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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

21 bolts of pure bliss

we're still having trouble transmitting the newsletter.  I'm posting it to the blog....again... in case anyone didn't receive it via e-mail.

12203 HWY 76
EXETER, MO 65647
May 15th, 2013
NEW HOURS: EVERY (E-V-E-R-Y) Saturday (closed May 25th, August 31st, December 28th).
HOURS: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The heavens have opened and we have received their bounty: Twenty one new bolts of 1930’s, feed sack and reproductions fabric. Five bolts are “Feedsack” by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics, the other 16 bolts are from Moda. I’ll take pictures and post to the blog by Saturday. I don’t have the slightest idea where we’re going to put 21 more bolts of fabric but I’m sure we’ll think of something (these are not the reproductions I was expecting this summer, these are in addition to that order). Sweetness is trying very hard to get all the fat quarters cut by Saturday J J J
The “Chatty Crafters” held their monthly meeting last Saturday at the shop. We had a blast. These ladies are very creative (and really know how to have fun). Sweetness and I offered the shop to them anytime their regular meeting place isn’t available. I’ve posted pictures on their “meeting” on the blog. What a hoot. It was great.
I failed to mention: Shannon came into the shop a couple of weeks ago and bought a “Paint Box” charm pack. She wanted to maker her Mother-In-Law something for Mother's Day. By the time we closed for the day, she’d made a tote bag using the charm pack. She emailed pictures of it and they are on the blog. What a cute gift idea. Great job, Shannon.
The “Over the Rainbow” batik jelly rolls (and their matching charm packs) are… a word……scrumptious. The colors are super-duper pretty. Sweetness mentioned he’d like one of each of the jelly rolls for his birthday. Really? Have I finally rubbed off on him? Could he be a “closet quilter”? I’ve posted pictures of the jelly rolls (and their matching charm packs) on the blog. Yummy!
The 18 mm rotary cutters sold out last Saturday but, I’ve ordered more. They’ll be here by Saturday. The lighted seam rippers (and tweezers) were also popular last weekend. We didn’t’ sell out of them so, we still have some left!
(Cousin) Susan’s new sewing machine arrived this week. She’s now the proud owner of a bouncing baby Bernina. YIPPEE!! I told her we expect pictures of EVERYTHING she makes with her new machine. Happy Birthday (and congratulations!), (Cousin) Susan.
It was a real nail biter: The internet based site I use to send the newsletter was experiencing technical difficulties last week. If you received the May 8th newsletter twice, I’m sorry. If you didn’t receive it at all, again, I’m sorry. For a couple of minutes I thought I was going to pull my hair the hands full. I didn’t. …..but it was really touch and go there for a while J J J Let’s make a new rule: If you haven’t received our newsletter by 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings, I’ve posted it on the blog instead, for whatever reason.
Karen’s “Needle Turn Applique-Using the Back Basting Method” is just around the corner (June 8th). You still have time to sign up and get a supplies list but the class is filling up quickly.

I’ll be on vacation from the through-the-week-J-O-B next week and the shop will be closed May 25th for Memorial Day weekend. At this time, I do not plan to send a newsletter next week. If anything new comes in to the shop, I’ll post pictures on the blog.
Juanita brought in a fun pillowcase pattern. This is so easy to only has three seams. Three (3) seams. Really. Even I can do that! Remind me to show you this cute pattern (which is free) when you’re here the next time.
The Birthday Bash Sale-A-Bration continues: The sale for this Saturday (May 18th) will be 15% off all precuts (jelly rolls, charm packs, layer cakes and mini-charms). Additionally, I’ve pulled a bunch of fabric-on-the-bolt that needs to go to good homes! If it's been here too long, it's gotta go! These will be marked down this Saturday only. 

Sweetness took his last final today, the 15th. He’ll be out of school for a while before starting his clinical in June. If you need something in between regular business hours, please call. He’ll be in good spirits since finals are (finally) over.

See you Saturday,
P-Dub and Sweetness

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  1. Have a GREAT weekend off, an even better WEEK off and Happy, Happy Anniversary to you and Sweetness!!! The new fabrics are beautiful!!



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