and....I can't remember the name of the one that looks like a kite.....???  OOPS!!  
I'm in love with the half hexagon templates.  I've been cutting half hexies since the big one got here last week.  

We're expanding our Missouri Star Quilt Company templates section so, if you need one we don't have, just let me know.  

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