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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day Sale this Saturday

Our email is experiencing some technical difficulties.  I tried to send the newsletter out but not sure if everyone received it.  I'm posting it to the blog in case you didn't get it.  Here goes:     

                                                       May 8th, 2013 newsletter

P-Dub's Quilt Stuff
12203 State Hwy 76
Exeter, MO  65647


NEW HOURS: EVERY (E-V-E-R-Y) Saturday (closed May 25th, August 31st, December 28th).

HOURS: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I was cranky most of last week because it was my birthday. I decided to “get over myself” and do something constructive for the shop instead! We are now the proud owners of two new Bernina sewing machines for you to use for "Sit and Sew”. They arrived the day after my birthday so Saturday was the first time we had them in the shop. I plugged them in to make sure everything works. It does! We’re very excited to be able to offer these for you to use. This means you can bring the projects you’re working on without lugging your sewing machine to the shop. These are not “top of the line” machines but are solid (and sturdy) and sew like a dream. I took pictures of our new additions to the shop and posted them on the blog.

By the time you’re reading this, we’ll have received some nifty new stuff in the shop: 18 mm rotary cutters (that fit on your finger), some new “Strip Tube Ruler” patterns, lighted seam rippers (batteries included) and lighted tweezers (batteries also included). I’ll take pictures of all the new stuff and post it to the blog by Saturday. I love new stuff, especially if it makes my quilting life easier.

Speaking of new stuff: We also received four different Moda batik jelly rolls (and their matching charm packs). YIPPEE!!! The first batik jelly rolls we had flew off the shelves so fast, Moda was out of stock when I tried to re-order. RATS! Anyway, since we can’t get more of those, we decided to get some different ones. These are “Over the Rainbow” by Laundry Basket Quilts. They came in four different color groups so you can pick the best colors for your project (Jelly Roll 1600’s would be gorgeous using these). I’m absolutely over the moon that we received the matching batik charm packs. I love batiks and these are especially yummy!

AccuQuilt is releasing ten new dies in June (we ordered nine of them). I’m the most excited about the “multiple circles” and “multiple strips” dies. The “multiple circles” die cuts 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, 2 ¼” and 2 ½” circles all on the same die. The “multiple strips” die cuts 1”, 1 ½” and 2” strips all on the same die. I’m asking Santa Claus for these (maybe as a late birthday present???). I hope he doesn’t make me wait until Christmas to use them once they’re here. We also ordered two different sized “rectangles” dies, a cute car die, a “Cat and Bat” die for Halloween, a couple of different sized triangles within squares and a half-rectangle within a triangle die. I realize these are hard to visualize so I’ll try to post their website pictures to the blog. Cross your fingers that I can figure out how to do that! We consider ourselves lucky to be able to pre-order these dies. I’ll let you know when they get'll be sometime in June.....

We had another couple of bolts of reproductions come in last week. YIPPEE! These are more of the “Feedsack” collection by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics. One is purple the other is yellow. I’ve posted pictures of these on the blog also. 

Karen’s “Needle Turn Applique—Using the Back Basting Method” class on June 8th is filling up. If you'd like to take this class, please let us know. The class fee is $10 and the "supplies list" is in the shop.

The “Chatty Crafters" will hold their monthly meeting at 10:00 a.m. this Saturday (May 11th) at the shop. Feel free to drop in for their meeting. You might want to bring a folding chair just in case. If we have an overflow crowd, we might move outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Sweetness took me to lunch on my birthday last week. When I got back to work there were a dozen red roses on my desk. How’s that for timing? I took them to the shop Saturday so everyone could enjoy them too. I took a picture of them and posted it to the blog. What a sweetie pie I have. Thank you, Sweetness!

I made another version of “Cheater’s Flying Geese”. After seeing Pat’s on a solid background, I decided to use one of the “Marbles” charm packs with a “Pheasant Hill” mini charm. I did a much better job of centering the mini charms on the fabric this time. I needed something to use the new sewing machines for so, this worked out perfectly. Last weekend, I saw a table runner on the internet that was made using this technique. It was so pretty. It had three rows of “geese” (instead of two—like ours) and was much longer than ours are. My saving grace is nothing has been sewn together yet. I can still make it longer (or wider) if deemed necessary. Stay tuned…..…this saga continues.

Who knew we would have snow in Missouri in May? This is crazy. Sweetness took pictures of his truck covered with snow on May 3rd. I took a picture of my car snow covered on May 4th (before we opened for the day).   Pictures of each are on the blog.

“Thank You” to everyone who sent cards, called, emailed (or brought stuff) for my birthday. You made a horrible day much easier to endure with all your acts of kindness and generosity. Judy S. sent the following email: "Just remember every birthday you have means your still above ground and quilting. Now how much better can it get?????????? Enjoy your day Judy". That puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?

This Sunday (May 12th) is Mother’s Day. In honor of Mom’s special day, all fat quarters will be $2.50 each (this Saturday only). Don’t forget: we have gift certificates. They make great gifts for Mom on her special day too.

If you need anything between business hours, please call. Sweetness has finals next week and will be more than happy to get out of the house for a while!

See you Saturday,

P-Dub and Sweetness


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  1. I totally LOVE your newsletters! I thoroughly enjoy cruisin' through the site, but love getting those email newsletters! It's like getting newsy twice!! Read one, then cruise the other for the finer points LOL :)) Thank you!!



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