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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Show and Tell; What's in Your Bag; A Finer Edge; Miss Lilly; patriotic Stonehenge; templates; Mottos to Live By; Bees N Blooms

Vickie brought in this stunning quilt she's entering in the Ozark Country Quilter's quilt show next weekend (after putting the binding on).  

Wow!  This quilt is gorgeous in person.  I hope my camera captured the different colors and shapes of this Milleflori beauty.  

Thanks, Vickie for sharing it with us! 
one of  Vickie's quilt show entries  

the back of Vickie's quilt 

Ten year old Olivia is at it again!  She brought in this tote bag she's working on (and deciding on her next project).  The black print will be an inside pocket for Olivia's latest creation.  

Keep up the good work, Olivia.  You're going a great job. 
ten year old Olivia's tote bag (in progress) 
Mitch and Ireene stopped by yesterday with some "Show and Tell" of their own! 

Ireene made the quilt tops, Mitch quilted them on his long arm quilting machine.  Wow!  

My camera didn't do a very good job of capturing the backings but, you can see Mitch's quilting really well.  
Thanks, Ireene and Mitch for sharing your quilts with us.  

a quilt by Ireene and Mitch 

the back of their quilt 

another quilt by Ireene and Mitch 

close up of this gorgeous quilt 

Mitch's gorgeous quilting 

Sharon's "What's in Your Bag" demos yesterday were great. She completed two bags, sold some bags and took orders for more!  

At this rate, I may need to order more patterns!  
Sharon's "What's In Your Bag" demo yesterday 

one of the bags Sharon made yesterday 

"What's In Your Bag" pattern 

one of the bags Sharon made yesterday 
Scott Chisholm of "A Finer Edge" was here yesterday sharpening scissors, knives or anything else needing to be sharpened.  

Scott does a great job and we can't wait for him to come back.  
Scott Chisholm of "A Finer Edge" 

Scott Chisholm sharpening a pair of scissors 

Missy wasn't able to attend our "Secret Sister" banquet last year but stopped by yesterday to pick up her 'reveal gift' from 'sister' Nola.  

Missy loved her gifts, especially the spatula!  
the plaque Missy received from Nola 

adorable spatula Nola gave Missy 

up close pic of Missy's spatula 

Missy's tea towel from "sister' Nola 

We love it when four legged kids come to the shop.  

We were thrilled to see 11 week old Miss Lilly (and her humans, Ben and Jen) yesterday.  

Lilly is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and was instantly adored by everyone in the shop (as quilters, we particularly love the zig zag pattern of fur down her spine).  

We fell in love with Miss Lilly and can't wait for her to come back to the shop.   

Thanks Ben and Jen for bringing your sweetie pie baby to the shop.  She's a keeper!  

Miss Lilly 

see the zig zag pattern down her spine? 

After some re-arranging we were able to get "The Potting Shed" collection onto shelves!  

I decided to take more pictures of this collection since I wasn't very happy with last week's pics. 

Hopefully, you can see these prints better than the pictures I posted last week.  

We also have all the pre-cuts of this collection but I forgot to get better pictures of them.  I also didn't take better pics of the two panels......OOPS! 
nine bolts of The Potting Shed 

more luscious bolts of The Potting Shed 

the darker prints of "The Potting Shed"  

If you've known me for more than five minutes you know "Quilts of Valor" is very near and dear to my heart.  

We were thrilled to receive several patriotic Stonehenge prints (including the panel pictured below) from Northcott this week.  

Any of these prints would be fabulous for your next Quilt of Valor project.  
Stonehenge patriotic panel from Northcott 

three patriotic Stonehenge prints we received this week 

we're spinning straight up over both of these! 

 After watching several tutorials by pre-cut Queen Jenny Doan, I fell in love with her templates and had to have them in the shop. 

Aside from being super easy to use, all Missouri Star Quilt Company templates are Made In The U.S.A. Way to go, Jenny!  

We now have all Missouri Star Quilt Company templates (19 different ones) in stock.  

our wall of Missouri Star Quilt Company templates 

Circle Magic and 10" Square templates from Missouri Star 

I love anything by Mary Engelbreit.  I spin straight up when she comes out with a new fabric collection.  

"Mottos to Live By" is in a word....adorable.  We're thrilled to have several bolts of her latest collection (and the panel) of Mary's latest fabrics.  
"Mottos to Live By" panel by Mary Engelbreit 

"Cherries" on black, yellow and white 

"Flowers" of Mottos to Live By on black and pink colorways 

"Mottos to Live By" on black, red and light blue 

Calling all Kansas Troubles fans:  This week we received pre-cuts of the latest Kansas Troubles collection called "Bees N Blooms".  They're so darn cute.  

We have the fat quarter bundles, layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls and mini-charms of this super cheery collection.  Love it! 

"Bees N Blooms" pre-cuts 

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